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Baal Earth Prophets

Night Of The Living Dead

One after another, with perfect regularity...they are killing us all off. Who bring you the truth.

They persecuted Me, and they will persecute you...

It's A Catafrikindemic - TRavis AFB gets new spray equipment to murder you

Closing down the lakes and campgrounds in the west this because...wait for it...the DROUGHT.

Cancel your summer vacation plans in the National Forests. They won't let you in. And, they won't even let you come up and enjoy the lake with your boat. That all ends this year.

Even though our snowpack is at record levels and the rainfall in the Sierra Mountains has set new records. They are still singing the drought song. But with pictures of full lakes, doesn't anyone have the guts to point out these obvious cons?

Now, wait a minute. Pyramid lake and all the other MAIN WATER RESERVOIRS are at their highest levels in YEARS. Years, as these pictures from TODAY, reveal.

Yet the government is and has closed all the campgrounds this spring and summer and is now barring all lake usage by anyone, anywhere in the state, because of the drought, citing low lake levels. That's amazing because the main lakes that people traditionally enjoy and full to the brim and pictures and lake stats reveal this to be true. Yet, in yesterday's SCVNEWS, and repeated in many other online and print publications, these lakes and campgrounds are going to closed for any kind of access starting NOW and through the summer.

No vacation for you slaves. No wilderness for an average 6 million Americans and tourists who enjoy just the western state campgrounds alone.

WHY? Why shut us all out, with easily provable lies?

Well, I am asking the question.

the records prove what the picture below shows, as of today...a FULL LAKE. See anyone on the lake, even though the lake and campgrounds have been opened, i mean closed, this year? And you won't, either.

Bass Lake 04-27-16
Pyramid Lake, completely full and at highest level since 2005

David McGowan - another brilliant researcher passes away...

Dave was the best at his work. His exposure of the Boston false flag and Sandy Hook hoax, et al, is and was unequaled by anyone, anywhere.

Dave is gone now, dead from a fast acting cancer that came out of nowhere.

Thanks for bringing the truth to us Dave...we appreciate it.

truth dealer, now dead

David McGowan Talks Boston Marathon

Monday, April 25, 2016

Evil Purple

Lupercalia Pagan Practices, Prince, Vanity and Ghostbusters II

Rail Lines Rebuilt Next To FEMA Camp

Heads Up! Michigan to Get MRAPs, Police Tracking Flint Water Crisis Chatter

NASA's Apollo 16 Fake Earth 100% PROOF **UPDATED**

Worse than Criminals — Cops Use Asset Forfeiture to Steal $53K from an Orphanage and a Church

Source: Matt Agorist

The criminal depths to which police will sink to bolster their budgets, apparently have no limit, as a recent case of police theft in Oklahoma illustrates. To keep society safe, sheriff’s deputies in Muskogee County, Oklahoma robbed a church and an orphanage of $53,000. Real American heroes.
Eh Wah, 40, a refugee from Burma, who became a US citizen more than a decade ago, was traveling with the cash to deliver it to the intended recipients when he was targetted by modern day, state-sanctioned pirates — for a broken tail light.
Eh Wah had been entrusted with the money by the members of his Christian band who had been on a 19-city tour raising funds for the Dr. T. Thanbyah Christian Institute, a religious liberal arts college in Burma serving the Karen community there. And, they had also collected funds for the Hsa Thoo Lei orphanage in Thailand, which serves internally displaced Karen people.
Clearly a vulnerable host for their parasitic process, Eh Wah’s English was incompatible with that of the deputies’ and he was accused of trafficking drugs. A K9 was called to the scene, and, naturally, alerted to the vehicle. As the Free Thought Project has reported in the past, drug dogs will alert to your vehicle nearly every single time they are brought out regardless of actually having drugs or not.
In spite of the fact that not one single bit of contraband was found, Eh Wah was brought to the police station and interrogated for hours. Police even called one of Eh Wah’s friends in the band who confirmed the story, but the cops, with dollar signs in their eyes, still believed that his story was “inconsistent.”

Eh Wah was then released without charges and sent on his way — police kept his cash, and Eh Wah kept his broken tail light.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Eh Wah’s attorney, Dan Alban, noted that while the deputies took all of the cash, they left Eh Wah a check written out to him for $300 from a family friend.
“If they really thought these were drug proceeds and they thought he was a drug trafficker, why would they give back a check that they thought was drug proceeds?” Alban asked. But, he said, “if the real purpose of the stop was to increase revenue, there’s no point in keeping the check because they can’t cash the check.”
In an apparent attempt to justify their lowlife theft from an orphanage, five weeks after he was stopped, Muskogee County authorities eventually charged Eh Wah with a crime. They issued a warrant for his arrest April 5, for the crime of “acquir[ing] proceeds from drug activity, a felony.” For probable cause, the authorities noted the positive alert from the drug dog, “inconsistent stories” and, according to the Post, said Eh Wah was “unable to confirm the money was his.”
And we call this process ‘justice’ in the Land of the Free.
For decades now, the federal government and their cohorts in law enforcement have been carrying out theft of the citizenry on a massive scale. We’re not talking about taxes, but an insidious power known as Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF).
The 1980’s-era laws were ostensibly designed to drain resources from powerful criminal organizations, but CAF has become a tool for law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to steal money and property from countless innocent people.
It was CAF, which allowed the Muskogee County deputies to legally pilfer from an orphanage without any worry of recourse or accountability
No criminal charge is required for this confiscation, resulting in easy inflows of cash for law enforcement departments and the proliferation of abuse. This is called “policing for profit.”

In the last 25 years, the amount of “profit” stolen through CAF has skyrocketed.

According to the US Department of Justice, the value of asset forfeiture recoveries by US authorities from 1989-2010 was $12,667,612,066, increasing on average 19.5% per year.
In 2008, law enforcement took over $1.5 billion from the American public. While this number seems incredibly large, just a few years later, in 2014, that number tripled to nearly $4.5 billion.
When we examine these figures and their almost exponential growth curve, it appears that police in America are getting really good at separating the citizen from their property — not just really good, criminally good.
To put this number into perspective, according to the FBI, victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.9 billion in property losses in 2014.

That means that law enforcement in America has stolen $600,000,000 more from Americans than actual criminal burglars.

When police surpass the criminal accomplishments of those they claim to protect you from, there is a serious problem.
When police can publicly steal from charitable organizations and orphanages in the name of the war on drugs, it is time society reassess who the criminals are.
The good news is that Americans are waking up to this Orwellian notion of police robbing the citizens, and they are taking a stand.
Even police officers are taking a stand against CAF. In an exclusive interview in September of last year, the Free Thought Project talked to officer Stephen Mills, chief of police at the Apache, Oklahoma police department. Mills became an outspoken advocate against CAF after he became a victim of it.
The idea of thieving cops has also united organizations on opposite ends of the political spectrum. In October, the ACLU and the Koch Brothers came together to stop the inherent police theft in America.
While the police keep grabbing your property, it is important to remain vigilant. Only through a lesser ignorance and the spreading of information will we overcome this blatant tyranny. Please share this article with your friends and family to wake them up to the criminal reality that is – civil asset forfeiture.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Suppressed Technology

How the world's currency was destroyed, country by country, until now 100 dollars is worth slightly less than 1 cent in 1929

For a century, elites have worked to eliminate monetary gold, both physically and ideologically.
This began in 1914, with the UK’s entry into the First World War. The Bank of England wanted to suspend convertibility of bank notes into gold. Keynes counselled wisely that the bank should not do so. Gold was finite, but credit elastic.
By staying on gold, the UK could maintain its credit, and finance the war effort. This transpired. The House of Morgan organised massive credits for the UK, and none for Germany. This finance was crucial, and sustained the UK until the US abandoned neutrality and tipped the military balance against Germany.
Despite formal convertibility of sterling to gold, the Bank of England successfully discouraged actual conversion.
Gold sovereigns were withdrawn from circulation and turned into 400-ounce bars. This form of bullion limited gold ownership to the wealthy, and confined gold’s presence to vaults. A similar disappearance of gold as a circulating currency occurred in the US.

The price of gold has jumped in recent years Credit: London Metal Exchange
In 1933, US President Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order making ownership of gold a crime. FDR relied on the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 as statutory authority for this edict. Since the US was not at war in 1933, the enemy was presumably the American people.
In 1971, US President Richard Nixon ended convertibility of US dollars into gold by trading partners of the US. Closing the gold window was said by Nixon to be temporary. Forty-five years later the window is still closed.
In 1973, the G7 nations, and the IMF demonetised gold. IMF members were no longer required to hold gold reserves. Gold was now just another commodity. The view of the monetary elites was that gold was dead.
Yet, like Banquo’s ghost, gold insists on its seat at the monetary table. The US holds 8,133 tonnes of gold. The members of the eurozone and ECB hold 10,788 tonnes.  China reports holdings of 1,788 tonnes, but actual holdings are closer to 4,000 tonnes, based on reliable data from Hong Kong exports and Chinese mining.
Russia has 1,447 tonnes, and has been acquiring over 200 tonnes per year. Mexico, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam, among other nations, have added to their gold reserves recently. (Pity the UK, which sold more than half its gold at rock- bottom prices between 1999 and 2002).
After decades as net sellers of gold, central banks became net buyers in 2010. A scramble for gold has begun. 
What drives gold’s new allure? In some cases, central banks are constructing a hedge against US dollar inflation.
China has $3.2 trillion in reserves, over half of which is denominated in US dollars, mostly US Treasury notes. The dollar has no greater friend than China because its wealth is held in dollars. Still, inflation looms. China cannot dump its Treasury notes; the Treasury market is deep, but not that deep.
If Chinese selling of Treasuries became a threat to US interests, a US president could freeze Chinese accounts with a phone call.
The Chinese know this. They are stuck with their dollars. They fear, rightly, that the US will inflate its way out of its $19 trillion mountain of debt.
China’s solution is to buy gold. If dollar inflation emerges, China’s Treasury holdings will devalue, but the dollar price of its gold will soar. A large gold reserve is a prudent diversification.  Russia’s motives are geopolitical. Gold is the model 21st century weapon for financial wars.
The US controls dollar payments systems and, with help from European allies, can eject adversaries from the international payments system called Swift. Gold is immune to such assaults. Physical gold in your custody cannot be hacked, erased, or frozen. Moving gold is a simple way for Russia to settle accounts without US interference.
Countries are also acquiring gold in advance of a collapse of the international monetary system. The system has collapsed three times in the past century. Each time, major financial powers came together to write new rules.
This happened at Genoa in 1922, Bretton Woods in 1944, and the Smithsonian Institution in 1971.  The international monetary system has a shelf life of about 30 years.
When 20 dollars was nearly a month's wages

Satellites DO NOT EXIST, are Unnecessary and Impossible

“Correct the Record” is a pro-Clinton super PAC founded and run by a man named David Brock—a former conservative hit man whose greatest hits include the vicious defaming of sexual assault victim Anita Hill when she threatened to subvert the Supreme Court appointment of conservative justice Clarence Thomas.

Hillary Clinton's Super PAC, Taking a Page from Vladimir Putin, Spends $1 Million on Online Trolls
The lesbian witch

“Correct the Record” is a pro-Clinton super PAC founded and run by a man named David Brock—a former conservative hit man whose greatest hits include the vicious defaming of sexual assault victim Anita Hill when she threatened to subvert the Supreme Court appointment of conservative justice Clarence Thomas. Just for fun, here’s Brock on himself from a 2001 “confession” designed to promote his tell-all, come-to-Jesus book:
Describing an article he wrote for The American Spectator, a conservative magazine, in 1992, which became the basis for his book on Ms. Hill, he said he did everything he could to ‘’ruin Hill’s credibility,’’ using ‘’virtually every derogatory and often contradictory allegation I had collected on Hill into the vituperative mix.’‘
‘’I demonized Democratic senators, their staffs, and Hill’s feminist supporters without ever interviewing any of them,’’ he continued.
Nice guy.
The reformed version of Brock has been the same vicious, defamatory creature of his past, but this time on behalf of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He went from being one of the most fearsome propagandists of the conservative right—one who arguably set Bill Clinton’s impeachment in motion—to…well, to one of the most fearsome propagandists of the political left. He’s good at what he does, and his “progressive media watchdog group” Media Matters for America quickly became a force in D.C., with millions in donations and the support of the Center for American Progress.
But Brock reserves his talent strictly for the establishment wing of the political left, and as the founder of Correct the Record, the infamous pro-Clinton super PAC, he has already brought his old flame-throwing instincts to bear on Bernie Sanders, sending trackers to follow him around the campaign trail to categorize every misstep, and even attempting to tie him to Hugo Chavez.
On the public side of things, David Brock has been fairly quiet during the primary cycle, mostly because the real mud-slinging has yet to begin. Hillary Clinton needs Bernie Sanders voters in the general election, so the full-throttle negativity has been limited. The real fun for Brock will begin after the convention. But one place where he and others have been far more active is the online realm—an area dominated by the young, and thus by Sanders supporters.
Using a tactic called “astro-turfing,” Clinton surrogates like Brock have attempted to advance the concept of the “Bernie Bro,” and to promote the idea that Sanders supporters are little more than a sexist cult. The moderator of the thriving Bernie Sanders for President Reddit page, preparing for an onslaught, recently outlined one common form these attacks take:
1. Create fake accounts
2. Establish that they are Bernie supporters by making them tweet about Bernie
3. Harass journalists and influence-rs in their @ mentions
4. Have other elites/influence-rs quote tweet these fake accounts and say they are hurting Bernie’s brand
5. Pitch a story to The Atlantic about the phenomenon of “Bernie Bros”
6.Establish a narrative that Bernie’s supporters are all racist, sexist young males who harass people online.
7. Make it more difficult for Sanders to expand his coalition by tainting the view of said coalition for women, people of color, and anyone who just doesn’t like online harassment/bullying.
Yesterday, Correct the Record announced they’d be taking it a step further. A new initiative called “Barrier Breakers 2016” will use $1 million (for now) to “help Clinton supporters push back on online harassment and thank super delegates.”
This is a comical definition that does its best to hide the true purpose: Paying online trolls to support Hillary and antagonize Bernie and his supporters in an attempt to level the playing field. More language from the statement:
In response to these attacks on supporters and super delegates, Correct The Record is launching the Barrier Breakers 2016 digital task force. While Hillary Clinton fights to break down barriers and bring America together, the Barrier Breakers 2016 digital task force will serve as a resource for supporters looking for positive content and push-back to share with their online progressive communities, as well as thanking prominent supporters and committed super delegates on social media.
The focus of the “digital task force” of paid trolls will be predictable: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and everywhere else people may come across political messaging.
The aim is clear—muddy the waters, and limit the potential of online progressive activism, which has raised millions of dollars for Bernie Sanders and undoubtedly recruited thousands of voters to his cause. One common reaction to the news is shock—the idea that this is “unprecedented” in American politics. That may be true, but there’s a clear model here, and it comes straight from Russia.
If you haven’t yet read Adrian Chen’s wonderful New York Times Magazine feature “The Agency,” I recommend that you do so now. It’s an incredible look at the “Internet Research Agency,” which employs “hundreds of Russians to post pro-Kremlin propaganda online under fake identities, including on Twitter, in order to create the illusion of a massive army of supporters; it has often been called a “troll farm.””
Some of these employees spent their time posting in comments sections, while others went so far as to start their own blogs on seemingly non-political subjects, only to weave political messages into their content when they had an audience. But this wasn’t just about convincing Internet users to support the Kremlin’s positions. It was also about turning the Internet into a political wasteland, so that if anyone sought information that might be against Kremlin policy, they’d encounter a confusing morass and feel immediately discouraged. Chen met with a liberal campaign manager named Leonid Volkov who emphasized this point:
“The point is to spoil it, to create the atmosphere of hate, to make it so stinky that normal people won’t want to touch it,” Volkov said, when we met in the office of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation. “You have to remember the Internet population of Russia is just over 50 percent. The rest are yet to join, and when they join it’s very important what is their first impression.” The Internet still remains the one medium where the opposition can reliably get its message out. But their message is now surrounded by so much garbage from trolls that readers can become resistant before the message even gets to them. During the protests, a favorite tactic of the opposition was making anti-Putin hashtags trend on Twitter. Today, waves of trolls and bots regularly promote pro-Putin hashtags. What once was an exhilarating act of popular defiance now feels empty. “It kind of discredited the idea of political hashtags,” says Ilya Klishin, the web editor for the independent television station TV Rain who, in 2011, created the Facebook page for the anti-government protests.
This is exactly what’s happening with David Brock’s “Barrier Breakers 2016.” In fact, I’d be surprised if the Internet Research Agency, and perhaps Chen’s article, wasn’t a direct inspiration. This is not about providing a “a presence and space online where Clinton supporters can organize and engage with one another,” and anyone who believes that message has been fooled. This is about attacking the ability of Clinton’s enemies to organize themselves online. As Chen wrote of the Russian troll factory, “its target is nothing less than the utility of the Internet as a democratic space.”

Transgender Bathrooms - making perversions legal - no wonder the East looks at the West and shakes its head in disgust

Social Justice Warrior Profanity Compilation

78 Sears, Kmart stores closing

Closing Sears stores start their liquidation sales April 29 and the closing Kmarts start their liquidation sales May 12. The stores will close in late July
Killing off the middle class - no jobs, no lifestyle, just mass housing slavery conditions

Strange Details Behind PRINCE Blood Sacrifice to Baal!! THEY KILLED HIM