Sunday, August 11, 2019

Member of the tribe, still alive

Now confirmed.

Of course they did

Epstein look alike gets murdered in his stead, Epstein in already out of country.

Now how about you have complete proof, using the MSM's published stills on the "event," that Epstein was not killed or suicided, but in fact, a body double is put in his place. And if I can get this together with others, surely our vaunted police agencies can do it, with their 400k per man salaries at the low end, and all that fancy databases, spy network, snitch network CIs, and computers.

Surely...unless you don't want to do anything about it. Guess which way this one is?

And we know the name of the double, when they murdered him, and they kept his body in cold storage for months. That's how long the Justice Dept has been betrayed by satanic asset clown insiders. From the very beginning.

Already died his hair and changed his name (Johann), and enjoying a Southern France vacation. With little girls. 

Nothing changes.