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Truth about leftist wankers

Ancestry & DNA Testing Companies give data to FBI

Dogs protect babies. Feminists don't.

These are ALL laws passed by democrats. And it's fascism.

Authored by Simon Black via,
Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, your finances, and your prosperity.

Feds steal $80,000 life savings from a confused elderly man

79 year old Terry Rolin kept his entire life savings in cash at his home in Pittsburgh. Inside a tupperware food container, he had saved $82,373 over his life working as a railroad engineer.
Getting robbed by the cops. And, "have a good day, sir."

When he started to become confused at times, he realized his mental health was in decline. So he gave the cash to his daughter Rebecca and asked her to open a joint bank account with him, to keep his money safe.
Rebecca had an early morning flight to catch with no time to visit a bank, so she took the cash with her after checking online and confirming that it is perfectly legal to carry large amounts of cash on an airplane.
But the TSA became suspicious after seeing the cash at a security checkpoint. They alerted the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).
The DEA agent intimidated Rebecca into calling her father to confirm the story. Awakened from sleep, he sounded confused–the whole reason for the joint account in the first place.
So the DEA agent told Rebecca their stories didn’t match, and he seized every penny of the old man’s life savings.
Terry and Rebecca were never charged with a crime– they were victims of Civil Asset Forfeiture.
And unfortunately, horror stories like these are not isolated incidents. Now Terry and Rebecca are part of a class action lawsuit for innocent airline passengers who have never been convicted or even charged with a crime  to have their stolen cash returned.
Click here to read the full story.
*  *  *

Woman arrested in India for concealing 1.2kg of gold in her rectum

People don’t trust their government in India, a country legendary for graft and corruption. This is especially true when it comes to money.
A few years ago, for example, India’s government announced that certain cash notes would be cancelled and no longer considered valid currency with IMMEDIATE effect.
This was debilitating for tens of millions of people across India’s poverty-stricken villages who have no access to bank accounts and rely on cash transactions.
It’s one of the many reasons why GOLD is so popular in India. But the government has plenty of restrictions for precious metals as well… prompting a surge in illegal gold smuggling into the country (according to India’s Director of Revenue Intelligence).
Just last week a woman was arrested in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport for smuggling an unbelievable 1.2 kilograms (2.65 pounds) of gold in her rectum, worth about USD $60,000.
Please don't steal my money like you do every one else? You are? Is it any wonder why no one likes leftist government that gets F'd over by them?

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when people are forced to do something so drastic just to make sure they have an honest currency that can’t be manipulated by bureaucrats.
India’s government is finally starting to wake up to this reality and is reportedly ‘considering’ loosening some of the restrictions.
Click here to read the full story.
*  *  *

City officials shut down restaurant because it got shot at

Rita Johnson owns a restaurant in Saginaw, Michigan.
One night when the eatery was rented out to a private party, it became the victim of a random shooting. Suspects shot at the building and ran away.
Luckily, no one was hurt.
The owner and the guests had no idea why they were targeted, nor by whom.
Turns out, the owners WERE CHRISTIANS. Surely, that had NOTHING to do with having their livelihood destroyed.

But rather than find the criminals, the city revoked Rita’s permit and shut down the restaurant.
Wait a minute– wasn’t Rita the victim?
Yes. But the city’s excuse was that the restaurant was the site of criminal activity. The town also cited “Failure to maintain adequate security. . .”
This is pretty ironic coming from a city government that charges taxpayers a bunch of money for basic services, like, oh I don’t know, police??? Seems like it would have been the Saginaw Police Department’s job to maintain adequate security for taxpaying business owners.
Click here to read the full story.
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US Supreme Court declines to hear “Free the Nipple Case”

A New Hampshire woman was arrested after performing yoga topless on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.
This occurred in the city of Laconia in May of 2016 (presumably on one of the handful of days each year that it’s warm enough to go topless in New Hampshire).
Two other women were subsequently arrested for a bare-chested “Free the Nipple” protest after the first arrest.
The town’s ordinance bans women from going topless, but allows men the freedom. Yet the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that the ordinance was not a violation of the 14th amendment’s requirement that laws be applied evenly.
Going naked in front of children. Guess how many witches are in this picture?

Now the US Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, leaving the ban in place.
Click here to read the full story.
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Super Bowl Sunday in 2020 is on Sunday, February 2

by Don Bradley

Traditionally and since the 1960s when they started this whole Super Bowl thing, the game was held always, always, always, on one of the last Sundays of JANUARY.


This year, like last year, they moved it to?

Super Bowl Sunday in 2020 is on Sunday, February 2

Which happens to be the EXACT DAY  of the witches black sabbath of IMBOLC. Last year, they did it on the 3rd of February. Now, you might say, "see, not the day so its not about the sabbath thing." And you would be wrong.

See, in occult circles the sabbath and its energetic cycle is ALWAYS 72 HOURS. Day before, day of, and day after. You land on any of those days, you're in the frequency. It's the same with Full Moons, a 3 day period. It's the same with ANY OCCULT BLACK SABBATH.

Only YHVH's holy appointed days and festivals that the precise day is the PRECISE DAY and no other. These are known as the moedim or appointed times. On top of that is also, what time of day and so on. Our Father is quite precise about his festivals. The satanic hierarchy...not so much.

When you add up all the stuff going on during Dad's Moedim, it's staggering. And...this kind of endless unique stuff has never before happened in history.

But their reasoning is sound, because they have been taught by the fallen of the Elohim that the energetic presence of each cycle is actually present for a 3 day period. So, they take advantage of it. This allows them to worship the Beast in such a way as to be stealthy about it. If they were as precise as Dad, the whole world would notice many hundreds of millions all disappearing each sabbath and full moon at the same time and they would be exposed for what they are. Their big deal is in hiding what they are, pretending to be just like any old neighbor or christian or whatever, so that they can use that deception to bring about the Beast system with no one the wiser that they have their dirty blood stained fingers in the pie of evil.

Accordingly, you can bet the half time and commercials being played - the most watched commercials EVER each year - will all have satanic themes in excess. Searchers like myself have noticed that in the last 2 decades every single one of the Super Bowl half times and commercials were so blatantly satanic and full of FUTURE agenda plans, as to be sickening.

They do this because they must tell us the evil they do, before they do it. It is written, and by example by the Most High Himself, that He does nothing that doesn't inform the world first. They have to abide by the laws of Yahua Elohim. For He is the creator. Doesn't matter how much they lie about it or resent that fact, they too, ARE UNDER THE LAW. We all are, regardless of what religious dogma we are programmed with. 

There are those in the network that compile the commercials with the half time show and make annual videos of it. Because of the law. I once talked with a woman a dozen years ago in canyon country...little old lady...and she told me she watched the Super Bowl. Only football she ever saw or cared about. I was surprised and asked why. Because of the commercials, she said. This was before the days of CensorshipTube. They all do. 

It also telegraphs to the covens their plans for the year. They hide in plain sight their intentions and are taught to READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Some are quite adept at it. ALL CHRISTIANS AND THE REST OF HUMANITY is totally blind to what is happening that day.

You can also bet that because the game is on a black sabbath, something special will be given over about their plans. Our job is to look for it, watch for it, and discern.

This is what Super Bowl in our era IS REALLY ABOUT. Not the ball game. Those days are past. It's now a satanic holiday of communication of dark agendas. And very  few are the wiser

Things to watch for
  • Stupid and incompetent white men being bested by saving the day lesbian women and minorities of all stripes. (as they did the last 14 years running)
  • Hillary for President
  • Orange man Bad and his assassination (as they did last year)
  • gun control
  • Greta
you get the idea

But also, there will be dark agenda plans that are not so obvious. And then there are the timestamp codes. Those are tougher. But it reveals their plans and dates for certain things. Previous such examples were the Orange revolution, the Purple revolution, etc. These are all coven designed global operations that we were led to believe were organic things that just happened? Really? Color revolutions? And over and over again.

Two years ago one of their telegrams was YELLOW VEST. If you can find any existing SB videos from that year (I believe it was 2018 or 2017) it will jump out at you, now that you know what you are looking for.

Once you see this, you cannot unsee it ever again. And that's the best way. Go find an old collection and compare it to the year its done in. The agendas and plans will just jump out at you. Then you'll know. And football will never look the same again to you. Find them and download them now, before those older years are deleted. As they will


camp fire died getting out roads blocked by police

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It's a scary time in America when a communist might win

Has the September 23 2017 Alignment happened before Let's take a look i...

Chief Inclusion Officer Flashes Profanity-Laced Anti-Trump Sign

His job is to get paid $158,000.00 per year AS A CHIEF INCLUSION OFFICER - which means all are welcome, all are welcome - and ALL it seems Jorge the Hispanic does is post, meme, and write banners about how much everyone should HATE WHITE PEOPLE.

158K to spread white hate. In America. With our tax dollars.

And Jorge does this in a community that is 98% white. Mainly because...Michigan. Not near a Mexico border by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, immigration there is because the Border Patrol, DHS, and other agencies BUS THEM IN FROM  EL PASO AND like cities so as to flood those northern states with guys like him, who absolutely hate whitey.

While taking whitey, black, and Asian tax dollars. Nice guy.

Turns out these highly paid, newly created hate officers called Inclusion Officers only hire Mexican, Asian, and Black people, making sure no white people are anywhere in their offices. How's that for inclusion?

This is one F'd up country the satanic left is making for not just white people, but for everyone. What do you think these people are going to do once they've got their boots on enough compliant necks kow towing to the guilt attack agenda? 

Whose next?

Don Bradley


Authored by Jonathan McCormick via,
A head inclusion officer at one Michigan school is in hot water after appearing outside a Trump rally holding a profane protest sign.
On Dec. 18, President Donald Trump held a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan. During that time, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Jorge Zeballos of Kellogg Community College (KCC) protested, holding a sign that read, “F**K TRUMP, F**K McConnell, F**K GRAHAM,” outside the Kellogg Arena where Trump was speaking.
I hates whitey. Now give me my paycheck, honky.

Zeballos posted a selfie of himself holding the sign on Facebook, then deleted it, according to multiple sources. However, at least one screenshot was acquired of Zeballos’ post before all traces were allegedly removed.
Zeballos later acknowledged posting the selfie with a follow-up post, as "Renk" from the radio show Live With Renk  pointed out

 “Recently I posted a picture on my [Facebook] page of me holding a sign at a rally to protest Trump’s visit to Battle Creek,” wrote Zeballos.
While I stand by my first amendment right to express myself, I understand that my public and private actions have repercussions on the institution I work for, Kellogg Community College. Because of this, I deeply regret posting the picture on my Facebook page and the controversy it has generated.”
Zeballos insisted that “anyone that has interacted” with him “knows that he strives “to have respectful dialogue on some of the most challenging issues with anyone that holds a different opinion than mine. This incident doesn’t change who I am and what I stand for, creating a more equitable and inclusive society, unless they are white. Then fuck them.” added Zeballos.
The KCC Board of Trustees issued a statement regarding Zeballos’ conduct clarifying that “The KCC employee in question was expressing his personal opinion on his own time, and not acting on behalf of the College.”

“KCC is a politically neutral, tax-funded institution of higher learning, and does not side with any political party or campaign message,” added the college. 
The school called the situation a “teachable moment” and a “healthy reminder” that individual actions can reflect poorly on the school.
“Whether that impact affects an individual’s employment status at KCC, positively or negatively, is a determination made via KCC’s ongoing performance management process, which is appropriately confidential and involves an employee and others empowered by the institution to manage performance,” the school added.

At KCC, our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality education to enrich our community and the lives of individual learners. As a marketplace of ideas, we remain committed to freedom of speech and freedom of expression as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. We also remain committed to creating an inclusive environment where we celebrate commonalities and foster respect for others and our differences.”
Campus Reform previously reported on KCC getting sued for arresting YAL members recruiting on campus, for which KCC settled for $55,000 and updated its free speech policies. 
Regarding Zeballos’ profane protesting, a conservative student who asked to remain anonymous told Campus Reform, “Not surprisingly, local media seems to be largely silent on the story, including the local newspaper the Battle Creek Enquirer. …This past year the faculty and staff were required to attend several mandatory diversity training sessions led by Zeballos that were described by some as ‘hating whitey.’ Zeballos usually appears very unfriendly in the hallways and rarely has a smile to offer. How could any conservative student or employee feel comfortable with this man setting the tone for the institution's one-way equity policy[?] As a conservative, I never open my mouth about anything to anyone at the school.” 

“I have yet to come across another conservative voice,” said the student.
“I'm sure they likely exist there, though probably a minority, but must remain hidden or face certain reprisal from a system that seemingly only values liberal thought. This group has threatened to kill us.”
Local community member Joni Jones told Campus Reform, “I am a tax-paying citizen of Battle Creek. I  was directed to Jorge Zeballos' publicly-available FB page and this picture by a friend who knew that I have deep concerns as to what we see happening with some of these ‘Equity,’ ‘Diversity’ & ‘Inclusion’ initiatives at our public institutions of higher education. I was shocked to find this picture and even more disturbed that some of KCC's Board members (who are FB ‘friends’ with Mr. Zeballos) had not pressured him to remove the post.”

“Mr. Zeballos has every right to protest and to express himself, however, he is bound by a professional code of conduct as an employee of KCC, knowing that his conduct and speech will also be associated with the college,” said Jones. 
“He has violated the very goals that are listed on the ‘Equity & Inclusion’ page of KCC's website. His behavior, in no way, fosters or promotes civility and does not advance dialogue. To the contrary, it will have the effect of squelching free speech on campus, as those students with conservative leanings are likely to be intimidated into silence. That is NOT what colleges and universities are supposed to be about and it has to stop.”

The KCC Board of Trustees issued a statement regarding Zeballos’ conduct clarifying that “The KCC employee in question was expressing his personal opinion on his own time, and not acting on behalf of the College.”

This is total BS. Had Zeballos been a white male, instead of a Hispanic male, - he would have been FIRED with prejudice, or his employment contract would have been voided. His facebook page removed, his twitter page banned, and he would be blacklisted FOR LIFE from ever getting a job other than picking up trash and even then, maybe.

However, with Zeballos being a gay Hispanic minority male whose parents came here illegally and had an anchor baby(him), - he is untouchable in the US workforce.
 Wow a person of non-whiteness attacking people without a justifiable reason for an unknown issue.
'This incident doesn’t change who I am and what I stand for'

That's right, it doesn't, motherfucker. You just said your so called apology is total bullshit, like your overpaid by citizens life.
I can't wait to see what 4chan reveals about gay boy racist. That's right, I just found out homo dude has a grinder account, the main pump and dump in parks and parking lots for gays app the ABCDPHUCKO gang use. DB

Color me NOT surprised.

Proof of many black op issues in our time. Download and save.

Joe Biden, Friend of Corruption

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

His Name Is Bob Long: Prolific White Male Chess Author Murdered in His Iowa Home by 19-Year-Old Black Male

Helped those who needed help, and was murdered for it because he had a TV.
 by Paul Kersey
  • He had no ‘white privilege’.
  • He was a septuagenarian, a man of modest means, living in Davenport, Iowa.
  • His name is Bob Long. He was a prolific author of books dealing with chess.
  • He was a white man. You’ll never hear his name, unless you read one of his many books on chess, or live in Davenport, Iowa and learn about how he was strangled to death in a botched car robbery.
  • He had helped the murderer on previous occasions. Because he had a big flat screen TV, this kind "white mofo" was killed. For a used TV.
Mind you, his murderer was a black teenager. [UPDATE: Davenport murder suspect charged with assaulting, robbing Rock Island County man in October 2019,, January 9, 2020]:
According to Rock Island County Court documents, Charlie Gary III, 19, of Davenport is facing battery, theft, and robbery charges stemming from a case in October.
This is in addition to the homicide case where a 74-year-old man was strangled to death and found dead Tuesday evening in Davenport.
According to the criminal complaint, on October 27, 2019, Gary assaulted a 63-year-old man of Rock Island, striking him in the head with a TV and a lamp. The complaint also shows Gary reportedly stole the man’s vehicle and a 55′ flat-screen television.
Meanwhile, Davenport police tell TV6 there is no information that would indicate a cause for concern for community safety after the Davenport victim, Robert Long, 74, was killed.
Police say while the investigation is ongoing at this time, preliminary information shows the victim knew 19-year-old Charlie Gary III. Police say that information also shows they believe this was not a random incident.
Police say on Tuesday, just before 5:45 p.m., they were called to the 1500 block of LeClaire Street in reference to an unresponsive person. That man, 74-year-old Robert Long, was pronounced dead at the scene.
Police say Gary III, of Davenport, admitted to police that he went into the man’s home forcibly with the intent to steal the man’s car. Police say Gary III strangled Long, killing him and then stole property and his car and left the scene. Police say they later located Gary in Long’s vehicle when he was arrested.
Gary III has been charged with 1st-degree murder, 1st-degree robbery and 1st-degree burglary in reference to the incident. He’s currently being held at the Scott County Jail.
Gary III made his first appearance in Scott County Thursday morning via video arraignment.
The judge ordered Gary III to be held without bond and they set a preliminary hearing for January 17. The judge also informed Gary III that he was wanted out of Rock Island County on charges of robbery, theft and aggravated battery.
The judge did not take any action on the extradition matter and said the bond in the Illinois case is $100,000.
Outside of an incredibly niche community of chess enthusiasts, who will even remember the life of Bob Long, a white man strangled to death in his home by a black career criminal who had spent less than a score on earth?
Check-mate, bigot.
Rest in peace, Bob.
You weren’t just a pawn in the game of life, but a white man whose murder (and racial circumstances surrounding it, because fuck all white people) deserves a wider audience.

Lesbian clowns program young minds. A kids show

In 24 hours since posting, this video only has 56 "views." But when I load up analytics of it, it reveals that in fact, it has over 5,000 views. This is typical for uwantsun videos on GetF'dTube. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Fascism social credit score to control. Beginning of NWO final stages for the Beast

Tranny Psychology E Kubler Ross WHAT YOU ARE UP AGAINST

#Expose2020: Sanders Campaign Part 1; Field Organizer "F**king Cities Bu...

Boeing Mocked Lion Air "Idiots" For Requesting Extra Training For 737 MAX

Airline and Pilots wanted training and better documentation on the 737MAX and Boeing's strategy was to joke and shame them in their faces, rather than provide the necessary instruction. 346 dead people later.... Then Boeing lied about it and is still blaming the pilots for the two crashes.

This is the culture of satanism. 

Go to this site and read what pilots have to say about this and you'll understand what Boeing thinks of human beings. Still want to fly on their jets? You want to die, do you?


Lawmakers have finally followed up last week's bombshell release of internal Boeing communications with more extremely damning internal messages exchanged by employees. This time, the messages revealed that Boeing employees successfully persuaded Indonesia's Lion Air to forego forcing their pilots to use a full flight simulator to train them on the 737 MAX 8. To save some money and increase profits. 

To achieve this, they embarked on a campaign of humiliating Lion Air's pilots to make them feel stupid. It worked. People died.

According to Bloomberg, which published unredacted copies of the messages, offering full flight simulator training to Lion Air would undermine a key selling point of the 737 MAX 8: The fact that Boeing advertised the plane as needing no additional training for pilots and crew, apart from a basic computer-based course.

One Boeing employee wrote in June 2017 - a little over a year before the deadly Lion Air crash in October 2018 that helped inspire the universal grounding of the plane by regulators - that "friggin Lion Air was pushing for a "flight sim."

However, the Boeing employee promised his co-workers that he would "unscrew" the situation.
"Now friggin Lion Air might need a sim to fly the MAX, and maybe because of their own stupidity. I’m scrambling trying to figure out how to unscrew this now! idiots," one Boeing employee wrote in June 2017 text messages obtained by the company and released by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
In response to news about Lion Air's request, another employee exclaimed that their sister airline, Malindo Air, was already flying the MAX without need simulators.
In response, a Boeing colleague replied: “WHAT THE F%$&!!!! But their sister airline is already flying it!” That was an apparent reference to Malindo Air, the Malaysian-based carrier that was the first to fly the Max commercially.
However, Boeing's fixation on the bottom line ended up being a penny wise and a pound foolish. After all, in a report on the Oct. 29, 2018 accident, Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee explicitly cited a failure by Boeing to tell pilots about MCAS, a flight control feature that has been implicated in MAX crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. 
Not your standard 737 and pilots know it. But ask Boeing for Sim training and you get laughed at and shamed. The policy to save money and push sales through. Three crashes within six months later and only grounding has saved lives. Boeing is evil.

Apparently, it only took Boeing employees, including the company's chief technical pilot, to convince Indonesia to forego the training.
The communications include a 2017 email from Boeing’s chief technical pilot on the 737 in which he crowed to colleagues: "Looks like my jedi mind trick worked again!" The email was sent two days after the earlier messages expressing alarm about Lion Air potentially demanding simulator training.
Attached was a forwarded email exchange in which the person warned an unnamed recipient against offering simulator training for Max pilots, pushing instead for the computer-based course that regulators had already approved for flight crews transitioning to the Max from earlier 737 models.
"I am concerned that if [redacted] chooses to require a Max simulator for its pilots beyond what all other regulators are requiring that it will be creating a difficult and unnecessary training burden for your airline, as well as potentially establish a precedent in your region for other Max customers," the Boeing pilot wrote in the forwarded message.
While Lion Air was not identified in the redacted emails, the discussions are consistent with those Boeing held with Lion Air at the time, according to people familiar with the matter.
Once again, lawmakers have released damning communications from internal Boeing employees revealing a glaring negligence that appears to have been a cause, in part, of two deadly accidents that killed a combined 346 people.
Even Weezy agrees...
These exchanges will almost certainly be cited in lawsuits by victims' family members alleging gross negligence on Boeing's behalf.
And once again, Boeing shares don't appear to care.

source zerohedge

Monday, January 13, 2020

Joe Biden is GUILTY of using aid to remove state attorney from investigating him and his payola son Hunter

Color us skeptical, alt-right, conspiracy-wonk, Putin-puppets; but the transparency and timing of tonight's "bombshell" report from The New York Times of an 'alleged' hacking by 'allegedly' Russian hackers of Burisma - the Ukrainian energy firm that VP Biden's crack-smoking, energy-ignorant son was paid $50,000 per month as a board member - reeks so strongly of foundational narrative-building for something "embarrassing" that is coming, it is stunning just how dumb the deep state must think the American public really is. Actually, maybe not all that stunning.

According to Area 1, the Silicon Valley security firm that detected the hacking, Russian hackers from a military intelligence unit known formerly as the G.R.U., and to private researchers by the alias “Fancy Bear,” used so-called phishing emails that appear designed to steal usernames and passwords, to gain access to Burisma's network.

Oren Falkowitz, a co-founder of Area 1, and previously a hacker at the National Security Agency, proclaimed in the report that "the attacks were successful," even though it is unknown what the alleged hackers were attempting to discover.
The timing of the Russian campaign mirrors the G.R.U. hacks we saw in 2016 against the D.N.C. and John Podesta,” the Clinton campaign chairman, Mr. Falkowitz said.
“Once again, they are stealing email credentials, in what we can only assume is a repeat of Russian interference in the last election.”
As The Mercury News reported, over the summer, Area 1 persuaded the Federal Election Commission to allow it to provide low-cost services to political campaigns, which would typically be a violation of rules designed to prevent businesses from currying political favor.
Additionally, and coming as no surprise to many, Mr. Falkowitz is a significant donor to Democrats; and even more intriguing, the company's CSO - Blacke Darche - also worked at the NSA and most notably, Crowdstrike.

While NYT admits it is not yet clear what the hackers found, or precisely what they were searching for, that did not stop them speculating, based on more anonymous sources.
The Times, citing an American security official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence, claiming - without any proof - that the Russian attacks on Burisma appear to be running parallel to an effort by Russian spies in Ukraine to dig up information in the analog world that could embarrass the Bidens. The spies, the official said, are trying to penetrate Burisma and working sources in the Ukrainian government in search of emails, financial records and legal documents.
So-called "experts" reportedly claim the timing and scale of the attacks suggest that the Russians could be searching for potentially embarrassing material on the Bidens - the same kind of information that Mr. Trump wanted from Ukraine when he pressed for an investigation of the Bidens and Burisma, setting off a chain of events that led to his farcical impeachment.
All sounds very sinister!
The New York Times, thoughtfully asks Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, what his thoughts are on the entirely unfounded story. His response is unsurprising to say the least...
“Donald Trump tried to coerce Ukraine into lying about Joe Biden and a major bipartisan, international anti-corruption victory because he recognized that he can’t beat the vice president."
"Now we know that Vladimir Putin also sees Joe Biden as a threat."
“Any American president who had not repeatedly encouraged foreign interventions of this kind would immediately condemn this attack on the sovereignty of our elections.”
Oh we are sure Putin is terrified of Biden!?
And the icing on the cake from the New York Times reporters, to ensure the dumbfounded reader is completely clear on what just happened (without any shadow of a doubt)...
The Russian tactics are strikingly similar to what American intelligence agencies say was Russia’s hacking of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential campaign. In that case, once they had the emails, the Russians used trolls to spread and spin the material, and built an echo chamber to widen its effect.
Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes true?

So, what are the Democrats preparing for? Another round of embarrassing leaked emails - Wikigate 2.0? And this story is designed to plant the seed that anyone who releases any of the "hacked" emails - which may or may not expose crimes by the Bidens (or Pelosis) is a Russian agent and must be shunned, censored, and generally disavowed by any and all Western media.
Or, you could choose to believe that the Russians - who allegedly were so dumb last time as to make it obvious it was them doing the hacking - have done it again... following the same pattern, and getting caught in their "meddling"? Oh wait, they have answer for that 'conspiracy theory' - that Russian hackers are "lazy"...
“The Burisma hack is a cookie-cutter G.R.U. campaign,” Mr. Falkowitz said.
Russian hackers, as sophisticated as they are, also tend to be lazy. They use what works. And in this, they were successful.”
Which is odd. Given how terrified every establishment type was at the thought of Iranians hacking America's most sensitive infrastructure in the last week, one might think that well-trained Russian hackers would be a little more adept. But then again, anyone who chooses to not believe the NYT story hook, line, and sinker - is clearly a puppet of Putin.

source zerohedge

Our Spiritual World: Battle of the Bibles

Our Spiritual World: Battle of the Bibles: Battle of the Bibles Pt. 1: Minister for Money. The Apostles didn’t minister or do spiritual work for fiscal pay. Why should you>?

They are going to run Hillary for 2020

Running a dead woman for President

by Don Bradley

But first, look at all the current pictures of Hillary 2.0. This is not the old colostomy hag we knew of yore. That skank died in 2016. YAY. No, this new version is nearly 20 years younger and in the last six months alone, they have aged her dramatically to make her look like the old Hildebeasts age.

But, the face, eyes, and energy is wrong, wrong, wrong.

And the satanic network knows people are noticing and that some day, it may become a meme with guys like me talking about it. So, they have been since Thanksgiving running articles all over the place about plastic surgery, changing her look and that's why she appears different, don't you know.

They are front running the problem that people are noticing there is something off with the HIldebeast. And that satanic cackle she had...that's gone too. Hell 2.0 has a more feminine cutsey laugh, the beast had a nasty, witch cackle. We've all heard was ugly.

Naw. Doesn't matter what they do with surgery, or hagging her up to age her more, or even matching her old eye color with contact lenses. You can tell this isn't her.

Hillary 1.0 with colostomy tent

Hag 1.0

This fifth double they've run and the one they are sticking with. Meet Hag 2.0 heavily aged since summer 2019 Every day, internet pics of Hillary from 2009 to 2016 are being made to...go away. Get them while you can.

They have even gone to the lengths of replacing old internet pics of Hillary 1.0 with new pics of Hillary 2.0 (Google is run by satanic ABCDPHUCKOS) to change history.

If you dig up old HIldy pics and put them right next to 2019 Hillary 2.0 pics you can tell the difference right off.

  • Where is the massive tent she was rocking to hide the colostomy rig she wore for the last 2 years of her life?
  • Why did her neck age so dramatically since July 2019?
  • Why don't the eyes line up, when overlayed?
  • Why, since 9-11-16 did she drop out of view for a couple of years, when this needy attention whore was on every channel being constantly in front of the camera?
  • Why all the silence this election year? Though it's to drop her in everyone's lap, when it's clear that was the point the whole time. The DNC appointment. It also explains why NOW, every single candidate that starts to do well in the dem polls is getting attacked by the MSM, so they don't get tooooo popular with the voters.


Hillary 1.0 This original grand druid witch had the most dead eyes ever. These are the eyes of a killer with no soul. All that adrenochrome caught up with her

Hillary 1.0

Hillary 2.0 and you can really see this is not the Lilith skank. This is the double. They've done a lot with the face, teeth, and neck and gone is the that colostomy bag-tent thing. These are not the eyes of a nasty skank that has killed hundreds of people both inside and outside the coven. Not yet at least. She has to know that like Faul McCartney, this is who she is forever. She can no longer go back. They won't let her. She knows too much.

Hillary 1.0 Even with a relaxed face, she radiates the killer with no remorse. This is the murderer of so many people who were stupid enough to have any commerce with her or Bill.

Hillary 2.0 The double they've been running since early summer. What a massive difference between the Beast HIldy and whoever she is.

Hillary 2.0

Hillary 2.0

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Our Spiritual World: LBGTFUCHO and convicted pedophile Ex-Marine Impers...

Our Spiritual World: LBGTFUCHO and convicted pedophile Ex-Marine Impers...: A gay former US marine who was dishonorably discharged a decade ago for rape, sodomy, and pedophilia, was busted last week for posing as a marine.
This is one of a dozen or more assassination attempts on the President. In point of fact, how does one come up with holographic, bar coded, ID that is SO GOOD, that it passes not one, but TWO security screens? This is not the kind of thing you can make on your home computer, you know. It takes access to professional equipment and very unique embedded coding layers that simply cannot be faked. Only someone with access to the company (CIA owned) to make credentials to get that close to the President. Also, who is man number two? Or should I say, group of seven people deployed to get this pedo freak near enough to change the qrs311 codes so that the military or CIA can take over the chopper and make it crash. He wasn't found with a bomb on him, and they routinely scan the bird several times a day to make sure one doesn't get on board. So that means his mission was to change codes on the flight panel so access remotely could be realized. 

Using a pedo as an asset shows you the type of satanic baby killers that are involved in wet work ops. The ABCDFUCKO group is strangely silent about one of their own trying to kill the President. This is not surprising, since they ALL constantly shout out about wishing to do just that very thing.


Inventor of The WATER POWERED CAR poisoned - Stanley Meyer