Friday, April 10, 2020

April 10 2020

This is why any proclaimed vaccine by the CDC will be an outright in our face, LIE

whenever I see brit police officers, it takes like 7 of them to arrest one guy-usually from Africa- and there are always at least 2 female officers just standing around trying to look like they matter. And the women are the one with the stripes and the rank, not the men. How does that happen?

They are NOT in charge of the health of the USA. They are a front company whose job it is to shill the governments via the UN to get their poisons in the world. They are mass murdering serial killers.

— 4.5 billion people under lockdown —
— 214 countries and territories infected —
— 5.3x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —
— 62 vaccines and 244 treatments announced —
— 3,242 strains have been sequenced —

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Most "comorbidities" are just diabetes and hypertension

Blacks are 30% in Chicago but 72% of the deaths

Coronavirus is now 1st cause of death in the US

NHS officials say Muslims are hardest hit in the UK

Blacks are 32% in Louisiana but 70% of the deaths

Virus can travel 8 meters, stay in air for hours, says MIT

High cytokine in blood of critical patients

25 year old nurse dies in Iran

Under 2 year old in Morocco dies of coronavirus

16 year old without health conditions dies in France

China province outbreak 52 times worse than admitted

China tells local authorities to stop reporting cases

Biggest slums in Brazil see first coronavirus deaths

NYC official says deaths at home have multiplied by 10

Engineered SARS-related bat coronavirus caused polemic over risks

They are NOT in charge of the health of the USA. They are a front company whose job it is to shill the governments via the UN to get their poisons in the world. They are mass murdering serial killers.

One of Jfk's enemies...

Thursday, April 9, 2020

April 9 2020

Passover 2020 
Unleavened Bread understanding 
In India, if they catch you outside or without a mask, they cane you on the spot with 1 inch thick, 6 foot long oak sticks. They mean business over there.


— 4.3 billion people under lockdown —
— 213 countries and territories infected —
— 5.0x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —
— 62 vaccines and 244 treatments announced —
— 3,154 strains have been sequenced —

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People with mild symptoms might not be immune

Japan to declare state of emergency

Courts determine Spain omits deaths, real toll 3 times higher

Low antibody levels raise questions about reinfection risk

Another city in China is placed on lockdown

28 year old doctor dies in Spain, no previous conditions

26 year old in Brazil dies without previous conditions

HIV-like mutation made it 1000 times more infectious than SARS

Virus travels 4.5 meters, stays in air 30 minutes

17 year old athlete in the US dies from COVID

China figures don't add up, likely simulated

Ecuador hands out 2,0000 cardboard emergency coffins

Beijing scientists: virus "probably" originated from Wuhan biolab. (It originated in their evil vaccines they made the whole country take in December.)

"Flu deaths" include all pneumonia deaths, virus rarely confirmed

Biggest slums in India report first COVID casualties

China Exposed - Undercover footage [2020]

Our Spiritual World: Passover message...the upcoming

Our Spiritual World: Passover message...the upcoming: Passover 2020 Jeremiah 29:17 17 Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Behold, I will send upon them the sword, the famine, and the ...


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Jim Staley - Passover - Best Teaching on the matter


April 8 2020

Hundreds of thousands of paper funeral urns being sold to citizens in Wuhan, every week. I guess those low numbers from Chicom Land are...bullshite?

Mass Burials in New York begin. No names, no notice, just like the other countries. This is Hart Island. And the land has already been graded for tens of thousands of bodies. And you can see, they are already piling them in 10 feet deep, 12 feet wide, by 300 feet in length. Drones see it all.

Reusable coffins for the daily dead in Ecuador. After rites, bodies are dumped into mass graves.

Sweden using ice rinks and shipping containers as morgues overflow due to Covid-19 deaths

Swedish authorities are resorting to refrigerated shipping containers, ice rinks and canteen fridges to store the nation’s dead as the Covid-19 death toll rises and burials are postponed across the country.
Long weekends such as the Easter Holidays can cause a backlog but this has been exacerbated by the coronavirus epidemic and ensuing deaths and backlog at cemeteries, many of which are closed as a precautionary measure. 
In both Gothenburg and Stockholm, hospitals have resorted to renting out ice rinks and refrigerated containers for use as temporary cold storage for the deceased, while Karolinska University Hospital in Solna has resorted to using a cold storage room for food as a temporary morgue. 
“The big bottleneck is that our mortuary is not properly dimensioned for such a large city that we are in. It is then important for relatives to arrange the funerals so that the deceased become coffin-bound and thus can be handled by the cemetery administration,” Gothenburg funeral director Katarina Evenseth told Swedish Radio
She added that the ice rink "will work great" as the "coffins placed on the hockey rink" due to the dearth of business amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis. 
Meanwhile, Claes Ruth of Karolinska University Laboratory said the situation was "strained" as the "inflow of bodies is greater than the outflow," a situation which, rather grimly, applies to "all hospitals" in the country.
Stockholm's Danderyds hospital has seen a five-fold increase in the number of bodies sent to the morgue while Karolinska's body count has risen by a factor of eight, to between 100 and 150 bodies.

Sweden opted to forego a total lockdown, imposing only minor restrictions on public life and movement. It has seen more cases than its Scandinavian counterparts Norway, 6,086 with 89 deaths, and Denmark 5,266 with 203 deaths. 
However, even authorities in the Finnish capital Helsinki have taken similar extreme measures, renting out refrigerated shipping containers, despite Finland having far fewer coronavirus deaths than its neighbors. 
In yet more worrying news, some 50 employees from the thoracic surgery department at Linkoping University Hospital were tested for coronavirus, half of whom tested positive for the infection. Some experienced mild symptoms such as headaches or sore throat, but the remainder were completely asymptomatic. They have since been sent home, but concerns are growing about the number of patients with whom the infected staff had contact.
Hiding the fact that the dead and dying in America are Chicoms. Race is more important that truth or dealing with the plague

Three In Four Americans Have Self-Isolated In Their Household: Gallup

Authored by Justin McCarthy of Gallup,
Three in four Americans say they have completely (28%) or mostly (47%) isolated themselves from people outside their household.
The percentage who are self-isolating rapidly increased between March 16 and 26, but has shown only modest change since then.

These results are from a probability-based Gallup Panel survey, conducted online April 3-5. Currently, 16% say they are partially isolated, while 6% have isolated a little. Few Americans (3%) say they have not made any attempt to isolate themselves at all.

In the initial Gallup Panel survey, conducted March 16-19, Americans were about equally likely to report being isolated versus not isolated. The percentage who reported self-isolating increased to 64% in the week that followed, reaching 69% one week later.

Gallup found some differences by subgroup:
  • The more dense the area where a person lives, the more likely they are to self-isolate. Residents of urban areas (84%) are more likely than those living in suburbs (79%) and rural areas (67%) to say they are completely or mostly isolated from people outside their home.
  • Among political party identification groups, Democrats (84%) are most likely to report being completely or mostly isolated. Most independents (73%) and Republicans (66%) have isolated themselves to the same degree.
  • Americans who are not currently working (84%) are more likely to report isolation than those who are currently working (69%).

Let's Make This Simple: Zoom Is Malware

 submitted by Mark Jeftovic, founder of EasyDNS

We've covered Zoom in these pages before.  Back in #AxisOfEasy 104 it turned out that the Zoom installer was installing mini-web servers on your computer, and it wasn't even taking them off when you uninstalled Zoom, leaving your device open to all manner of vulnerability.  It took Apple acting on its own to push out an unscheduled update to fix Zoom's problem before they got to it.

Last week we outlined how Zoom was sending telemetry data about you to Facebook, even if you don't have a Facebook account.

In the intervening week, all sorts of data points and news items came out about the (lack of) privacy issues with Zoom:
  • On April 1st, a (former NSA) hacker released two new Zoom 0-days that enable a hacker with local access to a Zoom session to take over the software to install malware.
  • The next day Krebs on Security reported on the fast spreading "Zoom Bombing" phenomenon where pranksters and miscreants were war dialing Zoom rooms, looking for ones without password protections and crashing the meetings, hurling insults and profanities at the participants.
  • It gets worse, turns out Zoom Bombing is a thing now, so the perpetrators are recording videos of their antics and releasing them on Tik Tok and who knows where else.
  • On the very next day (the cat came back....) it emerged that because of the naming scheme Zoom uses to create the files of video recordings participants make of their sessions, those records were easy to find and access on the web.  
  • Toronto's Citizen Lab reverse engineered the Zoom client and found that they had "rolled their own encryption scheme" and that it's pretty lousy encryption. Their report is here.
  • Arvind Narayanan, a professor of Computer Science at Princeton distilled it down thusly, "Let's make this simple: Zoom is Malware"
All of which has culminated in at least two US states Attorney Generals (so far) launching investigations into Zoom's privacy protections (or lack thereof).


Largest super moon of 2020 rises on a world battling COVID-19

— 4.3 billion people under lockdown —
— 213 countries and territories infected —
— 4.5x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —

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UK is under counting deaths, according to official data

51 patients in South Korea reinfected after "recovery"

Courts determine Spain omits deaths, real toll 3 times higher

Low antibody levels raise questions about reinfection risk

Another city in China is placed on lockdown

16 year old without health conditions dies in France

New symptoms: loss of smell and taste

70% of 600 contacts without symptoms test positive

12% of deaths in Italy had no previous conditions

17 year old in the US dies from infection, no previous conditions

Ecuador is dumping, burning bodies in the streets

Mayor in Italy says death toll 4 times higher than detected

21 million fewer cellphone users in China

Nurses refused testing by CDC

Lots of these reports and pics. Ending quarantine doesn't turn off plague

China Forces Italy To Buy Back PPE It 'Donated'

China has distributed nearly 4 billion masks to foreign countries as it ramps up production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a move to restore its image as a global leader focused on humanitarian relief amid the COVID-19 pandemic that originated in its country and spread across the world. 
However, The Spectator provides a new account of how China's latest diplomacy has turned out to be an absolute 'disaster,' in the latest example with Italy and other European countries. 
China told the world that it would donate tons of PPE to Italy to slow the virus outbreak. Reports now indicate that China actually charged Italy for PPE, instead of donating. It also turns out the PPE China sent over was the same equipment that Italy donated to China earlier in the year. What a mess... 

"Before the virus hit Europe, Italy sent tons of PPE to China to help China protect its own population. China then has sent Italian PPE back to Italy -- some of it, not even all of it ... and charged them for it," a senior Trump administration official told The Spectator.

Since March 1, China has exported 3.86 billion masks, 37.5 million pieces of PPE, 16,000 ventilators, and 2.84 million test kits across the globe, according to the New York Post

We gave you broken stuff, now pay us to take them back

Many countries who have received masks and other medical equipment from China have complained about the quality does not meet medical standards. China has apologized for quality issues and blamed its defective equipment on others.
Last week, we noted that the Netherlands was forced to recall 1.3 million face masks produced in China because they did not meet safety standards.
In Spain, the Ministry of Health on March 26 revealed that 640,000 COVID-19 tests that it had purchased from China were defective.
On March 28, the French government, which has several weeks of medical supplies left, announced it had ordered one billion face masks from China. It remains to be seen if the masks will be defective 
"It's so disingenuous for Chinese officials now to say we are the ones who are helping the Italians or we are the ones who are helping the developing world when, in fact, they are the ones who infected all of us," the senior administration official said.

 "Of course, they should be helping. They have a special responsibility to help because they are the ones who began the spread of the coronavirus and did not give the information required to the rest of the world to plan accordingly."
The official also said China's disinformation campaign to downplay the severity of the virus delayed the administration's response to prepare the country for an outbreak by at least a month.

"The disinformation that China has put out is crippling responses around the world... We're operating on some level with a hand-tied behind our back." 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Deadly messenger...

Sending a deadly message, to the Daily Messenger.

This was in one of my ugg boots I wear in the house when I returned home from the store. It snapped at me, and hooked onto the leather gloves I was wearing at the time. Close call indeed.

The red-headed krait (Bungarus flaviceps), is a large venomous elapid snake with dramatic coloration. The red-headed krait can grow to a length of up to 2.1 metres (7 ft). It lives in lowland rain forest, including those on islands, but it is considered uncommon. It feeds primarily on specific snakes, probably semiaquatic and fossorial snakes. In Southeast Asia, the red-headed krait occurs in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia (Sumatra), with a subspecies in Borneo. The venom potency is little-studied, as bites from this species are extremely rare. 
The guy was young, about two feet long, and more deadly than the adult version, as they keep pumping venom in you until they drain dry. How this little viper, from Thailand, took home in my house booties in the 20 minutes I was gone to get Passover stuff. Well, it just doesn't happen.

He's in the yard now, somewhere, in the pouring rain. 


I just got put through the chat ringer with someone trying to doubt attack me for 30 minutes on how this couldn't possibly be a Krait. I already did that to myself. I looked at dozens of similar snakes, but none of them had ALL OF THE FEATURES this little monster had. You hear me Nater?

I know what attacked me, I know what I saw. Grabbing a camera was the last thing on my mind at the time. Only a few minutes later did I wish I had the thing handy. But that's the way it is...the proof is either not in hand, or you think of it later. Sorry, I don't have a witness.

Maybe I'll get lucky, it will show itself in the yard, and I'll get the pictures before it gets me.

It's still out there, in the rain. Hope it leaves the cats alone.

April 7 2020

Chile vs Peru Martial Law

Mass graves Iran

Mass graves Brazil

Mass Graves in Sao Palo, one of 14 sites. Yet Brazil claims there is no plague there, no plague victims, nor plague deaths. All governments lie. 

I've no idea what Brazil is claiming anymore, because information from there has been mostly shut down by their secret police, like China. My source has gone silent for nearly two weeks now.

Proof my source from Brazil was telling the truth a month ago. Sometimes, physical verification takes time. But, it does happen. If Dad says a thing is legit, it's legit.


We have the plague in our little valley, they are now reporting cases in town and one has already passed away. No details. There never are.
I'm finally seeing people with the gear on, about 80% now. The very people that laughed at me in stores 2 months ago, are now all geared up.  No more laughter. And yet I still see people hanging out in parking lots in groups, no gear, like it ain't no thing. For them, maybe. But tempting Providence is never a good idea, as they say.

Navy Secretary Apologizes For Calling Carrier Captain "Too Stupid" As 230 Sailors Now Infected

CNN says Wearing A Face-Mask In Public Is Racist. And the CIA leftists are still playing the race card, every chance they get.

 Almost Half Of Small Businesses Will Close If They Cannot Re-Open Soon

Trump Slams WHO For Kowtowing To Beijing, Hints US Will Take "A Good Look" At Funding (about time you busted these serial killers Mister President...we've been waiting.)

When you dig into who these people really are, they're the serial killers for the NWO.


— 4.3 billion people under lockdown —
— 213 countries and territories infected —
— 4.4x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —
— 62 vaccines and 244 treatments announced —
— 2,898 strains have been sequenced —

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There is now evidence for SARS-CoV-2 reactivation, scientists say

UK is undercounting deaths, according to official data

Courts determine Spain omits deaths, real toll 3 times higher

Sky News reports virus might have escaped Chinese lab [Embed]

Japan to declare state of emergency

Treatment with HIV drugs ends in failure in controlled study

48% of cases originate from pre-symptomatic transmission

Patients infectious after "recovery"

Young cases end up hospitalized too, it just takes longer

27 year old in Britain dies without previous conditions

Iran coronavirus burial pits the size of football fields

Test kits in the U.S and 30 countries are flawed

Biggest slums in India report first COVID casualties

Biggest slums in Brazil see first coronavirus deaths (explain the mass graves by the tens of thousands?????)

Over half of China shuts down: 80% of GDP, 90% of exports

Monday, April 6, 2020

The Great Government Gold Heist Of 1933

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the great government gold heist of 1933 ordered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On April 5, 1933, the president signed Executive Order 6102. It was touted as a measure to stop gold hoarding, but it was in reality, a massive gold confiscation scheme. The order required private citizens, partnerships, associations and corporations to turn in all but small amounts of gold to the Federal Reserve in exchange for $20.67 per ounce.
The executive order was one of several steps Roosevelt took toward ending the gold standard in the US.
With the dollar tied to gold, the Federal Reserve found it difficult to increase the money supply during the Great Depression. It couldn’t simply fire up the printing press as it can today. The Federal Reserve Act required all notes have 40% gold backing. But the Fed was low on gold and up against the limit. By stealing gold from the public, the Fed was able to boost its gold holdings.
EO 6102 followed on the heels of an order Roosevelt issued just weeks before prohibiting banks from paying out or exporting gold. Just two months after the enactment of EO 6102, the US effectively went off the gold standard when Congress enacted a joint resolution erasing the right of creditors to demand payment in gold.  Then, in 1934, the government’s fixed price for gold was increased to $35 per ounce. This effectively increased the value of gold on the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet by 69%. By increasing its gold stores through the confiscation of private gold holdings, and declaring a higher exchange rate, the Fed could circulate more notes. In effect, the hoarding of gold by the government allowed it to inflate the money supply.
President Richard Nixon put the final nail in the coffin when he slammed the “gold window” shut in 1971, severing the last ties the dollar had to gold. Nixon uncoupled gold from its fixed $35 price and suspended the convertibility of dollars into gold by foreign governments and central banks.
Today, the Fed doesn’t have to worry about backing its notes with gold. It can increase the money supply with no restraints at all, thanks to the efforts of Roosevelt and Nixon.
When he announced the closing of the gold window, Nixon said, “Let me lay to rest the bugaboo of what is called devaluation,” and promised, “your dollar will be worth just as much as it is today.”
This was a lie.
According to the Consumer Price Index data released by the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the dollar has lost more than 80% of its value since Nixon’s fateful decision. Meanwhile, the dollar value of gold has gone from $35 an ounce to over $1,500.
As Peter Schiff points out in his Classic Gold Scams report, despite hefty fines and long prison terms, the government did little to enforce Roosevelt’s so-called confiscation order.
Even in the heat of Roosevelt’s confiscation scheme, government troops did not break into people’s homes...
Ironically, all the gold actually collected by the Treasury was willfully surrendered in a wave of misguided patriotism, while many ‘law-breakers’ simply kept their gold.”
As Tom Woods explained in an article on the subject, Americans generally went along with the scheme because “the paper currency they were receiving in exchange for the gold had always been redeemable in gold in the past, so few saw anything amiss in this coerced transaction, and most trusted the government’s assurances that this was somehow necessary in order to combat the Depression.”

That’s an important point to keep in mind when coin dealers try to convince you that only their gold coins will remain safe in the next wave of confiscation. Fears of confiscation in today’s world are blown far out of proportion and should not dissuade you from protecting your wealth with highly liquid gold and silver coins.