Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Red Cross official says they do not separate donated blood based on vax weapon


Yeah, there's a judgment against vax shills and it's DEATH. No refunds.


london becomes islamic

Soon, this year, the english signs disappear. The jewbie genocide of white countries continues apace.

twin towers 911 fake false CIA flag

 Remember, the next "attack" will be a staged event. The link below works, even though they will disable the embedded player.

‘There’s a war going on’: L.A. anti-Scientology protests bring arrests, attack allegations

Until about a year ago, William Gude had no issues with the Church of Scientology.

The self-proclaimed cop watcher and activist better known by his social media handle @FilmThePoliceLA did not understand why the L.A.-based religion started by L. Ron Hubbard got so much flak.

That was until Gude tried to record video of police making an arrest outside one of Scientology’s buildings last year. Gude alleges he was harassed by Scientology security guards who told him he could not shoot video on the public sidewalk. Although the allegation pales in comparison with others against the church, it set Gude off.

“I told them, ‘I’m going to end your religion,’” Gude said in an interview.

Now, Gude and his gaggle of anti-Scientology protesters are brawling publicly with the organization. They’ve demonstrated outside its major facilities as well as those of businesses perceived to be cozy with Scientology. Sometimes a hundred or more people show up at the protests, Gude said. They say the church has tried to stop them — called the police on them and sent people out to harass them.

The tactics of the protesters can be aggravating to their targets: They approach Scientology properties and yell at and record people, though they do so on public property, which is legal.

“There is a war going on,” Gude said.

I'm going to help the people in this war.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Stupid Bowl 2024 Was a Circus Involving a Clown Wearing an Inverted Cross

 Stupid Bowl 2024 was the most watched telecast of all time and an enormous number of viewers tuned in specifically for Taylor Swift. And she spent most of the time hanging out with an industry plant wearing a huge inverted cross. And that was only the start of the freak show. Here’s a look at the weirdness that surrounded Super Bowl 2024.

The Inverted Cross

As stated above, Super Bowl 2024 was the most-watched telecast in history. And it was due to Taylor Swift. So, when the camera inevitably cut to her, this is what a record number of people saw.

Swift was chilling with Ice Spice who happened to wear a massive inverted cross around her neck.

The word across the industry is that Ice Spice is an industry plant. And she was definitely “planted” next to Taylor Swift that day. The goal: To have a big fat Satanic cross broadcast in living rooms across the world.

Ice Spice was wearing a custom inverted cross pendant by jeweler Alex Moss.

As usual, the disinformation site Snopes “fact-checked” the inverted cross. However, faced with irrefutable facts Snopes had to backtrack and confirm the inverted cross.

When Snopes (jewish owned and run) attempts to “fact-check” something, it’s usually because there’s something there.

During the game, Ice Spice also made sure to throw up the devil horns sign when the camera was on her.

Vax murder by the numbers

 This weapon killed my sister and father.

Vaxxed victims emit flourescent glow and filaments seen under UV light

 They murdered you. You DNA is now corrupted beyond belief and even if there were no other weapon in it, you will get sick and die and all your babies forward will have black eyes and NO SOUL that comes from heaven. The nefesh of that baby comes from BELOW and is NOT of men.

vax graphene filaments after shower. Saunas and really hot showers and these little luciferase (lucifers race).

To the Jewish Controlled vax makers, see below.

from the internet.

Saturday, February 17, 2024


Phreak parade.

He teaches, strips, and loves grottoes in bars.

A very rich phreak pretending to be a woman.

Vax Weaponized People Being Turned Into Cyborgs Awaiting zombie Instructions

How to brainwash and manipulate people

This POS teacher is MK'ing his students with GASLIGHTING.

do something for your freedom

What are you waiting for? For me to do it for you? I work toward that end every single day, what are you doing for your country? Not rocking the sinking satanic boat?

Ever hear of the word coward?


behold the CIA gay clown baby raper leader of Ukraine

Of course the jewbies appointed this phreak; he's just like them, for he is THEM.

somali wears dress to rape women is always released

Serial predators caught and released, to rape and kill again. The Edomite Jewbies hate whites that much.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Super bOwl Moloch Festival

Ford CEO tells Wall Street to forget Tesla

 See how effective these adjudications be? Gee, Elon, no one wants your shiteboxes anymore. And the fake spacey rocket man balloons and satelloons are also going to hairlip your panache, as well.

Betting on you is like putting a match to cash, and throwing gold into the sea. And the world knows YHVH is against you. But, I bet you have a surefire, 100% foolproof plan to turn this all around, right? Mister go getter. - go get yourself some repentance. That would be MY foolproof plan.



Ford CEO Jim Farley urged Wall Street to forget about Tesla as the future of the auto industry, arguing investors should instead focus on Ford’s “Pro” fleet business.
Ford Pro is made up of the automaker’s traditional fleet and commercial businesses as well as emerging telematics, logistics and other connective operations for business customers.
Ford expects the Pro unit’s pre-tax earnings to increase to between $8 billion and $9 billion this year, the automaker said earlier this month.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

A satellite crashes to earth. with balloon attached

 There is no globe, or space, or rockets to mars, or landing on a plasma disc...only heaven above the dome. You've been conned by Edomite Deceivers and they are STILL DOING IT TO YOU. 

How much is enough for you all?

Satellites in space by Elon's balloon rockets. Hahahahahaha...

After shooting NINE CHILDREN, MSM never labels black or Troon killers as MASS SHOOTERS as they do whites UPDATED

It's the jewbie Edomites trying to skew the shooter profile and as always, if black, they hide that fact and the pics, as much as possible.


When black or tranny phreak, the MSM quickly buries the story by day two. If a white guy, its milked for all its worth and always labeling the shooter as a 


Shoots 22 people, 9 children, killing one so far. 3 black men opened fire on group of white Kansas City Chiefs fans watching yesterday's  VALENTINE SACRIFICE to Moloch.

You never heard about these shootings. They made sure their protected class, IS PROTECTED from any media scrutiny. These were the mass shooters from 2022 alone. Huge victim counts. 2 are ALREADY RELEASED. To kill again, as killers do.

This is who is doing it to the world, not just America.

  • >Mass shooting at event with a million people
  • >Three in custody
  • >Mayor not wanting to politicize incident but “there’s a reason everyone is talking about guns”
  • >Media dropping mass shooting statistics like anyone actually believes in them
  • >Shooters are black
  • >Rachel Maddow seething in her dressing room she can’t blame white supremacy on this yet
  • >Likely gang members
  • >One seen in red (normal at a chiefs parade)
  • >One wearing blue bandana (not normal at a chiefs parade)
  • >Almost certainly have criminal history
  • You are here
  • >Almost certainly going to find out they were on bond or parole and released early by lightweight democrat judges and prosecutors
  • >Media will gloss over that fact
  • >Gun control debate will rage on
  • >Biden will blame ghost guns or demon triggers or antichrist optics or whatever retarded bill he’s about to have shoved back in his face by the Supreme Court in 9 months
  • >Nobody going to discuss gang violence or anything racially divisive between blacks or Hispanics
  • >Surely this will require another relief package for Israel
  • >Chiefs tag and trade Chris Jones for a bundle of mid round picks, trade up to draft Keon Coleman in the mid 20s, AD Mitchell at 32, and take Tyler Guyton in the second
  • >Black national anthem once again opens the Superb Owl
  • >Chiefs threepeat with another victory over the Rams

fixing the lies in place illegal alien troon mass shooter called WHITE

Canaanite jewbie, pretending to be white, insults its viewers.


Taylor swift Is A Man

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

35yr old vax weapon shill influencer drops dead -

 Don't let the cross fool you. YOu don't wear your faith on your chest like a badge. If you have that symbol, wear it discreetly, for it is worn you remind you at all times and wherever you go, lest you forget, that Christ is with you always.

She is none.
She is a false prophetess who conned untold thousands into weaponizing.
She is dead.

  • Talks with  hands, spell casting, check;
  • Shifts, check;
  • Constantly teaches false doctrine, slave to glamor and vanity, check;
  • a witch, check.

 Listen sweety...there is a HUGE curse and judgment against those that shill for the vax - DEATH and pretty soon, right away kind of thing. You shill the mark of the beast, you die. Ignoring such things is simply retarded. When you see all the other shills keeling over by the dozens every week and still go forward for shilling for satan and pushing everyone to the edge of the abyss...there is no upside to this kind of path.

And what's waiting for you on the other side is not pleasant, for thy reward awaits you. As these kind obviously must want. 


If it's grayed out, it still works. They do that so you will think the link is dead. The link above is just fine. NASA is pure evil.


The Canaanites want the white race DEAD

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

phreaks on subways

 Any questions?

Frozen out of your Tesla

 From day one, in the winter, this happens if the car is outside, in the snow. And when the princess gets in and finds out the thing has only a range of less than 20 miles with the heater on, forget about it. 

Those constant colds and chills from sitting in a magnetic field designed to weaken you and make you sick, is all the more reason tards like them so very much.


Sunday, February 11, 2024

The Rock is a Hollywood Satanist - gets booed off stage in Vegas

Celine Dion got her Adrenochrome back

I guess if you don't mind killing a few children to get it.


Hey Elon, remember?

 Boycott Tesla’ ads to air during Super Bowl

 A California tech entrepreneur is paying more than half a million dollars for Super Bowl ads criticizing Tesla for not disabling its Autopilot technology outside the conditions for which it was designed, a problem highlighted by a Washington Post investigation this past fall and later cited in a recall of every Tesla equipped with Autopilot, around 2 million vehicles.

 That curse against you is really kicking your a**. I know, launch another rocket. Sure, that will fix everything.

Body Hacking - intentionally blowing the brain fuse by satanists

 At least all you vaxxies will know how they are doing it to you. Before we have to waste you when you rake out on us all. Fortunately, the rakes will seek out Edomites first and last. There is a blessing in that.

Even so, I'm very much afraid that you vaxxies will have to be wasted regardless. One way or another, letting rakes walk the countryside at night seeking the living is going to be put down. The UN intends to send out entire divisions into areas for the sole purpose of eliminating all meatsacks, rake or no, just to be of the "safe side."

If you let them.


"There will be no longer the same world. The world has reached a stalemate. A change of values is on the doorstep."

There are also remote-controlled nanoparticle drug delivery systems activated via radio waves. 

These could theoretically be used to deploy viruses.

No, viruses do not exist - but an engineered self-replicating genetic weapon CAN work like a virus when injected into the blood. Marburg 'virus' is a good candidate for this. Imagine them hitting switch on 5G and a small group in a remote area suddenly becoming violent, blood coming out from everywhere and attacking others. Through controlled regional activation, they could give the appearance that it is some kind of airborne virus outbreak causing people to turn into 'zombies'.

In April, expect the worst from the devils. It would also explain the 'Sensitive Event' addition to Google TOS - questioning the Event will be censored 100% during it - and it will be VERY deadly, not fake like covid, so normies will have 0 patience for it and last thing they will want to hear is its the vaxx that they took and that they are a ticking time bomb.

from the internet:
This was initially tested when rap was popularized. There's something clearly wrong about these songs and the kind of vibrations they generate, especially when played through the "special" kind of speakers.

There are videos which showed how certain bugs or animals reacted to sound waves - forming a "cyclone" like structure and running in circles.
Compare this to the Jewish parties where they all commit to the same thing - form multiple rings, each spinning in opposing / the same direction. (and conveniently, Saturn has rings. a lot of them.)

That the goal is to cross the brain barrier by injecting shit in people's blood and then trying to turn all of them into controllable drones. Trying to kill self-consciousness by disabling the brain just enough for the subject to lose the ability to break free (kikes don't care about the soul - once it is freed, what the body suffered ceases to matter).

I hear these Jew beats sometimes and it causes part of my brain to react to it, as if something is pushing it directly, or as if ants are trying/crawling through it.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

TRAVELERS BE AWARE OF THIS - Hotels do child trafficking

Who shot the moon landings


Have a fun trip!


When Canaanites legalize open thuggery to destroy a nation


King Charles and Close Friends Raped 'Hundreds of Children'

King Charles has the Pedo Plague.

Electric Bike Explodes & Burns

Then the tires caught on fire and then it exploded.


Monday, February 5, 2024

all women’s SWAT team for BEST SWAT team ever

 Men and women are the SAME. We pinky swear. Well, they can still be AIRPLANE PILOTS. United is hiring.

UN giving $1.6 billion to illegal aliens for gift cards

 Jewish NGOS, catholic churches, and the UN are ALL doing it. All of them. It always is, ALL OF THEM. That's how pervasive evil is in our time.


What is 15 x 4 - Seniors at University in USA

These are the women who are going to be school teachers and business managers. How did they fail a question that any elementary child USED TO BE able to answer with a laugh?

How did they manage to weasel into a University being dumber than a bag of rocks? (no offense to Earth elementals.)

 Ah...DEI. Of course.

With "maff" skills such as these women represent, they should become airline pilots.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

patents - embedded MK in music tracks, et al

USAF again and again. Yeah...

The West’s humiliating electric car climbdown has begun

Hey Elon! Your EV scam is dying...go launch a fake rocket. I need a giggle.

France’s President Macron had a plan to make millions of electric vehicles a year. Chancellor Scholz planned to put 15 million on Germany’s roads by 2030. President Biden trumped the lot with a $174bn (£138bn) plan to make the US the world leader. Even Boris Johnson – remember him – had a £1bn plan to beef up our charging network.

Rewind only a couple of years, and almost every president or prime minister was making electric vehicles the cornerstone of an industrial strategy. And yet, this week we have learned that Renault is abandoning plans to separately list its electric vehicle (EV) and software business, while Volvo is winding down its Polestar electric sports car subsidiary.

In reality, amid an onslaught of Chinese competition, and falling sales, the West’s electric vehicle dream is quickly unravelling – and we need to relearn all the lessons in why grand, state-led industrial strategies never work.

It was not so long ago that countries were competing furiously to launch battery-powered visions of the future. With Tesla riding the wave of green demand to become the world’s largest car manufacturer, measured by market value if not volume, and with ambitious net zero targets to meet, they all wanted to make sure they could compete in electric vehicles.

We would reduce carbon emissions, create many jobs, and shore up our industrial base. Sure, governments would have to commit a few billions – or tens of billions – to make it happen. But it would pay for itself many times over.

And yet, right now, plans for an EV-led industrial revolution are in full-scale retreat.

Renault, despite the programme of state support, has this week scrapped the separate listing of its EV unit Ampere, which has been scheduled for the first half of the year. It was a “pragmatic decision” according to the company’s chief executive Luca de Meo, arguing that falling sales for EVs across Europe meant the market was more challenging than forecast.

Likewise, Volvo announced that it would stop funding its EV unit, Polestar, and might even offload its 48pc stake on other shareholders, including China’s Geely. Last September, Volkswagen said it was cutting production of two of its flagship EV models, while in November, Ford said it was scaling back its battery plant in Michigan.

It looks like all those “well-paid green jobs” are going to take a little longer to arrive than anyone anticipated. As for the payback on huge sums various governments have “invested” in the industry, it looks like the returns on that money will take a while to come through as well.

There is nothing wrong with EVs themselves. They are often great as run-arounds for dense urban environments, and as long as the raw materials are sourced correctly, and the chargers are not powered by coal-burning generators, they are probably a little better for the environment than the petrol version.

If people want them, then that’s great. The trouble with the industry right now is that demand is falling because the vehicles cost far more than anyone expected, and what market there is will be captured by Chinese manufacturers such as BYD that can make vehicles far more cheaply than anyone in the West can. The result? A lot of government money will be wasted.

There is a lesson in the humiliating climbdown. State-led industrial strategies never work. Indeed, the failure of the drive into EV is a textbook example of everything that goes wrong.

First, it backs the wrong industries. No one really has any idea what products people might want in five or ten years time, which is why it is best to leave it to private companies and their investors to make their own bets, reap the rewards when they get it right, and bear the losses when they don’t.

Politicians and bureaucrats are no better at making those decisions, as usually a lot worse. Don’t believe me? Just ask consumers. Hertz in the US is disposing of the 20,000 EVs it bought with great fanfare in recent years, and is replacing them with petrol models, due to lack of demand. Over the past year, figures from the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders revealed a steep fall in EV interest from private buyers.

Next, the state over-invests. Even if there is a small market for EVs, there certainly wasn’t space for huge new industries in France, Germany, the US, or in a dozen smaller countries. The car industry was awash with over-capacity already, and that was before the Government started throwing billions at electric vehicle plants. All that happens is that prices collapse, and no one makes any money.

Finally, it distorts the market with subsidies. Governments start out spending a few billion on new EV factories, then they have to start subsidising the EVs so that people actually buy them, then they have to impose tariffs and quotas to stop imports from countries where other government have invested too much.

Finally, they have to pay out even more to keep alive the factories making a product that no one wants. It’s a vicious cycle, and once it starts it is very hard to stop.

The one relief for the UK is that our political and administrative class was too inept to pour even more money in, despite the best efforts of the former PM’s Theresa May and Boris Johnson to splurge a few tens of billions into the “race for EVs” and the endless warnings that we risked “getting left behind’”. We will be spared the worst of the pain ahead.

In reality, the volte-face on the electrification of the auto industry is underway. Major manufacturers have started to pull back, but all the grand projects for battery factories, for shiny new EV plants, and for charging infrastructure, will inevitably be scrapped very soon.

Billions of taxpayer’s money will have been wasted. We should draw the lesson from that, as bitter as it might prove. The Government never knows what the industries of the future will be – and should leave it to entrepreneurs and customers to work that out.

Massive baby black market Georgia Tann Jewish

Democrats Want To Save The Rats

At the expense of people, dogs, cats, you name it. The RATS come first. Remind you of the "chosen people"? It should. Same difference.


Los Angeles isn’t the city of angels: it’s the city of rats.

Last year, LA shot up in the rankings of the “rattiest cities” from third to second place, and it’s closing in fast on Chicago. What is its secret? There is the fetid filth of the junkie vagrant camps where typhus, a medieval disease spread by rats, made a comeback almost as fast as crime once city officials legalized the ‘homeless’ trifecta of street living, drug use and shoplifting.

And like criminals and junkies, the rats have Democrats on their side.

In the fall of last year, Gov. Newsom signed into law a bill that banned more forms of rat poison after a previous rat poison ban in 2020. Newsom and other advocates for taking Los Angeles back to the rats pretended that the rat poison bans were about protecting mountain lions, but then two California Democrats put forward a bill that exposed the real ‘rats rights’ agenda.

Rep Ted Lieu of LA and Rep. Adam Schiff of Burbank introduced the Glue Trap Prohibition Act which bans glue traps because they’re cruel to rats. It’s understandable that Lieu and Schiff would feel for the suffering of their fellow rattus americanus and Lieu moans that glue traps are “among the cruelest ways to eliminate rodents”. (The least cruel is electing them to Congress.)

Rep. Lieu serves on the advisory council of Democrats for the Protection of Animals which campaigns against eating turkeys on Thanksgiving, pony rides for children and glue traps for rats. So expect a congressional bill on banning turkey sandwiches and pony rides up next.

Rep. Lieu agonizes that rats in glue traps “that do not escape die of blood loss, suffocation, or dehydration.” He didn’t bother listing the symptoms of hantavirus, for which there is no known cure, typhus or the bubonic plague: among the rat borne diseases making a comeback.

But while Rep. Lieu cares about the suffering of rats, he doesn’t care about human suffering.

It’s already illegal in California to remove rats from your property. If you trap a rat, you either have to “euthanize” it on the spot or let it go. And rats rights activists are campaigning to expand the ban on ‘trapping’ larger animals like coyotes to also apply to rats which, between the bans on effective varieties of rat poisons and glue traps, would make it impossible to stop the rats.

West Hollywood, an LA County “city” of 16 blocks at its tallest and 5 blocks at its shortest, where PETA has a great deal of influence, led the way in banning glue traps within the 5 supermarkets in its borders forcing residents to drive 3 minutes extra to the Ralphs on Sunset Boulevard, and what goes in West Hollywood must now also be imposed on all of America by Rep. Lieu.

Rather than kindness to animals, LA’s love of rats began killing man’s best friend. Ever since Los Angeles began cracking down on rat control measures, dogs began sickening. Leptospirosis, one of the diseases spread through the waste of Rep. Lieu’s best rat friends, caused an epidemic among dogs in the county.

“It’s the rats,” Dr. Alan Schulman, a veterinary surgeon, explained. “They urinate places, they defecate places, dogs get it from them.”

Given a choice between protecting rats and killing dogs, Democrats killed the dogs.

But in New York City, Democrats went one better, killing people to protect rats.

In 2021, former ACORN boss Bertha Lewis pushed through a ban on rat poison. Leptospirosis cases jumped from 57 in 14 years to 15 in just one year. Over a dozen New Yorkers contracted leptospirosis and suffered from liver and kidney failure. One of them died. The symptoms of include fever, aches, and jaundice. Even those who survive can end up with brain damage.

But at least New York City Democrats had banned cruelty to rats and killed people and dogs.

Rather than end the ban on rat poison, Mayor Eric Adams appointed a Department of Education bureaucrat “rat czar” at a salary of $155,000 a year.

“Rats are smart, they are resilient,” Mayor Adams argued. “Many of us live in communities where rats think they run the city.”

Since the rat poison ban remains in place, rats actually do run the city. When people suffer and die for the convenience of rats, it’s not a human government, it’s a government of rats.

The New York Post warned that, “rats as big as bunnies are roaming the streets in broad daylight, nesting in trees and chewing through car engine wires”

Mayor Bill de Blasio, his predecessor, had tried to demonstrate that there was no need for rat poison by dumping dry ice on rat nests, only to have a rat run right through his demonstration. $30 million was spent when thousands of dollars spent on rat poison would have done the job.

Without rat poison or traps, state and city governments dump the burden on property owners to practice what they call “prevention and exclusion” by sealing everything. But as everyone who has dealt with rats knows, they’re smart and, like leftists, can sneak in through the smallest crack and, also like leftists, once they get inside, it takes determined efforts to get rid of them.

Especially if, like leftists, you can’t put out a glue trap with a copy of Das Kapital, then release them in their natural habitat of Cuba or North Korea, and count the problem over and done with.

From New York City to Los Angeles to Vancouver to San Francisco, rat poison bans led to explosions in the rat population. And the Democrats pretended they had nothing to do with it.

Democrats have been running out of victim groups to protect, and they were bound to eventually turn to rats. Not only can’t you spell ‘Democrats’ without “rats’, but the rattiest cities in America are Democrat enclaves. Now the Democrats and the rats are finally teaming up.

So far no Democrat has figured out how to get them to vote, but give them time.

Tunnel Collapse in Brooklyn again


New code words dropped
"Area of basement"= tunnel
"Construction worker" = subterranean tunnel digging rapist canaanite

Ground zero - tunnels to bath houses, synagogue, chabad, et al. These tunnels are CURSED to collapse. ALL OF THEM.

It's the same derelict building as before the tunnels originated from. It's a house that connects directly from the back to the land of the synogogue.
The "womens baths" or whatever, are directly behind this house.
They got back in and tried to do it again I guess.

Download everything.

The Death Rabbi - Rabbi Shmuley with Dr. OZ.

Michael Jackson with Death Rabbi Shmuley.

It's all bullshite. Always has been.

RFK with Death Rabbi Shmuley

Child rapists and killers.

Ground zero - tunnels to bath houses, synagogue, chabad, et al. These tunnels are CURSED to collapse. ALL OF THEM.

What happened Mike? You talk back to the jewbie and he then spent 20 years teaching the schwartzer about respect? Exactly.