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Why do you do it, village dork?


Exposing the demonic realities of earth - with photographic proof, and the angelic wonders that exist as well. Well, like any writer, I just report what I see. It's visible to me. The proof of pictures just makes it holy, good, and true. Pictures are a witness. Very necessary. It's easy to see why I'm such a target. I can't think of anyone else, going this deep into this kind of work.

Exposing public wrong doing and evil...sure there are others. And in varying degrees of making the world aware of the poison that is sweeping across the land. A very few are heavy hitters, most are just...well...more blather than total coverage.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. And what I do is provide PROOF OF THESE PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS AND THE RULERS OF DARKNESS. It is one thing to SAY thus and so, it's quite another to SHOW thus and so.

They hate me. And that's fine. I've lived with it for a very long time. And the people that actually do really care or give a darn, can be easily counted on two hands. So be it. If Dad said to stop it all today, I would. Without hesitation.

Frankly, my life is amazing spiritual wonders that cannot be stated. the pics are the only thingy I have to prove i am what I say, and do what I say. My life is also a shite bucket of hate-filled sabotage, betrayal, and isolation from what could be something else indeed.


DB, few years back...

John McAfee Vows Revenge On "Enemies" Who "Tried To Poison Me"

McAfee is a maverick who often has gone against the grain on wall street and in other areas. He doesn't toe the PC line, mainly. His Anti virus software was the first of its kind and until he was bought out by a front company of INQTEL (wholly owned by the CIA), it was pretty dang good. After he sold his company, it became one big BACKDOOR, for the agencies and big government.

Out spoken and not a member of the tribe, they hated him. Hate him, in fact. He has had everything thrown at him, yet here he is. Real, not fake agency entrepreneurs, respect him for his achievements, and he's had a tough go at what should have been easy street after his many successes.

He's not crazy. Sure, given the endless attacks, he's acquired some anger issues. As one does when their heart needs what Dad has to give. he often blurts out some pretty wild stuff from time to time, without thinking through how his words make him appear or affect those around him and in the world. Just means he still has some soul growth ahead of him. A great deal in fact. But a fake agency cutout like Holms, Musk, and MKultra creations couldn't originate if their soul depended upon it. they simply follow the day's script. You can see them reading from que cards. McAfee shoots from hip, often misses, but is a no BS kind of guy.

I understand and feel for him. Like him, I've been shot, poisoned 3 times, and had my life and home taken no less than 5 times in 30 years, including my livelihoods. Like him, I've been homeless 4 times. And you name it, they've done it to me.

And now he is recovering from the latest dirt nap job. Understand completely.

People often tell me to keep my mouth shut. Actually, won't change a thing and there are so very few of us keeping the flow of real information open and since 1995, in my case. he didn't start telling it real until 2003, and sporadically. At least that's something. He is more famous, however.

I'm just more infamous. Among the covens and satanic network-countless strangers have expressed flabbergastery surprise to find me in front of them, revealing they know who I am. A difference of degrees, but at the end, who can really say. For me, bringing the core truth of whatever issue is the thing, is the very best way to serve Dad and to love YOU long time. Like the Monty P guys, I'm a pretty silly person, in person, but hey, humor is funny as hell. I prefer it.

Don Bradley


Update: It appears John McAfee has a suspect in mind and is offering a reward for details...
*  *  *
John McAfee's "enemies" recently tried to poison him, the cybersecurity pioneer claims. However, John McAfee isn't as easy to kill as his myriad "enemies" had hoped. To help drive this point home, the creator of the eponymous computer security software tweeted an alarming picture of himself lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen tube affixed to his mouth.
His tweet came accompanied with a warning to the unnamed parties who allegedly carried out the attack: "You will soon understand the true meaning of wrath."
I know exactly who you are." So if you or somebody you know was behind this latest alleged attempt on McAfee's life (he has reportedly been the subject of 11 attempts on his life, along with a "conspiracy" by Belize authorities that he was framed in the death of a neighbor while living in the tropical South American state) be wary: McAfee is coming for you.
This isn't the first time McAfee has been in the news this week: the tech entrepreneur tweeted earlier this week that he would no longer be promoting ICOs due to a warning from the SEC, which has lately been cracking down on celebrity endorsements of the often dubious ICOs. But according to RT, McAfee has been promoting Docademic, which is focused on "reshaping the medical world." He credited the company with urging him to seek medical assistance after his latest poisoning. It appears he made a quick recovery, as he followed up news of his poisoning with a tweet announcing his new crypto wallet.
The "doctors said no" when McAfee asked to leave the hospital. But he checked himself out anyway, it appears.

Update 3: It appears Mr McAfee is recuperating well from his near-death poisoning experience...
Update  2: That did not take long. McAfee now claims to know the identity of the motorcyclist and "I want him" explaining that he is a "wanted sex trafficker."
*  *  *
Update 1: It appears John McAfee has a suspect in mind and is offering a reward for details...
 source zerohedge

From the Internet

4chan is already on the case. awesome.

FBI CI-147992
John D. Nichols
1687 Oakway Lane
Burbank, CA 91502

Demon over FBI agent's head, lesbian Sally Moyer UPDATED AND MAGNIFIED

Daily Mail photographer captured more than she knew. This is to reveal to all, what kind of souls intelligence agencies hire. And what is also behind this whole LBGTFKO agenda.

click on picture for larger size, then use your zoom feature to enlarge. You can clearly see, in the etheric haze, the demon controlling this gun with a badge. Now you can understand why this hate-filled walking abomination sees nothing wrong with the evil it and others like her do, while being paid with taxes, YOU PAY FOR. Time to open your eyes friends. Once you see it, you cannot UNSEE it.

Go to DailyMail and grab the original, before they delete, which they will today, once the satanic network makes them aware of this reveal. Hurry. Do it now.

Restaurant Owner Who Booted Sanders Says Pedophile Employees Too Triggered By WH Press Secretary

Thar be monsters amongst the staff, serving death. RED HEN, is a coven name ascribed to-usually a female-designated rape receptacle for orgies. It's why the building is painted red -red on a building, usually a door, is the SIGN that occupant or owner is a High Priestess.
Now you know why a lot of us cook at home or leave any place staffed by hate-filled minorties against anglos or hate-filled gays of all stripes or jihadis. No thanks. I like not being infected or poisoned. I've had that already.
the gay owners of Red Hen

After the story went viral, Sanders posted to Twitter: "Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen  in Lexington, VA (540) 464-4401  to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more (540) 464-4401 about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so"
People are already comparing the incident to the Christian bakery who was recently granted the right to refuse service to a gay couple over their religious beliefs. Liberals have suggested that conservatives have no right to have a problem with Sanders' ejection, while conservatives are noting that liberals who had been fighting against exclusionary business practices are suddenly OK with Sanders being excluded.
Pink pussy hat leftist lesbian

Either way, the Red Hen now gets to deal with the fallout over a few PEDO offended employees who couldn't put their personal feelings aside to do their job. Fine.


Instead of being honored that her small (26 seat) eatery was chosen by a prestigious and famous woman, Wilkinson instead showed that hypocrisy is in the liberal DNA when it comes to all of that hogwash about being the champions of women.

The Red Hen’s future is now in limbo.

There will be a big spike in business for a while as liberals flock to the joint like they were making the holy pilgrimage to Mecca but that will soon enough die off when the circus moves on to the next outrage.

It’s hard to see how a restaurant that features a $28 pork chop, $12 cheese and crackers and a $9 house salad is destined for long-term success after making it clear that a substantial chunk of the customer base that can afford to eat the overpriced grub has been told that their money isn’t wanted.

And the insanity just goes on…
The restaurant "The Red Hen"  owner Stephanie Wilkinson
This is the restaurant that booted Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
For me I am going to stop in and eat a very expensive meal then 3/4 of the way through I am going to pop on a MAGA hat.  If they ask me to take it off or leave I'll say ok but I have not been allowed to finish my meal so I won't be paying.

Will be bankrupt within a year. Fag restaurants with diseased employees breathing micro particles of foulness onto your food? NO THANK YOU.
Gays are demon possessed and the enemies of America. They love to dress up in Nazi outfits with their dicks and asses out in a CAGE above a Cathedral on Folsom St in San Francisco humping each other's anal wart infested butts. They HATE freedom which is why they LOVE bondage. Bondage is the territory of SATURN/SATAN.  They only want freedom to destroy and pervert Gods creation.

The Big Push Of the Millennial Generation is to place the most freakish gays and lesbians in everyone's face, especially K-12 schools, to crush family identity, confuse children, and GUILT ATTACK anyone who doesn't enjoy huge black dildos up their asses and vaginas, as these satanic abominations do. It's the big agenda driven push by the covens of the west, which is why no matter where you go, there they are, in public, at every possible retail position, shoving their freakish fascism in your face. Except in Black neighborhoods. That's the one place these cowards won't pull this shit, because they know they'd be killed on day one.

Good she was kicked out because they would have put their body fluids into her food. Remember the gay guy that attacked the drive thru Chick Filet girl, he is now unemployed broke and on food stamps. The same fate awaits these waiters/business/owner.

I worked in a restaurant in the 70s with gay bartender who tried to get me to hit on an 18 yr old very cute white busboy so he could hear about how he was in bed. Sickos with an affinity for underage people. What these freaks get up to would shock all these gay loving idiots who bought into this whole tolerance bullshit.

And heaven help you if they find out you, the customer, is a Christian. Consider your food order tainted, at the very least, and you will have nothing but trouble from that business from then on.

Chinese Mayor who took down the Kate Steinle memorial after her killer was acquitted. Well, his campaign manager was turned in for talking about sex with boys under 8 yrs old online with another queer. He was taking photos of peoples children in public in that age range, computer loaded with child porn. Got home detention only.  Chinese mayor dropped dead in Safeway while shopping 14 days after he took he down Kate memorial. ........................Somethin's happenin' here...................

Gays get the promotions, the living wage jobs, and they seem to spend all their time in every conceivable public setting just to be demonstrative about how disgusting they can be with their same sex whatevers. The sicker the freak, the more visible it is placed in public. Small town, big city, doesn't matter. Here come the satanists, pushing their freaks into the public eye and just daring you to stare at them, say something, or do something. Then all hell breaks loose and you end up as the lead story in every MSM outlet on Earth.

The guy who was the father of gay domestic partnership was on Yahoo groups as a pedophile saying "Lets rape black boys on MLK Day." He was the head of human rights commission and a day was named after him as a gay icon, in spite of his many arrests for child rape.

Serial killer in the 70s had gays as victims with pentagrams carved into their backs after having sex with them. Google gay serial killers the list will blow your mind.

Trust me I grew up in San Francisco, they are the worst people in the world. And I don't give a crap if you homo supporting people here with gay kids down vote me, it's the TRUTH.

God has been warning of the consequences since the Days of Noah. See how history repeats...we haven't long to wait before the hammer falls, so to speak. (Quite correct. It's not about being gay, its the demonic within that's the problem. DB)
Transgender is not gay. It's not even a real thing; it's a concocted term to 'rebrand' gender dysphoria, a mental illness. It's just the latest Marxist bullshit designed to collapse Western Civilization so those parasitic shitstains can rule over us all. FUCK THEM.

I can already see making mass reservations and no show, just to block access for fag loving lefturds. Be sure to let them know you are GAY and SUPPORTIVE of them, so they will believe your reservation is real. It's what fags do to christian businesses daily, they even have lists of christian businesses to be harassed in just such a fashion.
(540) 464-4401
Businesses that put or front the most freakish of drag queens or dykes to their customers reveal what they really are. Satanist controlled and owned. Avoid them. Boycott them. It's why Starbucks always seem to have gays and lesbians as baristas. It's to condition us.

Repetition is conditioning.

Remember there are more normal, than abnormal, no matter how much they try to spin the visible or facts. It's why you see freaks everywhere, mainly at the cash register or around customers, to push their "this is normal, always been this way" agenda onto our world. Any business that does this just PROVES the owner or manager is a satanist. And every time. (Correct. DB)
Why would you want a bunch of Hershey highway faggots making your dinner?

One slip of the knife and any one of those STD infected maggots could be delivering a plateful of HIV or Hepatitis A-F to your very table.

Sara is very lucky she left. The ass fisting homo's could have spit in her food and served her a poisoned dish. Count on it. It's the same with what certain minorities do to cops and white people, when they have to serve them. Your food is tainted with spit and whatever they find on the floor.
Interesting to note the libtards thought process. Asking a baker to bake a cake endorsing gay marriage is something they should be forced to do. The logic was not on religious grounds but that they were discriminating against Homosexual perverts.  However in every instance the business was happy to sell them their wares, just not specifically produced to endorse an event that goes against their religion. Still every lower level government goon towed the line saying it wasn't about religion, but that they were Homosexual.

Now we come to the little Red Hen (540) 464-4401 and find yes that is the way the libtards think. If they identify you as the enemy, no soup for you. Either way it should follow the "We reserve the right to refuse service". But nooooo, only the libtards have that right, because they are so good. Talking heads are everywhere talking about evil Trump, but now they have gone a step further and are asking that Trump voters and supporters be portrayed as the evil ones. That's not going to work out so well, unless you are trying to start a civil war.
And exactly why should I give a damn about ppl with a psychological disorder that leads them into bizarre sexual practices? Why does the entire nation pander to these ppl? Granted, for many, I feel some compassion, it must be a nightmare trapped in that retarded choice pattern-programming. The self destructive effect is evident and permanent. But there is a very large number of these ppl, as noted above, for a lack of a better way to put it, so deranged, they are just purely darkened souls, that only cause a lot of trouble.

Never Forget! the luciferians (aka 'nephilim Ashkenazim') were and are at the forefront of promoting the homosexual agenda, which has branched out into incomprehensible bizarre directions.

Nothing good can come from capitulating to the dark spirits within these 'people'. But a lot of good can come from telling them the truth - they are sick, and need help. The last thing we should be doing is 'celebrating' the aberration. That is just completely insane.

As in the days of Noah? Ha! Today it's days of Noah on steroids.
Having a flashback to the end of the sixties and the seventies when the left wanted the military neutered and only a minority wanted to join the military.
Berkeley declared itself a Military Free Zone outlawing military recruiting within the city limits.
Now they WANT to join the military. Nay, they DEMAND that they be allowed into the military.
Why? A guess is because it fucks the military up.
Cloward-Piven, Alinsky.
Defining your being by how you prefer to get sexual pleasure by any means, other than heterosexual vaginal intercourse.
Defining who you are using a non-binary, non-existent gender type. (correct. It's all about corrupting EVERYTHING. Even when it exposes their hypocrisy. They are counting on people's short, stunted memory. DB)
I think Sarah should wise up and stop eating out.

Reality is, the left is about as tolerant as a mamma Grizzly Bear.

If you don't agree with them you're evil, and even saying hello to you is "normalizing" the opposition.  This is where extreme propaganda leads, to insane biases.  They hate you, and spitting in your food is the least you should expect from the "tolerant" left. These are seriously mentally disturbed fucktards, let's face it.

We're seeing the insanity of peak propaganda. We're also seeing who is most susceptible to being brainwashed! (the Jews have a strange god called baphomet who is androgynous meaning contains both sexes in one body. that is why they exalt trans people and queers as they in their twisted thinking think they are androgynous, the lowest form of life pretty sick I say)
LGBTTQQFAGPBDSMIIMUSLIME:  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, undergoing mind control into Queer, Flexual, Asexual, Genderfuck, Polyamourous, Bondage/Disciple, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism, Illegal Immigrant, Muslims (Jihadi). Plus a bunch of others, it's a whole list a page long and growing by the month. For short, just call them BAT SHIT CRAZY
 It's missing Boy and Girl, though so it might still be incomplete. You know those Old Soviet Bolsheviks had the market cornered on bat shit crazy. Now the CommProg* Liberal Demon-Marxists exhibit exactly the same degree bat shit craziness.
Once my GF wanted to try a new restaurant ... and after seeing the dykes in the tank tops flashing the armpit hair I just waited for one to come to our table and let her know I'm not gonna spend money in their rat shop if they don't even know how to properly dress.
Gave her the disgusted look, took my GF and went to my fav steak house.
Fudge packers are some of the most intolerant people, yet they demand tolerance and even acceptance of their deviant lifestyle from the normal people in society.
Oh well, live the way you want, but don't harass and annoy me with your intolerance for normal people.
 "Gays are some of the finest people I've ever known. Almost all have been honest, honorable, generous, and kind."

You're either being sarcastic, you're delusional or you don't know many.

Having the misfortune to be around many of them while working in San Francisco, most of ones I encountered were some of the most hateful, self-centered dregs on the planet who have little respect for themselves or others. Most of them in San Francisco are obnoxiously militant leftists and bat shit crazy.
Homosexuality is all about "ME".

 People obsessed with sex and their sexual identity are ultimately self absorbed. One of the positives of traditional marriage was family, CHILDREN, something more important than self. Not any more. I was repelled by the notion of gay marriage because it negated the real purpose of it, until I realized the reason gay marriage was tolerated is because marriage is already dead as an institution. Most divorce (children or not) for typically selfish reasons. How is a gay marriage or one to a goat any different? (Narcissism was Lucifer's problem. It's the same fault running through the whole ME ME METOO SELFY SHITE WORLD. DB)
Its very depressing seeing the female wreckage of the, "If it's too hard its not worth doing" philosophy with respect to marriage and family. The resultant shit is just impossible to fix.
There are, undoubtedly, decent homosexuals (and decent muslims) but until they are prepared to stand up and be counted and to demonstrate unequivocally which side they are on there is nothing to be done.

If they do not speak up it will be assumed that they stand with the fag extremists and the muzzie extremists.   I suspect they are the majority but they have got to speak up.
Trump was right. Gays should not be in the military and I don't say that to be hateful. Imagine a homosexual drill sergeant with god-like control over recruits and a powerful urge for some young tight. Nature will take its course. He'll single out the psychologically weak one and then offer to make basic training easy for just a half hour of the young man's time. I can guarantee you that having gays in positions of control over young men will lead to trouble. Just look at the huge percent of female soldiers who've been assaulted by both male and lesbian nco's. An effective fighting force requires discipline and confidence in the leadership. I think anyone who has served in the military and especially in combat understands my point clearly.

Also, no females in on-ground combat roles with men, there aren't anyways. they always are in the rear with the gear, barking orders at the men who have to carry the heavy 80 pound packs and weapons they could NEVER CARRY. But of course, they get the promotions, and take the bows for "protecting our country."
Sure, just like lesbian cops, you only protect your ego and paycheck.
Something is fishy, this is their big day Gay Pride Saturday. Story of two fags who got anally super glued together when mistaken for lube. Had their pics taken in the hospital. They want to normalize homo and later pedo so more, more stories. (big annual Gay Pride, ON A WITCHES SABBATH. No accident that. DB)
They want to normalize homo and later pedo so more, more stories
Anita Bryant's Florida Orange Juice gig was ended by Gay faux outrage when she said they'll all be asking for legal marriage in a few decades. She just exposed their true agenda. Next up mainstreaming NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) aka "The Pedophiles Union".
If it was up to me businesses would be forced to list the number of gays employed,  if pervs want to go to perv restaurants fine,  but normal people should have to option of avoiding diseases when possible as per my list.
I worked in a high profile restaurant my younger days. If an employee would have complained about serving any customer (and there were a boat load of assholes) out the back door he would go on the spot, and the dinner would have been comped.
These ingrate Democrats just can't shut it down.
The only reason her dump exists at this point is because overpaid DC libtards can't find anywhere else to waste $50 for a chicken dinner. 
Her tune will change real quick when the swamp drains a bit more and she's back to giving blowjobs in exchange for reservations, but who cares?  She'll still be a stupid businesswoman. (Wrong. Coven supported businesses never go out of business, unless they want to change the town's meme into something different. I've seen it over and over again in Santa Clarita and Ojai CA. DB)

Saturday, June 23, 2018

For Flynnpaws and Donna

Tink on duty, Mike chilling...

Mike, who patrols the entire hillside, has scars all over his body. 2 weeks ago, his legs were so badly mauled, you could see his bones and tendons. We load up his water bowls with colloidal silver, he never gets sick or any infection. FYI. He still has a bad limp. 2 years ago, half his face was ripped clean off, from a fox he stopped from coming in the yard. For such a small kitty, he has courage galore.

I asked Matt to take a few pics so I could share them with my friends.

Sleeps in the day, patrols at night, being what boys do.

The begging bowl

Caregiver took my picture as I awoke from surgery. Wow...still alive...

I'm loath to do it, but this whole slice up the dorkboy thingy has come in about near $6,000.00 more than planned.
Lambies love the Daily Dork

So, if'n y'all can spare whatever and send it either paypal ( or mail
Don Bradley
POB 1576
Oak View, CA 93022

Whatever, every little bit will help. My usual income thingy has been slashed by two thirds, and then this thing came. At the worst time. (As these things tend to do)

And I'm unable to do anything about for at least 4-6 weeks, because of the extensive landscaping they did to me.

Me and the boys would be very grateful.

Randy is doing much better, says hello.


I Don't Wanna Talk About NASA - Flat Earth Man

Soyboys and Lesbians run the FBI at the higher echelons. Here are a few Trump's traitors to the executive branch

EXCLUSIVE: This is the FBI agent who worked on Hillary Clinton probe, labeled Trump supporters 'retarded' and texted 'f**k Trump' to her colleague lover - seen for the first time since her identity was revealed after release of IG report

  • Sally Moyer, 44, was named as the FBI agent who traded anti-Trump texts that were seen in the 568-page inspector general report released last Friday
  • In exclusive pictures obtained by, Moyer was seen leaving her home. She declined to discuss the controversy
  • Moyer was identified only as 'Agent 5' in the report, but her name was released by Congressman Mark Meadows during a congressional hearing this week
  • At the time of the texts, she was on the 'filter team' for the Clinton probe - a small team that determined whether information could be used in the investigation 
  • Moyer exchange messages with Agent 1 who she was in a romantic relationship with at the time
  • She had four relationships at one time, 3 women, 1 man, for the mission comes first, all other rules come 2nd.
  • The two have since married, according the report
  • Moyer texted her lover, 'Screw you Trump,' and added that Hillary Clinton 'better win ... otherwise i'm gonna be walking around with both of my guns'  
  • Also pictured is Kevin Clinesmith, 36, identified as 'Attorney 2' in the IG report who was found to have sent similar messages
The FBI agent on the Hillary Clinton email investigation who traded anti-Trump texts with her FBI colleague lover is pictured here for the first time since her name was revealed by congress.
Sally Moyer, 44, who texted 'f**k Trump,' called President Trump's voters 'retarded' and vowed to quit 'on the spot' if he won the election, was seen leaving her home early Friday morning wearing a floral top and dark pants. 
She shook her head and declined to discuss the controversy with a reporter, and ducked quickly into her nearby car in the rain without an umbrella before driving off.
Moyer's texts and instant messages from her FBI devices were included in a 568-page inspector general report released last Friday, which said those messages and others 'raised concerns about potential bias in the Clinton investigation.' 
Moyer was identified only as 'Agent 5' in the report, but her name was released by Rep. Mark Meadows during a congressional hearing this week.
Moyer, an attorney and registered Democrat appears to have worked at the FBI since at least September of 2006. She previously worked for law firm Crowell & Moring. Moyer graduated from Allegheny College in 1996 with a degree in political science.
FBI agent Sally Moyer, 44, was spotted leaving her Washington D.C. home on Friday morning but declined to discuss the controversy
Sizing up a conquest, she's getting orders, not music, in those ear buds
FBI agent Sally Moyer, 44, was spotted leaving her Washington D.C. home on Friday morning but declined to discuss the controversy
Moyer was an agent working on the 'filter team' for the Clinton probe during which she sent anti-Trump messages to another colleague
Yuck..., 2 abortions and it shows on you honey
Moyer leaving her home
FBI loves nasty lesbians, sign up today
Moyer worked on the 'filter team' for the Hillary Clinton probe during which she sent anti-Trump messages to another colleague, to who she is now married
At the time of the texts, Moyer was on the 'filter team' for the Clinton probe – a small team of government officials that determines whether information obtained by the FBI is considered 'privileged' or if it can be used in the investigation.
Moyer exchanged most of the messages with another FBI agent who worked on the Clinton investigation, identified as 'Agent 1' in the report.
Moyer and Agent 1 were in a romantic relationship at the time, and the two have since married, according the report. Agent 1's name is being withheld.
The inspector general report said it found no 'documentary or testimonial evidence directly connecting the political views these employees expressed in their text messages and instant messages to the specific investigative decisions.'
However, the report said the messages 'cast a cloud over the FBI [Clinton] investigation and sowed doubt the FBI's work on, and its handling of, the [Clinton] investigation.'
'Moreover, the damage caused by their actions extends far beyond the scope of the Midyear investigation and goes to the heart of the FBI's reputation for neutral fact-finding and political independence,' said the report.
In the conversations, Moyer and Agent 1 discuss their support for Clinton and opposition to Trump as well as their frustration with the probe into whether Clinton improperly stored classified information on her private email server.
Agent 1 referred to the investigation as a 'waste of resources and time and focus' shortly after he was assigned to the case.
'Its just so obvious how pointless this exercise is. And everyone is so into it,' Agent 1 texted Moyer on Oct. 26, 2015.
Many of the texts directly referenced Trump and the election.
In a text message exchange with Agent 1 in August 2016, Moyer said anyone who enjoyed this job was 'an absolute f***ng idiot' 
In a text message exchange with Agent 1 in August 2016, Moyer said anyone who enjoyed this job was 'an absolute f***ng idiot' 
On Election Day 2016, Moyer vowed to quit 'on the spot' if Trump won the election
On Election Day 2016, Moyer vowed to quit 'on the spot' if Trump won the election
'I find anyone who enjoys [this job] an absolute f***ng idiot. If you dont [sic] think so, ask them one more question. Who are you voting for? I guarantee you it will be Donald Drumpf,' Agent 1 texted Moyer on Aug. 26, 2016.
'I forgot about drumpf,' responded Moyer, citing a popular running joke by TV host John Oliver that was intended to mock Trump's last name.
'[T]hat's so sad and pathetic if they want to vote for [Trump],' added Moyer. '[S]omeone who can't answer a question…someone who can't be professional for even a second.'
Moyer later complained about her co-workers, texting Agent 1 on September 9, 2016 that she 'would rather have brunch with trump and a bunch of his supporters like the ones in ohio that are retarded [sic]' than spend time with some of her colleagues.
On Election Day, Agent 1 texted Moyer, writing: 'You think HRC is gonna win right? You think we should get nails and some boards in case she doesn't.'
'[Hillary] better win,' replied Moyer. '[O]therwise I'm gonna be walking around with both my guns. And likely quitting on the spot.'
Agent 1 responded: 'You should know…that…I'm…with her,' a reference to Clinton's campaign slogan 'I'm with her.'
'Screw you trump,' wrote back Moyer. 'Go baby, go! Let's give [Clinton] Virginia!'
After Trump's election, Moyer complained in a text about having to be on call for the president's inauguration on December 6, 2016.
Moyer had said her personal political views had no impact on her work at the FBI or on the Clinton investigation
Sally Moyers...I am a witch an am with HER
Moyer had said her personal political views had no impact on her work at the FBI or on the Clinton investigation
Messages show Moyer (pictured on Thursday) labeled Trump's supporters in Ohio 'retarded,' and in a fit of pique over being asked to work on Inauguration Day, she added: 'F*** Trump'
what is it with these nasty lesbians?
Messages show Moyer (pictured on Thursday) labeled Trump's supporters in Ohio 'retarded,' and in a fit of pique over being asked to work on Inauguration Day, she added: 'F*** Trump'
'F**k you Trump,' she texted Agent 1.
Moyer also claimed she would turn down a presidential award for public service due to her disdain for Trump.
'I think now that trump is the president, i'd refuse it. it would be an insult to even be considered for it,' she wrote on February 9, 2017.
In addition, the inspector general report found that Agent 1 'sent numerous messages that referenced 'political' considerations in the context of the [Clinton] investigation.'
In one message, Agent 1 told a colleague that the investigation would probably be completed by March of 2016 because of the timing of the presidential election.
'Doesnt matter what we have, political winds will want to beat the [primary elections],' wrote Agent 1 to an unidentified FBI employee.
On May 6, 2016 Agent 1 texted Moyer: 'pretty bad news today...someone has breathed some political urgency into this [Clinton investigation].'
Although the messages were exchanged on government devices, Moyer told the inspector general that she considered her comments 'personal' and 'off the-cuff.'
She also said her personal political views had no impact on her work at the FBI or on the Clinton investigation.
'I can tell you in no way did my political or what I understand of [Agent 1], no political anything is going to interfere with us doing our job as professionals,' Moyer told the inspector general.
Kevin Clinesmith, 36, another FBI attorney who worked on the Clinton investigation, was found to have sent similar messages
declaring his Stalinist alliegience
Kevin Clinesmith, 36, another FBI attorney who worked on the Clinton investigation, was found to have sent similar messages
Clinesmith, who is divorced, told the New Columbia Heights website at the time that he grew up in a 'small farming town in rural Michigan' and moved to the Washington area in 2008.
smokecucker agents the norm now
Clinesmith, who is divorced, told the New Columbia Heights website at the time that he grew up in a 'small farming town in rural Michigan' and moved to the Washington area in 2008.
Clinesmith was identified as 'Attorney 2' in the inspector general report, but his name was released by Rep. Mark Meadows during a congressional hearing this week. He texted several colleagues bemoaning the 'destruction of the Republic'
Soyboy FBI phag, who dumped wife for boyfriend.
Clinesmith was identified as 'Attorney 2' in the inspector general report, but his name was released by Rep. Mark Meadows during a congressional hearing this week. He texted several colleagues bemoaning the 'destruction of the Republic'
'[I]n no way has it ever or would it ever affect the way I, I handle any investigation, any case, any professional work that I, that I put forward,' she said.
Agent 1 said the exchanges with Moyer were how he vented frustrations at the office and similarly said they did not influence his work on the investigation.
'I think this was primarily used as a personal conversation venting mode for me,' said Agent 1 in an interview with the inspector general.
Three other FBI official involved in the Clinton probe were also revealed to have sent anti-Trump and pro-Clinton texts on a government phone.
Two high-ranking FBI officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, were found late last year to have sent politically charged messages related to Trump and the Clinton email investigation. 
The two officials, who were having an extramarital affair and exchanged thousands of texts, also worked on Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump campaign officials.
In one of the messages, Page asked Strzok to reassure her that Trump wouldn't win the election.
'No he won't [win],' responded Strzok. 'We'll stop it.'
Page resigned from the Bureau in May and Strzok was reassigned. Strzok was reportedly escorted out of the FBI on Tuesday and has had his security clearance revoked.
Kevin Clinesmith, 36, another FBI attorney who worked on the Clinton investigation, was found to have sent similar messages. Clinesmith was identified as 'Attorney 2' in the inspector general report, but his name was released by Rep. Mark Meadows during a congressional hearing this week.
At the hearing, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz declined to confirm the identities of Moyer and Clinesmith. But Meadows said he decided to name them because neither works in a counterintelligence capacity.
Clinesmith, who attended Georgetown University Law Center, previously worked for the U.S. Department of Energy before joining the FBI.
In 2012, he ran for Advisory Neighborhood Commission in Columbia Heights, a northwest neighborhood in Washington, D.C., on a platform of supporting the local arts, installing more public trash bins to the area, and improving a local dog park.
Clinesmith, who is divorced, told the New Columbia Heights website at the time that he grew up in a 'small farming town in rural Michigan' and moved to the Washington area in 2008.
Clinesmith texted several colleagues bemoaning the 'destruction of the Republic' after FBI Director James Comey wrote a letter informing congress that the Clinton email investigation was being reopened days before the election on October 26, 2016.
Peter Strzok
The shooter who was planning KILL OPS against Trump. Why isn't this man in prison facing 20 felony charges?
Lisa Page
lesbians everywhere, pro hildebeast, who also will F agents that will work for the satanic left, right Lisa?
Lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page worked both on the Clinton email investigation and on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe; they commiserated in 2016 about Trump's rise to power but decided they could 'stop' him; Clinesmith and Moyer are separate, and were not a romantic couple
'As I have initiated the destruction of the republic.... Would you be so kind as to have a coffee with me this afternoon?' Clinesmith wrote to one co-worker.
'I'm clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark time of the Republic's destruction,' he told another.
After the election, Clinesmith also fretted in text messages that he could have done more to prevent Trump's victory. He texted an unnamed colleague that he believed the FBI's decision to reopen the Clinton probe 'broke the momentum' for Clinton.
'I am so stressed about what I could have done differently,' Clinesmith wrote to the unnamed FBI colleague, according to the inspector general report.
'It's just hard not to feel like the FBI caused some of this. It was razor thin in some states,' he added.
The Justice Department inspector general asked Clinesmith during an interview what actions he thought he could have taken to influence the election. Clinesmith said he would have tried to finish the investigation quicker.
'It was just kind of like a discussion on how I could have either moved the process along more quickly or more efficiently at a, at a more, at an earlier time, or whatnot,' he said.
Clinesmith also texted that he was 'numb' and 'just devastated' by Trump's election.
'I'm just devastated. I can't wait until I can leave today and just shut off the world for the next four days,' he wrote.
Republican Rep. Mark Meadows (pictured) dropped the names of Clinesmith and Moyer into his Capitol grilling of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Tuesday, saying they were 'Attorney 2' and 'Agent 5' referred to in Horowitz's recently released report
vicious bastard
Republican Rep. Mark Meadows (pictured) dropped the names of Clinesmith and Moyer into his Capitol grilling of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Tuesday, saying they were 'Attorney 2' and 'Agent 5' referred to in Horowitz's recently released report
'I honestly feel like there is going to be a lot more gun issues too, the crazies won finally. This is the tea party on steroids,' he added. 'And the GOP is going to be lost, they have to deal with an incumbent in 4 years. We have to fight this again. Also Pence is stupid.'
On November 22, 2016, a colleague texted Clinesmith to ask if he had changed his views on Trump.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Lesbian feminist Black Group Student Group Tells 'White Folks' To "Stop Calling The Cops" when "people of color" rob, rape, and kill them

Imagine you are the bank manager and five guys in ski masks with MAC-10s barge through the door. Would you call the cops right away or would you try to imagine their point of view, race, sexual orientation, or religious convictions?  Do you try to talk to them quietly and attempt to establish all the facts or do you act like a racist, xenophobic, homophobic pig and call the cops? Do the sensible thing, lay down and take it you white motherfuckers!

 Authored by Zachary Petrizzo via Campus Reform,
Marquette University student group is imploring “white folks and cracker motherfuckers” to “STOP CALLING THE COPS,” suggesting instead that students take matters into their own hands when they feel threatened. Like maybe crying, asking the perps to stop, or just laying down and taking it like a little bitch until they kill you.

In a post on its Facebook page addressed specifically to “white folks,” Marquette Empowerment offers “some handy steps to follow if you feel the urge” to call the police, attaching a poster listing five “alternatives to calling the police.”

The poster outlines the “steps to ask yourself before calling the police,” posing a series of questions to ask oneself before involving law enforcement in a given situation, starting with “Is this merely an inconvenience to me?”

If the answer is “no, I need to respond,” the flyer instructs individuals to consider whether they can “handle this on my own,” perhaps by trying “to talk-out [the matter] with the person.”
If talking things out isn’t a feasible option, the document says one should first consider whether there is a friend, neighbor, or someone else who could be called for help. In the event that professional assistance is required, it suggests pursuing “mediation to talk through what’s happening” or calling “an emergency response hotline.”

Only after all of those options have been exhausted, the guide says, should one contact the police - and even then it exhorts students to make sure they “understand how involving the police could impact me and the other person.”

The bottom of the poster contains a link to a resource guide put out by an organization called Showing Up For Racial Justice, DC.
be a victim, bitch. You are being rayciss if'n you call da cops on us.
Marquette Empowerment bills itself as the school’s “ONLY intersectional feminist organization for women, men, and nonbinary folks who strive to combat injustices concerning ALL PEOPLE,” explaining that it focuses on issues such as “misogyny, transphobia, heterosexism, slut-shaming, victim blaming, cissexism, classism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, ableism, racism, and any other form of bigotry.”

The group has also expressed pro-abortion sympathies, such as in a January tweet declaring that “Abortion is healthcare.”
“Iit is normal and okay to have an abortion. You can talk about it publicly if you want to,” the post adds, saying, “We support you. We stand with you. Kill the baby for Satan. We have a quota to keep up and stupid people like you believe anything we tell you anyways.”
Neither Marquette Empowerment nor university spokespersons immediately responded to Campus Reform’s requests for comment. This article will be updated if and when a response is received from either.

Billboard In Texas To Be Removed

When you're tired

and on the road

your mind will wander

in reflection of Job

Burma Shave
F you, shitlibs. You're not welcome anywhere decent people are.

But if it was an anti-Trump billboard, or threatened the president's children with rape and murder, five more just like would go up the same day and be pushed in the media as FREE SPEECH, so they would go up in other states. In fact, billboards like that are going up soon. In flyover states. you'll see.

Musk Shutters 'SolarCity Facilities' Across 9 States

 by Don Bradley

OF COURSE HE DOES THIS ON A WITCHES SABBATH OF SOLSTICE...OF COURSE. They love their little satanic fingerprints, for those in the network of the damned and those servants of Yeshua WITH EYES TO SEE.

Oohhhhh...look how it glows!

And like all the other Solar companies-so-called-that have been heavily invested in, only to do nothing, go nowhere, and create NOTHING, is now bankrupt, stealing billions of dollars of investor's and stock holder's money.

As every single "solar" company that has come and gone before it has done.

There is not a single, largely promoted solar "going green" company that was heavily pushed, taken public, invested in by retail, and then found out that it has done nothing, does nothing, is nothing in existence that is STILL ALIVE. They all die, within 8 years or less, of bilk, scam, and run creation.

Every. Single. One.

After fleecing the gullible left of their money. Which is the point, after all.

How many more of these big to dos of our NWO companies that are AGENDA 21 creations, are going to come, steal what little money is left that isn't controlled by big ANYTHING, only to watch it die, finding out afterward it was a paper creation, like the other A21 "big deals" that came before it?

The collectors, complete with prison on one side and DUMB on the other

How many?

All of them, of course. Because investors invest as they are advised. By satanic fund managers on a 2 and 20 schedule of stealing your banana, to toss onto Lucifer's pile.

You will always hear about some life-changing next level technology that has only one purpose. To Theranos the cash out of your wallet and into their coffers. And to make sure you bite, they get the latest Jobian window dressing, fill the board with a bunch of long timey fossils like George Bush or Kissinger, and make sure some Ashkenazim, pizza eating oi veys like Goldman or whomever to take it public. Give it a AAA rating by Moody's, and it's ready to steal, steal, steal, (read pump, pump, pump) and take every single dollar they can convince you to part with. They'll even build one out in the desert, put it on the road to Vegas, to ensure that millions of people a year see how much this new tech is changing the world forever. Unless you dig a little and find that the site actually only produces less than 1% of its claimed energy production goals and all it really does, is glow in the daytime to razzle dazzle the stupid. I saw it.

I knew what I was looking at the moment I laid eyes on it. Two DUMBS, a PRISON, and This SolarCity nightmare all at the exact same spot. And why there? Because the I15 road is there and because the traffic from California for the suckers to give over their money and soul to the darkest sin pit in the western hemisphere is there, also. No accident on any of this.

It's all by design. Corrupt your soul, take your cash, bankrupt your marriage and family.

Seeing it now?

No? Then you never will, because you refuse to critically think through the razzle, the pop and whistle show, that Vegas and Hollywood use to sell you the lies of Lucifer, calling them "dreams in the desert."

It's more like a nightmare, friends. A nightmare.

Razzle dazzle, pop and whistle, hey!  It's a 1910, Dr. Fleecum carney scam.


No one could see this coming. Including every bagholder (myself included) shareholder from SunEdison
solar development is bullshit. You own an asset that doesn’t get paid for in 15 years yet you have 7 year debt. Your only hope is to refinance three times. It’s a shell game
Exactly. And good luck if your solar panels last 15 years. I know, a neighbor bought 20 of them for $27K. He said they have a 20-year warranty. Will that company still be extant in 20 years? The one certainty is his roof isn't going to last another 20 years and replacing the roof is going to cost double, due to needing two roofing crews: the solar crew to remove and reinstall the solar panels and the asphalt roofing crew to tear off and install the new roof. Oh goody! Instead of costing $10K for that roof it will cost $20K!!
By that time his house will be under water and with the HELOC and primary mortgage he will be screwed. Unable to sell the house, unable to refi, unable to do anything but laugh about needing a new roof and not having $20K to pay for it. I plan on being on the road by that time and he will also have to deal with my rental tenants. No pets allowed, lucky for him.
I put my solar panels on a ground mount system out in the yard, a few feet off the ground still easy to clean once a month or so, and after 3 years working like new without any problems. Nice to get a net 0 PG&E bill.  Will be paid off in about 7 years at this rate. No lib global warming shit here, just want free power instead of paying a ripoff utility company.
Mine are mounted on top of my garage which has a corrugated iron roof so it's a simple bolt on bolt off job. I also have a solar hot water system in conjunction with em.
Like you I couldn't give a fuck about all this global warming scam - I just wanted to be off the system and the fact that I haven't paid an electric bill in almost 3 years is just a bonus - not my prime driving factor. I also have 2 10,000 gallon water tanks so drink rain water every day instead of the crap that comes out of the pipes.
Life is good since I gave up the 9-5 spiel.
The whole business model is a scam.  Really, you're going to utilize MY roof in order to generate money for you company?
Beware of anything that comes for "free" or that you're "leasing".
I've heard of people actually having to PAY THEM for generating TOO MUCH energy. 

"New Tesla cars around SoCal have a "ZERO emissions" paper plate in the frame. "
Do they know that nearly half of our electricity comes from burning coal?

Why isn’t this guy being investigated or up on charges already. This 3 cardmonti he's been playing must be getting close. I mean, when you lie, as a primary shareholder, BOD Member to merge two sinkholes and gloss over the obvious issues the SEC should be all over this. Prediction: this guys goes down in flames like that bitch over at Theranos after all the blatantly illegal shtt she did. I mean, a fool and their money are lucky enough to get together in the 1st place but this is Govt & privately (FED) funded criminal activity! We are not even close to living in a country that’s run by the rule of law! Because he was selected by the CIA for this work, as they all are by the time they are 16. DB