Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Russia Bars All Chinese today.

Take your plague and keep it over there. We'd rather not have 70% of our countrymen dead because of political correctness by brain dead idiots. And frankly, WHY DO YOU ALL OF A SUDDEN NEED TO COME HERE? Our form of communism is soft, not fascist like yours.

We know the truth. China is dying. The rest of the world is hiding that fact. We happen to love our countrymen, unlike the Americans and the Chinese.

Cross our border and you will get gunned down, not quarantined or evicted. We don't even want you near our border. 
Why can't Trump be like Putin? 

President Trump wanted to secure the border, and implement extreme vetting, but the establishment Democrats and the establishment Republicans fought him tooth and nail. 
So, we still have a wide open border.
From the article:
Anyway, now that hundreds of passengers were locked up in that ship for almost two weeks for nothing with the US rushing to break quarantine without waiting to verify the initial "all clear" test, officials from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine confirmed that they are assessing 13 adults at their quarantine and bio-containment facility in Omaha.
“Late last night at about 2 or 3 a.m., we were asked to bring some individuals here who had either tested positive or had a high likelihood of testing positive because of symptoms they were exhibiting,” said Dr. Chris Kratochvil, the executive director at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Global Center for Health Security.
Are we to believe that the experts on Corona Virus and the facility to best treat it are located in the middle of flyover country?
The "experts" in everything, especially everything medical, always seem to be located on either the east coast or the west coast of the United States of America, with a few possible exceptions, such as the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.
Are there no similar containment facilities in California?
Why did they fly these, "individuals here who had either tested positive or had a high likelihood of testing positive [for the COVID-19 virus] because of symptoms they were exhibiting," another 2,000 miles to the center of the country.

Why do we have the satanic left setting our health standards and protection, even though my videos are NOW EVERYWHERE. i SEE many channels with my vids on them. Great. Spread them around, please. We ARE SAVING LIVES, DAMMIT.

Unlike the satanic CIA leftists, who quite apparently, want us all dead. I pray, Dad, those that seek to lay waste to the holy, good, and true, bring this plague UPON THEM FIRST. I PRAY YOU. The MSM is still saying this is just a garden variety flu. I won't shed a tear over any of their corpses, as I've done for all those millions of Chinese. You satanists have this coming.

This judgement will seek you out and finish you bastards.

Moscow is deploying 15000 men to man its Chinese borders to prevent the plague from coming into Russia. Bravo! Now that's a quarantine!

So, is it not obvious to everyone that the slow infiltration of Chinese over the years into the American universities is no less than a secret surprise attack in the making?

And, are people so stupid as to not realize that sooner or later, they, and the 50-60 million COMMUNIST illegal aliens are going to take off their masks and go full on into the attack mode in the coming surprise attack from, WITHIN?

IT IS PAST TIME TO KICK OUT ALL CHINESE FROM AMERICA THAT ARE ONLY HERE TO DESTROY HER. Russia would and did. They will survive this plague. We will not. We, like CHina, will pretend it isn't happening until the bodies pile up so badly, martial law will be invoked and then ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.

  • The black communities will go INSANE. As they do in Africa, whenever someone tries to quarantine them. And very violently so. They will leave their streets and domiciles and head into more affluent areas to TAKE WHAT THEY WANT. At gunpoint. THis is a fact. I was caught up in the Rodney King riots. The flew out of their neighborhoods, and burned, looted, shot, and beat anyone who wasn't black. By the grace of Dad, my computer store and my family were spared.

  • Every cop will have to kill a dozen people a day, to maintain order, sending many over the edge - the ones with souls who didn't become satanists to get a promotion.
  •  Stores, gas, the works all go away. Barter and neighborhood become real, for once. Except in mine. My neighborhood is coven, satanists. During the Thomas fire, they worked together and shunned me, my sons, and the folks I rescued and gave shelter. Hate runs deep with the dark side. These are very hate filled and mean people. They always ask my sons to carry stuff for them, help them, but in 7 years, have never returned the favor once, other to throw trash in our driveway.
  •  During the Mexican pig influenza pandemic in 2009, the health authorities stopped the virus spread by flooding clinics with colloidal silver.
  • The second wave of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was much deadlier than the first. The first wave had resembled typical flu epidemics; those most at risk were the sick and elderly, while younger, healthier people recovered easily. By August, when the second wave began in France, Sierra Leone, and the United States, the virus had mutated to a much deadlier form.



There was a time that was fought for and many died for when the Pride of being an American would never, ever tolerate for even one second the disastrous actions of treachery and traitor-ism against those who were proud and honored to be, American. Because these two twins of evil have been ALLOWED to fester and pus, the well known country of America is fast allowing itself to die, and there seems to be no more Pride in America. Truly, you lie with dogs, you wake with fleas. Fleas that will eventually kill you all. Wake up, or die. Quite simple, really.

Lets speak to healing.:

Well, lots to consider. One thing comes to the fore as far as what to do about trying to fight this onslaught of flu, and strange suspicious viruses that come down in CHEMTRAILS. Among the many big pharma profit maker vaccines is another technology that is available in ever growing amounts. Such large amounts, it is far too abundant to believe.
What is that? Can you say, UV C? Yeppers, the planet has been getting hammered by increasing amounts of UV A B and the moar deadly, UV C. Maybe this is one of the reasons Sir President Trump said that the MySharonaVirus will be decreasing in the Spring and Summer. THIS...is one of the BIG DEALS that is effecting earth in many harmful ways. Mostly, in the food production and cancer rates among human beings. Is it possible that Sir President Trump knows how this massive amount of UV C is going to be increasing and setting new records as the Sun continues to go through all kinds of minimum antics, while dancing with some other possible object that is circling it? Of course, that is another tangent so lets get back to what we can know.
Can ultraviolet light fight the spread of influenza?:

“MONDAY, Feb. 12, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- As a particularly nasty flu season rages across the United States, scientists have found a powerful new disinfectant that makes "light" work of the virus.
Researchers say a certain spectrum of ultraviolet light -- called far-UVC -- easily kills airborne flu viruses while posing no risk to people.”
“It could offer a new, inexpensive way to eliminate airborne flu viruses in indoor public spaces such as hospitals, doctors' offices, schools, airports and aircraft, said the team from Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.”
“In this new study, they found that far-UVC light also killed airborne H1N1 virus, a common strain of flu virus.”

“In a new study from the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC), researchers reveal that far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light can kill flu viruses without negatively affecting human tissues.”
“This year has brought with it an especially deadly flu season in the United States. It is projected to be more deadly than the Swine Flu of 2009-2010, killing about 4,000 people a week. According to Anne Schuchat, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s acting director, in an interview with Fortune, “We have a lot to learn still about influenza.”


“Exposure to UV radiation is recognized to suppress cell-mediated immunity and therefore could adversely affect the course of a viral infection.”


“The ability of ultraviolet (UV) light to inactivate viruses is well established.”


Here is a read from 1944. It speaks to radiation slowing the growth of viruses.
A Growth-Delaying Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Bacterial Viruses


“Waterborne adenoviruses cause significant illness worldwide and have high fatality rates in immunocompromised individuals. The increased use of ultraviolet (UV) light to treat drinking water has led to concern over adenovirus resistance to UV. New research, however, indicates that these viruses may not be as resistant as previously thought. Properly designed UV systems appear to easily control waterborne viruses, including adenovirus.”

At the end of this day, one can see on the horizon the very possibility of using such a horrid reason as a man created pandemic to say all the physical money, gold, and silver too, is contaminated with the deadly virus and so therefore, it is no longer allowed to be used in daily trade. Like they are doing in China, they are taking it away to be “sanitized”, only according to what has been reported, it is not being returned. What a great way to push the reluctant nation into using the electronic money system of some sort, or another so all transactions can be traced, taxed, and controlled. Everybody has seen this possibility coming, but was not entirely sure how it could be pulled off among the many ways.

Hillary 2.0 is running against Trump in the fall

Mike Bloomberg: Trojan Horse For Clintonista Revival


Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, 'n Guns blog,
It’s been obvious to me since he declared that Mike Bloomberg is not a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination. He is everything the Democratic base doesn’t want — white, billionaire, oligarch, Wall St. 0.000001%’er.

Oh, and until just a couple of years ago, he was a Republican. Billionaires like Bloomberg change parties to where ever they see their money will go the farthest for them achieving their goals.
Right now, that is the quickly fracturing Democrats, who are staring at a revolt to Bernie Sanders that doesn’t sit with Wall St. at all.

It’s also obvious that Bloomberg is animated by personal animus towards Donald Trump that I suspect is as much about Mike’s ego as it is his desire to protect Wall St. from having any of its dirty laundry aired during a Trump 2nd term.

Because with the failure to convict Trump in the Senate those that were behind that coup attempt are now uniquely exposed to his retribution. And that trail of tears for all involved leads right back up to Hillary Clinton’s poisoned garden of a 2016 presidential bid.

With the Democratic presidential field a uniquely inept mix of the hopeless and insane Bloomberg using saturation advertising to buy himself wins in delegate-rich red states with weak Democratic parties like North Carolina, Florida and Texas is a good strategy, if he was interested in winning.
But he’s not. He’s running to clear the field for Hillary.

Because the fight over these early states are as much about splitting the delegate count as possible, to strip Bernie Sanders of his chance at the nomination. Hillary is still angry at Bernie for challenging her in 2016.

She still wants another chance to fulfill her life’s ambition and if she can screw over all the men that she feels denied her that then it will be all the sweeter when it happens.

Because, honestly, Bloomberg isn’t interested in being president anymore than I am. He’s 78. He’s not campaigning. What he’s doing is a pantomime of a campaign covering for a very sophisticated form of campaign finance evasion.

And he’s doing it to figure out what is necessary for a ‘centrist’ Democratic candidate to say (and where) to steal electoral college votes from Donald Trump in November.
Bloomberg is spending this money today knowing that a targeted campaign which can figure out how to undermine Trump where he is strong can shift the map enough to sneak out a victory.
So Mike will spend more than $1 billion as an in-kind contribution to the DNC in the form of campaign advertising to get this done.

Because, let’s get serious here for a second. None of the candidates, including Bernie Sanders, has a hope in hell of beating Trump this fall. Any mistakes Trump’s made dwarf the basic message that he believes in the U.S. in a way that is genuine, even that vision of America is flawed.
The wizards at the DNC know this. Impeachment was their last real hope. That’s why it was rushed through and so shoddily done, they didn’t have anything substantive. And all it did was cement Trump’s base to him more thoroughly than it was before.

Their best shot is running a moderate who can out-Trump Trump on the issues and raise a ton of money along the way for 2024 while retaining some control over the party proper.
The intention is to hoover up delegates, confound the map and throw up roadblocks to Bernie. This paves the way for Hillary’s emergence at a brokered convention to hand her the rematch she, Wall St. and the DNC want.

The messaging has already begun. Drudge ‘broke’ the story the other day about Bloomberg being open to Hillary as his running mate. Oh please! It’s the other way around.
And I’ve been running that story since October. Tulsi Gabbard unmasked Hillary’s manipulating events no-to-subtlety.

It’s clear the DNC want Hillary and another beta-male, Pete Buttigieg, as her running mate.
So, less than 48 hours after Drudge ‘breaks’ this story, video of Bloomberg just happens to show up and go viral showing him saying disparaging things about farmers and metalworkers.
To top it off, he wants to save healthcare by letting old people die.

We all know Mike hates poor people. He’s a geezer auditioning for the top job in the U.S. who hates old people. He’s a thorough authoritarian and corporatist whose disdain for the plebiscite is palpable.
Nothing says U.S. Presidential material like the blatant disregard for human suffering. On second thought, maybe Mike is the perfect candidate?

All of this was known before, so why these things now?

These videos and quotes are out there to undermine him, casting him in the role of the out-of-touch oligarch.
This is designed to outrage the Deplorables. It’s designed to put a cap on Mike’s likability. It gives Hillary a wedge to drive in and say, “No, Mike you can be MY running mate!”
Mike Bloomberg: billionaire, entrepreneur, media mogul, three-time Mayor of New York, bond vigilante… beta-cuck.

So thoroughly Hillary.

This way, he can have his turn as the front-runner, rising far enough on his money to earn some delegates and ensure a brokered convention. Then hand them to Hillary as a gracious peace offering.
This is about manufacturing Hillary as the unity candidate of a failing Democratic Party while sidelining Bernie in the process. That’s the game plan folks.

It’s not tough, honestly.

If it wasn’t all so painfully obvious it would almost be clever. But it’s not because these people simply don’t understand why no one likes them.
Because they suck.
Bloomberg, Hillary, Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Booker, Harris and the rest of the crazies, including Bernie, they all suck. Bernie may be honest that he’s a Commie, but that’s what makes him un-electable, if a little more likable.

And for 2020, the DNC would rather roll the dice with two-time loser Hillary, ensuring a candidate acceptable to Wall St. wins, than put Bernie up as the nominee.

Because no matter what happens the Democrats become the Commie and Crazy-Cat Lady party with Bernie as the nominee. And that creates a clear delineation between them and the Republicans.
But, that’s the worst possible result. Because, the most important thing to Bloomberg, Hillary and those they represent is that the illusion of choice between globalist dirtbags remains in place. This is the true face of Democracy in the U.S.

That’s the key to understanding the game he and Hillary are playing.

And once you see that for what it is there’s no unseeing it.

If Bernie sees it clearly, then he will take his Bros, extend his hand to Gabbard and run an independent campaign to split the Blue Wall and destroy these people for real.
If he doesn’t then he’s the same feckless schmuck I pegged him to be in 2016.
Either way, this is now Hillary’s nomination and Bloomberg is the latest goat on its way to her altar.


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US Breaks Cruise Ship Quarantine, Flies 13 Infected Americans To Omaha Facility

IN ten days, the plague went from 4 cases to 612 on the ship. The test for the virus of doom, is a simple temperature device. Anyone with a temperature 1.5 degrees over 98.6, gets tagged for a blood pull and isolation. And it turns out positive 99% time for Ncov. What do you expect for a shared ac/ central air system. You all share the same air. The smart ones put two or more towels over the vent holes. Not many of those.

I saw it. They will do low level spraying by helos and planes (chemtrails) telling us they are spraying down for the virus. Lock yourself inside. Tighten all windows. They are none. It's some kind of adjuvent (accellerant to the body), to increase infection rates, as they are doing in China. Breathing those CLOUDS OF DEATH is of a certainty, you are done. Keep those blessed ozone machines running until the turn the power off. We have at least that. After that, don't leave the house, except in a safe place, to get your vitamin D sun made...it is SUCH a major part of immune strengthening.

The test program, parked in Japan. And now They've only had ten days, and 4 to 600 and change. That's fast, too fast. By 24 days, it will be ALL OF THEM. The "princess" was their iso test program. They killed them all, you know. And if there are any victors...we'll see.

the Princess Cruises ship was carrying 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew when it set sail and was quarantined after 10 cases of coronavirus were reported Feb. 4. Since then the number of cases on board has exploded, and on Monday alone, Japan announced an additional 99 infections on the Diamond Princess, raising the ship’s total number of cases to 542. And since most of the people on the ship have yet to be tested, the real number of infections may not be known for days.

Where things gets problematic, is that whereas until now most of those on board the cruise ship had remained in isolation, the self-imposed quarantine is now over, and on Sunday, fourteen evacuees from the Diamond Princess were allowed to fly back to the United States Sunday despite testing positive for coronavirus, the U.S. State Department and Health and Human Services said in a joint statement. Why were they released? Because supposedly they were not symptomatic, and in a very ominous twist, they had tested negative initially!

"These individuals were moved in the most expeditious and safe manner to a specialized containment area on the evacuation aircraft to isolate them in accordance with standard protocols," the statement, published Sunday, read.

The State Department was unaware the individuals had coronavirus when they were being removed from the ship; they had tested negative just a few days before, Robert Kadlec, the assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, said on a phone call with reporters.

"If those results had come back four hours earlier before we’d started to disembark the ship and before these people were evacuees within an evacuation system, then it would’ve been a different discussion." Dr. William Walters, director of operational medicine at the U.S. Department of State, said on the call.

In other words, the quarantine that had isolated the biggest incubator of coronavirus cases outside of Wuhan was broken simply because an initial test had given a false negative, and subsequent test confirmed that at least 14 indeed had the coronavirus.
Kadlec said that individuals received multiple screenings when moving from ship to bus to plane and a more extensive medical assessment upon arrival.

In any case, the Diamond Princess quarantine is now broken, and two charter flights carrying at least 14 infected passengers landed at military bases in California and Texas overnight, starting the clock on a 14-day quarantine period to ensure those passengers don’t have coronavirus. In total, approximately 380 Americans were on board the Diamond Princess ship for the duration of the cruise and quarantine at sea.

One plane carrying American passengers touched down at Travis Air Force Base in northern California just before 11:30 p.m. Sunday local time. A second flight arrived at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas around 2½ hours later, early Monday.

The California flight had 177 people on it, seven of whom tested positive for coronavirus, Walters said. An additional three people were isolated during the flight for fever. Upon arrival, 171 stayed in Travis while six traveled to Omaha.

The Texas flight had 151 people board and included the other seven who tested positive for coronavirus. Two additional passengers were isolated on account of fever. All passengers who tested positive for coronavirus then moved on to Omaha.

How did all those Americans who were flying alongside the infected feel? Well, according to USA Today, "the aircraft design allowed passengers to sit in isolation thanks to a plastic divider at the tail of the aircraft."  We can only hope that "plastic divider" was enough to keep the virus confined to its own class aboard the aircraft, given that circulated air on a jet is a fucking foregone conclusion, mate.
* * *
Anyway, now that hundreds of passengers were locked up in that ship for almost two weeks for nothing with the US rushing to break quarantine without waiting to verify the initial "all clear" test, officials from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine confirmed that they are assessing 13 adults at their quarantine and biocontainment facility in Omaha.
“Late last night at about 2 or 3 a.m., we were asked to bring some individuals here who had either tested positive or had a high likelihood of testing positive because of symptoms they were exhibiting,” said Dr. Chris Kratochvil, the executive director at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Global Center for Health Security.

The Nebraska Medical Center’s Global Center for Health Security
Twelve of them are housed in the quarantine center while one man was transferred to the hospital’s bio-containment unit for testing and observation because of symptoms including cough, fever, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and an undisclosed chronic condition that would make him particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, the USA Today reported. "He is doing good and in stable condition at this time,” reported Shelly Schwedhelm, Nebraska Medicine’s executive director of emergency management and bio-preparedness. She went on to note that “the folks in the quarantine center have all been tested, and we’re waiting for those results.” She added that the other 12 are isolated in “very nice rooms with WiFi, TV and a small refrigerator – a lot of the amenities at hotels but with engineering controls” to prevent contaminated air from escaping.

Inside the Nebraska Medical Center’s Global Center for Health Security
Their test results, which are due back any moment (Monday afternoon), will determine whether the patients will be allowed to see their spouses or leave their rooms. Regardless of whether they test positive or negative, all of the new arrivals will spend at least 14 days in the facility, and any who test positive will likely stay longer, said Dr. Mike Wadman, the co-medical director of the National Quarantine Unit without a trace of irony. Kratochvil says it’s possible that they may be asked to take more patients should more of the Diamond Princess passengers now in quarantine at the airbases test positive.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, told the USA TODAY editorial board and reporters Monday that the original idea to keep people safely quarantined on the ship wasn't unreasonable. Yet where the entire story falls on its face is that even with the quarantine process on the ship, virus transmission still occurred. One can only hope that there are proper precaution pathways in place to prevent transmission now that at least 13 infected cruise passengers are now on US soil.
"The quarantine process failed," Fauci said. "I'd like to sugarcoat it and try to be diplomatic about it, but it failed. People were getting infected on that ship. Something went awry in the process of the quarantining on that ship. I don't know what it was, but a lot of people got infected on that ship."
What might have gotten awry is that the virus is airborne and spread via the air conditioning system. But before we get banned from another social network, we will wait for someone "more credible" to make that claim.

Unfortunately, since the Diamond Princess was the single biggest incubator of coronavirus cases outside of Wuhan, and since nobody still seems to have a full grasp on how to contain the infection, we have a nagging feeling that this breach of quarantine will come back to haunt the US.

Separately, Holland America said that 255 passengers and 747 crew members remained on the MS Westerdam, which docked in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Friday, after being turned away from ports in Japan, Thailand and Guam. One female American passenger tested positive for coronavirus at a Malaysian hospital over the weekend. She remains stable, and her travel companion tested negative, the cruise line said.

It was unclear if quarantine on that cruise ship had also been broken, as the cruise line stated that at least some passengers had been transported to a local hotel: the cruise line said Cambodian health officials tested those on board Monday, a process expected to last several more days.

"Guests at a hotel in Phnom Penh have all completed the COVID-19 screening," the cruise line said. "Results are being returned when completed, with the first batch of 406 all being negative. Cleared guests may travel home, and arrangements are being made for those guests. Guests in both locations are being very well cared for, including assisting with any medications needed." 
* * *
Finally, some good news: in keeping with its daily attempts to minimize the threat from the coronavirus pandemic, JPMorgan's inhouse virologist insurance strategist, MW Kim, said that even as attention shifts to cases outside of China, "at this stage, we see the virus contagion risk remaining relatively small, considering hospital capacity and strong local efforts to minimize the outbreak." Yet even here, the bank sounded decidedly unsure of its cheerful prediction (this is the same bank whose credibility was shattered last week when China unexpectedly hiked the total number of cases by 15,000 in one day, crushing JPMorgan's "epidemiological model"), to wit:

Mapping the virus spread scenario outside China. Our epidemiology model forecasts the virus outbreak in mainland China. However, we are observing early signs of community spread, as local infected toll without travel history to China is growing in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and a few European countries. We intend to add mini-epidemic scenarios for each country once the infected toll exceeds the 100-200 level (depending on population/density).
The following table from JPM lists the number of international cases, excluding the 454 infected on the Diamond Princess, and excluding the 60 cases reported in Hong Kong. Expect the numbers to surge as more thorough testing reveals just how extensively the virus has spread.

The WHO and CDC table of lies. The lies that are condemning millions to an early grave. "Oh, we don't want to start a panic. No one will panic, if you give them a chance at life, you bastards. The panic comes when their neighbors get the flu. start dropping dead in the road, and they realize you lied to them as you do. You are killers. You go into countries claiming you want to help people with your vaccines, and entire villages and regions come down sick with whatever you stuck in that needle. I met a woman who did that dirty job - spent half a year in Africa, vaxxing poor, but happy Kenyans. Every village came down with several versions of whatever, killing half or more of them. Then the Chinese moved in and took over. She ended up, in 2010, her looks erased, and her punishment was she was constantly sick with CFS, you name it, with no cure in sight. The nasty lesbian looked 30 years older than the 40 she was. Did these people think Dad was going to give their WHO and RED CROSS cover bs a pass? Never!

Why anyone would publish pandemic data from Banksters is beyond me. They are the most lying, corrupt, treacherous, deceitful bunch of gangsters to ever roam the planet. 

Lock up your world, make it hard for folks to access your reality. Have a sign, warning of plague, when the time comes. Make it visible to anyone who is trying to get in your house, but not from the street. 

Are we to believe that the experts on Corona Virus and the facility to best treat it are located in the middle of flyover country?

The "experts" in everything, especially everything medical, always seem to be located on either the east coast or the west coast of the United States of America, with a few possible exceptions, such as the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

No doubt, the CNN talking heads and ZOG officialdom will say this is to isolate and contain, as much as possible, this extremely dangerous infection which they brought to America, but it also has the very real potential to reduce the right leaning population of Red states, while protecting the leftist population of Blue states.

Yes, I think people are that evil.

Monday, February 17, 2020

I had to run errands, as must we all, today...

they are getting rid of 100k people this week...because of the virus, worldwide. Many companies are doing the same thing. WAKE THE DOGGIE UP? PLEASE?

I drive with the car vents closed, permanently.

Before the car door opens, I put on mask and eye protection.

Everywhere I went today, including a pharmacy, was full of sick people - flu, cold, who knows.

I kept my hands in my pocket, because my surgical gloves have gone astray. Any change i received, went into one pocket, to be wetted down with Windex with ammonia. Money is plague carrier. Fact. Once indoors, I stripped down, shoes at the door, clothes in the wash, then wash hands and face, new clothes. Take a breath.

Some people I mention the coronavirus..."the what?" They don't even know.

The pharmacy people were not wearing eye, mask, or glove protection. I was looking at dead people. They were surrounded by sick and coughing people, who only think they have the flu. But, US hospitals say HALF of all flu patients ARE INFECTED WITH CORONA VIRUS. HALF.


Every Stateside hospital. Every day. Soon, there will be lines to doctor's offices and hospitals. I give it 5 to 7 days, tops.

Couldn't give out that lovely DB smile I rock with all I meet. You can't smile through a mask. The young, people just out of college, mothers and fathers, friends, the elderly. I was looking at hundreds of dead people today.

I didn't want to go out, but someone I knew had needs, and only I was there for the job.

By thursday, that's it. I'm locking down. Waiting for the sick and dying to show up at my door, so I can look after them.

And I will, of course.

I will.

Post Script

California is massively infected. 40% of the people I saw today were visibly sick, flu or cold. You decide. At the Pharmacy, was the worst. 95%. That's to be expected. I hope I won't see another until mid summer, when the flu season ends. 

As it did with the Spanish Flu. It ended the summer of 1919 only to crank back up again in November and spread until late march, when it dwindled down to nothing. See, the warmer weather gets people outside, in sunshine, getting that life saving sun giving vitamin D. VIt D from pills is dog doo doo. Doesn't help your immune at all. Has to be sun made. I get 20 minutes every day. Use it to pray and think and plan and hope. Of course, our afternoons are in the upper 60s, being California.

Big metros, then the outward spread. You small town, hinterlands folk are the safest. Like as not, most of these folks who don't live shoulder to shoulder with the lied to masses, will be just fine and dandy, providing they get enough provender for the duration. And don't have to go to some larger town or city for supplies, too late in the game. Like as not, these folks will run into quarantine roadblocks and then that, as they say, is that. They got you. Separate you. And you die alone among strangers.

It's like the nice time is at night. The day hours, living with this horror show, is the nightmare you cannot wake up from. And none of us can. This is what end times are like. You can read about locusts, and plagues, and rivers and blood...but living it? 

Quite another thing altogether, isn't it?

People who sacrifice for others are highest in Dad's book. He says so. Many of you are. Bless your hearts and souls. I doff my hat to you. It's a small club, but it's good to see others in the clubhouse.

US Hospitals reporting hundreds of corona virus patients

But the news is not covering it. Ever.

It's now on the streets in the big metros. The gas stations, stores, wherever. If infected people are showing up at ERs sick as dogs with this thing.

This video is a tough one. 23 bodies, not 18, per every 200 ft. 3000 streets in hubei  alone, x 23 in one day is 66000 people a day, that province alone. EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY.

According to Twitter, they are even burning patients alive to make room in Wuhan. 

Crematorium workers have said they are hunted by "ghosts" because horrible screams are coming out of furnaces. And they have put 100s mobile "animal body disposal" units in those make shift hospitals. Wuhan makes Auschwitz a Holiday Inn in the comparison.

And they are refusing to let us know if there are active corona carriers testing positive in America. Thanks CDC, you just confirmed you work for the dark side. And you will lie like China. The truth, and we all know it, is already becoming common knowledge.


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Wake up...

When the truth is all that matters.

Wuhan mass murder by the dying

Bad day at Bingchot mainland everywhere

I reckon so...

Get any shopping for 2 months done immediately, not later. If you have to credit card the thing, do it.

All it takes is one sick clerk and when the fear starts spreading, things will shut down fast. In a day or two. Not much longer after that.

If it doesn't hit us, we get a pass. Great. You have food for the spring, eat at your pleasure.

But, if the supplies turn off, and they will be the first to go. By then, you can do the math about how long before you start starving.

Get this done this week. Before the panics.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

What Pandemic means NOW, not then

NCoV Covid19 35 Days

People, especially in the west, just don't get it yet. COVID-19 is the world changer, the reset of civilization. This bad little piece of manufactured bug is in the process of wiping out the whole Chinese economy. Because China is the start of 70-90% of the world's supply chain, most countries' economies and supplies are going to evaporate.
Ask yourself this:

1.) What do I use every day/week/month that I cannot live without and has any part of its supply chain anchored in China?
Well, that ****'s going away. And not for just a week, or a even a few months. It's going away for in all likelihood a couple of years at least.

2.) What do I buy/eat if the local grocery stores are all closed? How long can I go without being able to shop at one?
A chain, they say, is only as strong as its weakest link. The supply chain that puts food in your local grocery store is built on so many supply chains that it would boggle your mind. Truck parts, refrigeration pumps, packaging machines, plastic wrap, the list goes on and on. All of it is going away.

3.) How cheaply are you willing to work?
Figure out what you think your "price" is, and then ask yourself why any manufacturer would produce anything if their product, from gasoline to chick pot pies. The moment they can no longer produce at a profit, they will shut down.

4.) When you believe, rightly or wrong, that in leaving your home to work/shop for food could be a death sentence to not only you but to those you live with, and any of those people's departure from the house could mean the same, what would you leave your house for?

This is the thought process that will paralyze all society. Once people realize that this beastie has a window of being a symptomatically infectious, (super spreaders), for up to 24 days, and that if you happen to get it and beat it, you have just as good a chance to catch it again, and that the second time it has much better odds of killing you than it did the first time. What are you leaving the house for again?
The folks just do not understand it yet. But they will soon.

The Choices

(1) I'm from the Gov't and Im here to help you. RUN 
(2) voluntarily submit to meds from the people WHO pharmaceutical-led this. 
(3) Do nothing and take your chances.
(4) Start learning about Alternative Health Care.

Alternative theories gives rise to alternative modalities as in acupuncture and Bio Meridian Lines.
Why is it that Electricity in Medicine is so hated by the FDA? See an Electric Universe presentation on healing with electricity.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPDPrXEAe1s   scroll down a few lines and read my comments as ‘elpressidente’.

Practical Inventions using the Electric Universe theory instead of the Particle Theory for Medicine.
Some say colloidal silver has Anti Viral activity. This NEWER Science of Magnetic Fields is based on Tesla/John Keely/Walter Russell and complements the Electric Universe Theory with Inventions using electricity like has never been used before. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174067690636   snip… This is NOT your common 2 wire electrolysis colloidal silver maker. This device is based upon creating a Magnetic Field with 4 wires Formatted to Magnetically Charge the glass of water with Silver Frequencies.  Walter Russell at philosophy.org drew schematics for this type of Wave Field technology.

When you are shot in the liver you can't believe you are going to die.... but you are going to die.  It just takes a while so you can sit there and condemn people for saying so.

After reading this virus tends not to present symptoms in westerners, yet they continue to spread it.  Also that when you are "re-infected" (read: cannot be immunized if true) ... the re-infection antibodies will cause heart failure...  well, gee Gomer, you are just a walking dead killing all your friends, family and colleagues.  Good Job. Good job.

“Evidence vaccinations caused the Spanish killer flu of 1918 including belief of Dr. Jerry Tennant that the widespread use of aspirin during the winter that followed the end of World War I could have been a key factor contributing to the earlier pandemic by suppressing the immune system and lowering body temperatures, allowing the flu virus to multiply. Tamiflu and Relenza also lower body temperatures, and therefore can also be expected to contribute to the spread of a pandemic. Both the CDC and WHO recommend Tamiflu despite the proof that it does not prevent pneumonia or the flu.”

“The deadly 1918 Influenza Pandemic was the direct result of live-virus-contaminated Typhus Fever Vaccines mandatorily given to U.S. and Allied military personnel during World War I. These deadly typhus fever vaccines were manufactured by John D. Rockefeller's research labs and Chinese pharma factories. The vaccine "seed stock" consisted of viruses harvested from human typhoid fever patients, cross-injected into swine herds to create increased "seed stock", and then injected into chicken and turkey eggs for further incubation of the pathogens. The final, harvested "vaccine material" then was injected into hundreds of millions of human veins. The result was a massive 'pandemic' that claimed the lives of as many as 50 million people worldwide.”

“Vaccines Cause More Disease and Death Than The Actual Diseases They're Trying To Prevent”

“I recently wrote on how every single vaccine is now being exposed for the lack of demonstrat”ed evidence to actually prevent a single case of disease over a placebo.