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458,000 People Disappeared From the Labor Force

Is there any more serious issue for you than understanding how you can preserve and build your capital in an uncertain world? Without capital, you are in danger of sinking to the level of the billions of Indians and Chinese whose livelihoods depend on their ability to rent their time. Not a happy prospect.
A crucial characteristic of the world that could make both the politicians’ dreams of power and your dreams of secure retirement come true would be the resumption of rapid economic growth — as reflected in both GDP accounting and employment reports.
Unhappily, the news on that score is far from encouraging…
In fact, a close reading of the data suggests that economic growth is negligible, and the real unemployment rate is about 23%.
That is the Shadow Government Statistics alternative unemployment rate for May 2016. Quite a contrast with the headline “official” unemployment rate of 4.7%.
Fake Jobs - Unemployment Data
But upon inspection, you can see that the alarming 23% ShadowStats unemployment rate is merely unemployment calculated as it was until the Kennedy administration, when out-of-work Americans who had suspended an active search for jobs — primarily because none could be found — were relabeled “discouraged workers” and dropped from the tally of the unemployed.
The Clinton administration widened the memory hole further.
In 1994, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) redefined the workforce to exclude all but the small percentage of the discouraged who had been seeking work for less than a year. The longer-term discouraged — some 4 million U.S. adults — disappeared into a statistical black hole.
Clinton also reduced the sample-sized employed in the household survey that determines the unemployment rate — excluding a disproportionate share of inner-city households who were less likely to have jobs.
Over the years, American politicians have used statistical sleight of hand to protect themselves from the angry mobs of voters in a way that the witch doctors and high priests of the past could only envy.
In the old days, when the rains didn’t come and the crops failed, the high priests could not fool anyone by merely issuing a proclamation thanking the gods for bumper crops.
Today, Obama proclaims a “vigorous recovery” and The New York Times pretends to believe it.
But wait…
If you are a connoisseur of government press releases — and you actually believe them — you may imagine that the U.S. has been enjoying a “vigorous recovery,” as Barack Obama never tires of pretending.
Perhaps you were even convinced by the report of the U.S. unemployment rate falling from 5% in April 2016 to 4.7% in May 2016?
That is what the government reported.
But a closer look at the data reveals something else.
The decline of 484,000 unemployed persons reflected a mere 26,000 unemployed persons finding employment and 458,000 unemployed falling into a statistical “black hole.”

458,000 People Disappeared From the Labor Force

This highlighted a record monthly surge of 664,000 persons of working age dropping out of the workforce. As of May, workforce dropouts hit a record high of 94.7 million.
In other words, the reason that the unemployment rate fell was that lots of people were either defined into a “black hole” or voluntarily left the workforce.

No Hiring Surge

To the contrary, the headline gain of 38,000 net jobs reported in the Labor Department’s payroll survey was comprised entirely of fake jobs.
John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics has parsed the BLS numbers carefully. He reports that the BLS inflates its monthly account of new hires with approximately 200,000 fake jobs, including jobs conjured up by its so-called “Birth/Death Model” that are meant to account for new employment in startup companies that are too new to count.
Notwithstanding the fact that the BLS has been adding an average of 200,000 fake jobs to the monthly payroll report in recent years (as confirmed by the March 2015 benchmark downside revisions that subtracted 206,000 jobs), the actual employment picture has become so weak that they have brazenly added additional monthly upside biases.
That’s why Donald Trump says: “Only ‘dummies’ believe Fed’s unemployment figure.”
Donald Trump has tried to advance the national conversation by underscoring a point that should be evident to any thinking person. Namely, that the “recovery” the establishment is so keen to have you embrace is a fraud.
If elected president, Trump promises to draw back the veil of statistical flummery that disguises reality for credulous people. Trump is the first candidate in my memory to say he “will investigate the veracity of U.S. economic statistics produced by Washington — including ‘the way they are reported.’”
No wonder the establishment hates him.
As George Orwell, the author of 1984, put it: “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
Let’s look more closely to see why my comments and those of Donald Trump on the employment situation are not merely impudent name-calling, but sober conclusions informed by the facts.
Start with the issue of business dynamism that lies at the heart of a lot of statistical mischief in government pronouncements on the job market.
As economists Ian Hathaway and Robert E. Litan pointed out in research conducted for the Brookings Institution: “Historically one new business is born about every minute, while another one fails every 80 seconds.”
That was then.
Since the Great Recession, not so much. Now there are more failures than startups.
Business dynamism in the U.S. has been in long-term decline, so not all of the recent problems of entrepreneurial stagnation could be fairly attributed to Barack Obama. Nonetheless, extensive research shows that the old ratio of business births to deaths no longer holds.
The rate of business dynamism collapsed when the subprime bubble popped. Obama’s presidency is the first to see more firms go out of business than created. As you will readily understand, it makes a difference in a supposed “economic recovery” if business deaths run considerably ahead of new firm formations.
You might think that if the Brookings Institution can figure out that more firms are going out of business than are being created, then that insight should not elude the BLS. But it has, primarily because it gives the lie to the fake job strength the BLS ballyhoos every month.
Obama’s bean counters add about 200,000 (now 224,000) imaginary jobs each month through the “Birth/Death” model that continues to suppose — contrary to the evidence — that more jobs were created in new firms (births) than lost in firms going out of business (deaths). These fake jobs account for a big percentage of the growth in employment announced by the BLS.
The bottom line is that at least 4.5 million jobs announced during the Obama presidency never existed. They were statistical adjustments inserted in the data reflecting outdated historical ratios that no longer hold true.
But this is only part of the story.
The Brookings data, along with surveys conducted by Gallup, show that far from adding 200,000 jobs through the “Birth/Death” model, a more accurate report would have subtracted 70,000 jobs a month to account for the jobs that disappeared when firms died.
That would be another 840,000 annual jobs (or 2.5 million jobs subtracted since 2014). All told, 6.95 million (or 75%) of the officially announced 9.15 million jobs supposedly created through the first quarter of 2016 were fake.
I should point out that might actually be a low estimate, as the BLS inflates jobs estimates with seasonal-adjustment shenanigans that result in double counting of the same fake jobs, and other frauds that are too complicated to get into here.

Fake Employees Are Not Paid

You don’t need to be a Nobel Prize-winning economist to realize that fake employees cannot form the basis of a strong economy. Employers are not writing checks to employees that don’t exist outside of statistical models. The income those imaginary employees would be earning if they were real is not being spent at the businesses that are going out of business by the hundreds of thousands each year.
And, inevitably, if business deaths continue to outstrip business formations in an environment of slack consumer demand, the result to be expected is economic collapse.
Evidence of this is the growing tally of corporate debt defaults that normally precedes a recession. Both Moody’s and Deutsche Bank are predicting a surge in corporate debt defaults, perhaps as high as the 12 to 15% range typical of recessions.
That could be why financial stocks have been under-performing.

Declining Productivity Reflects Fake Jobs

Yet another telltale hint of the large number of fake jobs is the declining productivity that seems to puzzle so many mainstream economists.
Duh. Of course productivity is disappointing.
The millions of fake employees aren’t actually doing much heavy lifting, are they? The fake jobs obviously skew the denominator for calculating productivity growth. All the actual work is done by real employees who show up, not by statistical hypotheses.

A Turn for the Worse?

Be smart about it. You owe it to yourself to think about what it means when the government announces an increase of just 38,000 payroll jobs in a month when they ramped up the total of fake jobs to 224,000.
The mainstream economists took a variety of tacks to explain and rationalize this. Some blamed the Verizon strike for the weak payroll number. Others took the ridiculous view that an increase of only 38,000 payroll jobs in the month meant the U.S. economy was approaching “full employment,” meaning that wages would soon rise rapidly. What piffle!
You can do the arithmetic. And even if you can’t, John Williams has done it for you.
Williams reports: “Net of heavy seasonal distortions and bias factors, May payrolls likely plunged by about 200,000 (-200,000).”
Far from getting stronger, the economy is lurching to the downside. The politicians can disguise some of the weakness with dishonest statistics. Even so, reality inevitably begins to shine through.
Adjust your portfolio to reflect the rising prospect of acute weakness in an already bankrupt economy.

Fake Prosperity Winds Down

The long-term decline in median income, amplified in 2016 by the biggest drop in weekly earnings in history, puts the lie to the pretense of self-sustaining recovery. Average people don’t have enough discretionary income to sustain expanded economic activity.
If you have your wits about you, you will take the hint.

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Police can now steal money from debit and credit cards under asset forfeiture

Hand over your!

And who owns the patent on the virus? The Rockefeller Foundation!

Murdering humans since 1863

Orlando Shooting HOAX: Crisis Actor Returns Gun BAN Agenda EXPOSED (Reds...

Pulse FAKE Shooting: Citizen Calls & EXPOSES Fake Victim Angel Colon At ...

Three Syrian “Refugees” Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho

The sexual assault allegedly took place on June 2, but has received virtually no media attention aside from one vague KMVT report.
However, residents have been circulating what really happened on social media, with the Creeping Sharia blog reporting that the victim was a young girl who was born premature and is “less developed for her age”.
The perpetrators were three Syrian youths aged 8, 10 and 13, with the oldest boy directing the assault.
The little girl was playing outside Fawnbrook apartment buildings when the boys put a knife to her throat and forced her inside a laundry unit. She was then stripped naked, raped and urinated on. The 13-year-old reportedly told the younger boys to urinate on her because they were incapable of ejaculating.
The victim’s grandmother found the victim and then called the girl’s mother, who called the police. The police took 2 and a half hours to arrive but were unable to take any action due to the “language barrier”.
When she arrived, the mother of the alleged rapists was only able to say “no police,” while the father reportedly congratulated his 13-year-old son. Video of the entire assault was captured on the boy’s cellphone.
A follow-up KMTV report revealed that, “the case has officially been sealed by a judge with no chance of it ever being unsealed since all parties involved are minors.”
A video of a Twin Falls council meeting shows irate residents demanding to know why council members have done nothing to address the alleged rape, as well as numerous other issues involving Syrian refugees being housed in the area, including hit and run incidents and Muslims spitting on non-Muslims.
Around 50 Syrian “refugees” are reportedly housed at the Fawnbrook site.
Council members were also grilled as to how a mosque was approved after just 24 hours, whereas a new home application would take at least 2 weeks just to process.
In every instance, the council members claim ignorance as to the severity of the situation, with one even suggesting that residents’ concerns are based on anti-Muslim prejudice and even white supremacism.

Milo On Why Britain Should Leave The EU: To Stop Muslim Immigration

Call for Crisis Actors in Bernie's Hometown DURING the DNC!

The elite know the risk of Britain leaving the EU. They know that it risks setting some of their hard-earned minions free and that it will crush their long-term dreams of a one global currency and government. Ultimately, this would be a massive set back for them, and now we are seeing all the tricks coming out.

The fascist elite and celebrities, as well as every coven and satanic group, is PRO EU.

Brexit voters are those who want their lives back.

Choose wisely, Britain...

Anything but EU and Hitlery

All Customers Should Expect 14 Days Without Power

Arizona is already being conditioned with daily power outages and has been for some time. This is to get the masses into the new paradigm of the socialist system, DOING WITHOUT.

There is plenty of everything, but not if you listen to MSM on anything.

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Wargames on 9/11: (sub-clip) Dick Cheney ran the wargames?

How Muslim Countries Treat Homosexuals

Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,
The left wingers are spouting gibberish about this having nothing to do with Islam or Muslim beliefs. Bullshit. Muslims hate gays and think they should die for their lifestyles. It’s their law.
Source: WaPo

10 nations where the penalty for gay sex is death

By Colin Stewart
Ten nations with large Muslim populations have laws providing for the death penalty for same-sex activity.
Only a few actually impose the death sentence. Exactly how many is a difficult question.
The 2016 State-Sponsored Homophobia report from ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, lists 13-14 places that threaten the death penalty for homosexuality, including the basic 10 plus several specific variations:
  • One where executions occur — and go unpunished — despite the fact that there is no death-penalty law (Iraq);
  • One that has approved a death-penalty provision but has not yet incorporated it into the nation’s laws (Brunei);
  • One that conducts executions but is not recognized as a nation (the Islamic State, also known as Daesh, ISIS and ISIL);
  • One where, in theory, a particular interpretation of its laws would provide for the death penalty but, in practice, no executions have been reported (United Arab Emirates)
The ILGA list is quite similar to this blog’s list of those 14 countries, printed below:
A best-information-available list of countries/regions where executions for homosexual activity are carried out or are provided by current or future law:
Nations with such laws on the books; executions have been carried out
1. Iran
2. Saudi Arabia

Nations with such laws on the books; no recent executions reported
3. Sudan
4. Yemen
Nations with such laws on the books in part of the country; no verified executions for homosexual activity
5. Nigeria
6. Somalia
Nations with such laws on the books; no executions reported
7. Afghanistan
8. Mauritania

9. Pakistan
10. Qatar
Those are the “ten nations with large Muslim populations” mentioned in this article’s first paragraph.” In addition, executions and possible executions are an issue in four other places:
Nation with no such a law on the books; executions are carried out by militias and others
11.  Iraq
Not recognized as a nation; carries out executions
12. Daesh/the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)
The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah
The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah
Nation where such a law was scheduled to take effect in 2016 (but might not)
13. Brunei Darussalam
Nation where some interpretations of existing law would provide for the death penalty, but no executions have been reported
14. United Arab Emirates
News coverage in all of those nations is unreliable at best, so specific evidence of executions for same-sex intimacy is rare.  What’s known about some specific countries is cited below.
In Somaliaa gay teenager was reportedly stoned to death in 2013, but those reports have not been verified.
In Nigeria, the BBC reported in 2007, “More than a dozen Nigerian Muslims have been sentenced to death by stoning and for sexual offences ranging from adultery and homosexuality. But none of these death sentences have actually been carried out as they were either thrown out on appeal or commuted to prison terms as a result of pressure from human rights groups.”
In Sudan, the death penalty is in frequent use, but there are no recent reports of executions for same-sex intimacy.  In 2014, Sudan ranked at No. 6 worldwide in number of executions (23+) for various offenses, just below the United States, with 35, according to Amnesty International.
Similarly, Yemen is No. 7 in frequency of executions overall, but the death penalty apparently has not been imposed recently for homosexual activity.   Researchers for Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board reported more than 10 years ago, “Information on whether such sentences have been carried out was not found.” More recently an article on Yemen’s gay community in The Tower magazine stated, “Traditionally, that death penalty is not enforced, but citizens have been imprisoned for their sexual orientation.”
Saudi Arabia is  No. 3 among the world’s most avid executioners, with 90+ in 2014.  At least in the past, beheadings were imposed for homosexual behavior, including three men in 2002. Imprisonment and lashings are a more common punishment for same-sex activity.
Iran is No. 2 in the world for frequency of executions, behind China.  Those include executions for homosexual activity, although the facts are often unclear or misrepresented in such cases. (See, for example, “Bogus hanging in Iran, bogus tweets in Egypt” and “Series of public hangings in Iran, including 2 for sodomy.”)
Evidence is a bit clearer about two war-torn areas — Iraq and the territory controlled by  Daesh/the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).  The ILGA report of 2015 noted that “Iraq, although [the death penalty is] not in the civil code, clearly has judges and militias throughout the country that issue the death sentence for same-sex sexual behaviours. … We are also aware that in the Daesh(ISIS/ISIL)-held areas the death penalty is implemented (although a non-State actor, it is listed in the report). ” For examples, see:
In some nations, the death penalty is on the books but is not imposed. ILGA in 2015 stated:
Brunei Darussalam is due to activate the death penalty for same-sex sexual acts in 2016, but it seems likely that like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Qatar although it is on the statute, it will not be implemented.
ILGA reported in 2016 about Brunei: “there is no sign that the threatened death penalty is to be implemented.”
According to the U.S. Department of State, Mauritania belongs in this category too.  A U.S. Department of State cable from 2009, released by WikiLeaks in 2011, indicated that Mauritania has never imposed the death penalty for homosexual activity or any other crime.
ILGA reported in 2016 that “although is understood that the United Arab Emirates has not implemented [the death penalty] under the Sharia code, it remains a possibility under interpretations current in the Emirates.”

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What It's Like to Be in a Place Without Cell Towers or Wi-Fi

Google Recording Everything You Say Here's How To Stop It

Craigslist ads for trump rally attackers online for LA right now

How is this possible? So people are being paid to attack Americans who don't support witch Hiltlery...and isn't this against the law, a hate crime, and I know for a FACT there are dozens of laws on state and federal levels against insurrection, endorsing and creating riots, but gosh, when it comes to getting the lesbian in the white house, all those laws go right out the window.

These are really bad times. This kind of stuff is paid for and endorsed, but heaven help you if you disagree with climate change, but that is now against the law in kalifornia

A boot stamping on your face forever...for 15 bucks an hour


Six Deceptions Needed for Agenda 21