Thursday, May 21, 2015

Santa Barbara oil spill is 5 times worse than originally thought, which was 21,000 gallons. Now it is at 105,000 gallons

Wildlife, pristine beaches focus of ‘aggressive’ oil spill cleanup

Oil pipeline company officials said Wednesday that as many as 105,000 gallons of crude oil may have spilled from a ruptured pipeline on the California coast.

The 24-inch pipeline ruptured along the Santa Barbara coast, leaking the oil near Refugio State Beach, a protected state park, just before Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer tourist season.

Houston-based Plains All American Pipeline based the estimate — what it called a worst-case scenario — on the typical flow rate of oil and the elevation of the pipeline, said Rick McMichael, the company’s director of pipeline operations.

The pipeline is still underground, so it will take a few days to determine how much crude oil was actually spilled.

McMichael told reporters an estimated 21,000 gallons of crude had gone into the Pacific Ocean.
The cause of the spill was still being investigated, he said, but there were problems Tuesday morning at two of the company’s pump stations.

Plains Chairman Greg Armstrong said he was deeply sorry for the spill.
“We apologize for the damage that has been done to the wildlife and to the environment, and we’re very sorry for the disruption and inconvenience that it has caused the citizens and visitors of this area,” he said.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

T.R.U.T.H. about the Dinosaurs: Soft Tissue

scientific community attack and deny dinosaur soft tissue and blood vess...

McDonald’s ‘refused to serve kind teen buying food for homeless man because of new policy’

McDonald’s ‘refused to serve kind teen buying food for homeless man because of new policy’
McDonald’s staff refused to serve a homeless man a kind teenager was buying food for – because it went against a ‘new policy’.
Charlotte Farrow visited a branch of the fast food chain on Oxford Road in Manchester.
But the 19-year-old claims staff at the fast food chain told her they could not serve homeless people as part of new store rules because they are heartless bastards who want to see down and out Americans starve.

4 major cancer charities a sham: only donate 3% of 187 million to victims - all owned by one family

In a rare joint action with attorneys general for each of the 50 states, the Federal Trade Commission says four cancer charities run by extended members of the same family conned donors out of $187 million from 2008 through 2012 and spent almost nothing to help actual cancer patients. 
Each of the charities charged were the subject of extensive reporting by CNN in 2013. And in each instance, none of the four charities would comment. We were ordered out of the building at the Cancer Fund of America in Knoxville, Tennessee, and were the object of an obscene gesture by the CEO of The Breast Cancer Society in Mesa, Arizona. 
The Cancer Fund of America is run by James Reynolds Sr. His son James Reynolds Jr. is the CEO of the Breast Cancer Society. Another charity, the Children's Cancer Fund of America, is run by Rose Perkins, the ex-wife of the elder James Reynolds. He's also the CEO of the fourth charity, Cancer Support Services.
The government says the charities claimed to provide direct support for cancer patients, breast cancer patients and children with cancer.
"These were lies," the government's complaint says.
Jessica Rich, chief of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, says that in all, the charities spent about 97% of donations they received either on private fundraisers or on themselves. Only 3%, she says, went to help actual cancer patients. 
According to the complaint, funds donated to help cancer patients instead went for personal use, in often lavish ways.
"[D]onated funds were used to pay for vehicles, personal consumer goods, college tuition, gym memberships, Jet Ski outings, dating website subscriptions, luxury cruises, and tickets to concerts and professional sporting events," the complaint says.
"Most of what we are doing is bringing actions against fraud," says Rich. "And this is as about as bad as it can get: taking money away from cancer victims." 
There was also what the FTC calls "rampant nepotism" at play in all of the charities. For instance, at the Breast Cancer Society, James Reynolds Jr. hired his wife, Kristina Hixson, to be his public relations manager. The complaint states that he also hired Hixson's two sisters, her son by a previous marriage, her mother and her step-nephew. According to the complaint, Hixson's mother had been a caterer. At the Breast Cancer Society, she was hired to write grant applications.
Moreover,on their tax returns, each charity claimed millions of dollars in donated goods shipped to overseas locations on behalf of cancer patients. The complaint says the charities never owned any of the goods in question and simply paid a fee to a private firm in South Carolina to ship the goods, called gifts-in-kind. CNN went to Guatemala in early 2014 to investigate anyone who may have received those gifts and could find no evidence that they even existed. 
As a result of the complaint, two of the charities say they will close their doors. Both the Breast Cancer Society and the Children's Cancer Fund of America are being dissolved, according to the complaint. James Reynolds Jr. faces a judgment of more than $60 million in fines and Rose Perkins, who runs the Children's Cancer Fund of America, faces a judgment of around $30 million.
Under a proposed final order, the judgment against Reynolds Jr. will be suspended when he pays $75,000. The judgments against Children's Cancer Fund of America will be partly met upon liquidation of its assets, and the judgment against Perkins will be suspended due to her inability to pay. 
The FTC's Jessica Rich, however, said there are few assets left. Government regulators will be lucky to recover $1 million, she told CNN.
As for James Reynolds Sr., he will contest the charges in the complaint, the government says. CNN hasn't yet been able to reach attorneys for Reynolds Sr., his son or Perkins for comment, but in a message posted on the Breast Cancer Society website, Reynolds Jr. said:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Amazing evidence for the Red Sea Crossing v2

Egyptology vs the Bible - amazing evidence of biblical events

All Charges Dropped Against Kent Hovind!!! (Psalm 144:15) Happy Is That ...

Paul is concerned that his question to Tiffany is being covered up.

network satanists shutting down phones of support team helping Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind Trial Update: Rhonda Harrington's Shocking Report Live From ...

Attempted assassination of Kent Hovind

Right before Kent Hovind's hearings again, just like in March'February, violent gang members are brought into Kent's dorm that harass and threaten both Kent and all of the members of their daily Bible study group "Kent's Christian Converts." Pastor Hovind & others were threatened and their lives were in danger. The Santa Rosa County Jail guards and sheriff apparently were told to "stand down" and sat back and watched.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

FBI surveillance Van outside home

My university son is home and was trying to get on the home wifi, when he noticed this on our router a few minutes ago. We live in the country, on a single lane cul-de-sac, with only ex government retirees as neighbors and mostly network satanists.

This is the first time we've seen this though. When we moved here two years ago, we were the only router in the area, now, ALL OUR NEIGHBORS HAVE WIFI. And the empty house next to our place is being used as a SAFE HOUSE, with dozens of people coming and going for a few days, never to be seen again. Usually on witches sabbats, full moons, etc.

once we started talking about the van, the link quickly vanished. Means the surveillance is ON OUR HOME.

Operation Jade Helm 15 Arizona 04/17; Assault Support Tactics in Urban Area

Total Proof Amtrak Derailment Was No Accident

Wickedpedia Covering Up Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers' Corruption Scandal...

Kent Hovind : An Atheist's Worst Nightmare (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Don & His Family Call In With Their Testimony & Support For Persecuted P...


Hello Friend,

On behalf of Creation Science Evangelist Dr. Kent Hovind we are reaching out to you today because at some point between 2007 and 2012 you had signed a petition or had left a testimony for Pastor Hovind on Kent’s old website. We are sending a one-time email out to everyone who signed the petition to FREE KENT HOVIND and letting them know we have a new website with live updates on Kent’s ten year persecution that has finally begun to garner national attention.  Here is Kent Hovind’s official new support website:

Official Kent Hovind Website

For Live Trial & Hourly Video Updates Go Here

The most important trial of Kent Hovind's life begins on May 18th and may not end until early June.  An anti-Christian Judge, the same one who locked him away in 2006,  is now attempting to keep Pastor Hovind in for another 40 years despite the fact he should have already been back home with his loving family!  What is the charge this time?  He mailed a legal document to protect his property from prison without asking the anti-Christian Judge's permission.   For that, she wants him to spend LIFE IN PRISON!  Longer than murderers!  Below are several shocking videos that lay out in detail all of the persecution Pastor Hovind has endured over the past ten years:  

20 Shocking Things That Have Happened In The Kent Hovind Case

Brother Trey Lays Out Entire Kent Hovind Case From A-Z

Illegal Imprisonment of Kent Hovind & Other Christians in America | #FreeKent

Kent Hovind vs IRS Structuring | Why An Innocent Man Like Kent Hovind is in Prison

Creation Science Evangelist Kent Hovind Provides A Summary Of His Case In His Own Words

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers' Preposterous Speech Before Kent Hovind Was Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison (2006)

New Kent Hovind Movie Trailer (coming soon)

Social Media (help us spread the word using #FreeKent #FreeKentHovind #LetMyPastorGo)

Boots On the Ground – Supporting Kent Hovind At Upcoming Trial in Pensacola

Lastly, if you would like to call and leave a personal testimony for Pastor Kent Hovind on how he's impacted your life that will be shared with Kent and his supporters from around the world just call Rudy & Erin at (972) 839 - 9848 and they'll record it and upload it to Kent's YouTube Channel.  You can also just create your own YouTube video testimony and send us the link with permission to mirror to and we'll post that for the world to see. 

Thank you again for supporting Kent Hovind all of these years. This will be the only email we send out to you unless you have further questions. God Bless you and remember, “The Answer To 1984 is 33AD.” (Jesus is the answer)

Volunteers for Creation Science Evangelist Kent Hovind

Thursday, May 14, 2015

If you use the Starbucks app, delete any cards and PayPal accounts tied to your account. Now.

Thieves are stealing money from people’s credit cards, bank and PayPal accounts — by first tapping into their Starbucks mobile app.

Starbucks (SBUX) on Wednesday acknowledged that criminals have been breaking into individual customer rewards accounts.
The Starbucks app lets you pay at checkout with your phone. It can also reload Starbucks gift cards by automatically drawing funds from your bank account, credit card or PayPal.
That’s how criminals are siphoning money away from victims. They break into a victim’s Starbucks account online, add a new gift card, transfer funds over — and repeat the process every time the original card reloads.
These thefts were first reported by consumer journalist Bob Sullivan.

Undercover police exposed trying to embed themselves in the march Madiso...

U.S. Marines Practice Controlling Angry Citizens Demanding Food & Water

They are gearing up for something very ugly here in Amerika

Alarming video footage from a U.S. Marines training drill which took place in Arizona last month shows armed troops chasing down unruly citizens inside a mock internment camp while role players chant for food and water. he exercise, which involved U.S. Marines from 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, took place on April 18 in Yuma, Arizona and revolved around “assault support tactics” training.\

The drill was part of, “standardized tactical training and certification of unit instructor qualifications to support Marine Aviation Training and Readiness,” according to the description accompanying the video.\

In plain English, the exercise was about subduing, arresting and incarcerating irate citizens during a martial law-style scenario. The Marines will undoubtedly claim that these exercises are to prepare for overseas combat and occupation missions, but U.S. Army manuals have made it clear that such operations also apply to the Continental United States (CONUS), and will be used against American citizens during a national emergency. Another video out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida which emerged in March also showed military and law enforcement practicing the internment of citizens during martial-law style training. marines “national guard” “u.s. marines” training sim simulation camp operation helicopter troops “u.s. army” forces prepare prepper “role play” drama guard security food water supplies control power survival secure battle fight surveillance 2015 2016 future “first aid” doctor bugout “emergency supplies” exercise food water wrestle game games “united states” usa america collapse usd dollar gold silver “savings account” debt “credit card” credit u.s. “stock market” “elite nwo agenda” collapse of america rothschild rothchilds end game fema camp id rfid chip cashless max keiser gerald celente demcad alex jones infowars max keiser jim rogers marc faber china russia ww3 false flag attack kemergency broadcast illuminati symbolism military industrial complex drone dji

In current military terminology, the “human domain” or “human domain analytics” refers to the “global understanding of anything associated with people.” There’s a legal infrastructure with things like the NDAA, there’s a technical infrastructure with things like the capability to do dragnet surveillance, and then of course there is going to be a military and law enforcement infrastructure, and those are merging.” Stacking Leonardo’s statement up against the Jade Helm map reveals the event to be much more than a basic training drill. Jade Helm is NOT a martial law takeover but it does prepare the military for civil unrest here in America But the collapse of our financial system, or hyperinflation of our currency, or a meltdown in US Treasuries is only the beginning. We know some or all of these events are all but a foregone conclusion. While it can’t be avoided on a national scale, there are advance preparations that individuals and their families can make to, at the very least, insulate themselves from the secondary event triggers. This includes storing essential physical goods and keeping them in your possession. Things like long-term food supplies, barterable goods, monetary goods, self defense armaments and having a well thought outpreparedness plan will, if nothing else, provide you with the means necessary to stay out of the way it all hits the fan.

H.R.2232 - Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015

a section of the bill allows for no refusal or abstainment 
H. R. 2232

To amend the Public Health Service Act to condition receipt by States (and political subdivisions and public entities of States) of preventive health services grants on the establishment of a State requirement for students in public elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and for other purposes.

May 1, 2015
Ms. Wilson of Florida introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce

Elderly Couple Honk At Off Duty Cop; Cop Breaks Man’s Nose, Smashes Teeth Out With Gun - In a Police State, soulless thugs wear badges

Uniformed officers arrived and "laughed and joked" with attacker
An elderly couple in St. Louis County found out what happens when you honk your horn at a cop this past weekend, when the officer drew his gun and pistol whipped the man in the face, while wrestling with the woman as she attempted to defend her husband.
Describing the harrowing incident to local reporters, Janet and Donald Akers noted that they were unable to pay their respects to Janet’s deceased mother on Mother’s day, as they were beaten up by the cop before they could get to the graveyard.