Friday, August 30, 2019

1000s Of illegal aliens invade Greek Islands

Planned and coordinated invasion of Greek islands of Jihadis and Africans

130 brand new speed boats with 500 to 600 illegal invaders onboard landed in the outskirts of Skala Sykamineas on the island of Lesvos on Thursday afternoon, captained by white Americans and Germans.

All boats invaded at the same location in less than an hour. A coordinated operation, involving enormous amounts of money, supplies, food, weapons, and expensive boats.

Last time this happened was in the peak of invasion crisis in 2015.

It was shortly after 5pm, when several brand new boats piloted by white Americans were spotted on their way to Sykamia having crossed into Greek territorial waters with the Frontex apparently in the role of passive bystander.

A total of 546 people, men, women and children disembarked following instructions by illegal aliens by white NGOs with brand new speed launches, Aegean Boat Report reports. Notice how all pictures have the smugglers faces smugged out.
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According to local media, the illegal aliens are excepted to be transferred to the hot spot of Moria already overcrowded with more than 10,000 people, while its capacity is designed for 3,000. The Illuminati agenda of shoving illegal aliens into any country they can is proceeding apace. No one is arrested, and this operation continues around the clock, with the "poor refugees" givens thousands of Euros in cash and maps and guides to get them quickly into the major cities with assistance to file for govt assistance within 24 hours of arrival.

It is the largest number of illegal aliens massively coming to Lesvos from the Turkish coast since the invasion crisis in 2015-2016.
This picture is not of the invaders, but the smugglers and NGO assets. IF they showed you pictures, and none are available, of the invaders. Heavily armed, no women or children, and under 30, then no one would have any sympathy. Just the opposite, if thousands of armed black guys came into your town and started taking over entire sections of it, you'd be very unhappy. Or completely insane to want that. Just ask the locals in Europe how this jihadi invasion thing is working out for them.

This is an invasion force, well funded, organized and coordinated.
They say that 60,000 illegal aliens of Moria have not been medically registered.

Political and military leadership of the Greek Shipping Ministry are concerned not only about the massive arrivals on Thursday but also for their increase in the month of  August.

Next to the massive arrivals on Lesvos, a total of 1220 illegal aliens landed on the islands of Farmakonisi, Kos, Lesvos as well as in Alexandroupolis in north-eastern Greece.
According to latest data, the islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea Lesvos, Chios, Samos, leros and Kos are hosting more than 24,000 illegal aliens.

The Ministry is to hold an extraordinary meeting on the issue is to take place on Friday noon.

There are reportedly still 4 patrol boats in the area of Sykamia. Which seemingly do nothing.

The massive arrivals coincide with the growing tension between Turkey with the US and the European Union. Granting smugglers freedom of movement would increase the political pressure, Ankara seems to think.

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any facts about the "NGO"
odd omission there

Where I live they only have to travel 5-6 miles or less to get here. Those pics were at a place on the north shore. 2-3 mile journey. Spotters are watching Turkey coast guard doing nothing to stop them.

It's an illegal invasion, the working of World Judea, financed by the likes of Soros and his ilk. They are trying to systematically destroy white civilization - an act of war.
Ah New Africa will welcome their replacements, most (people formerly know as) Europeans are actually excited about their own impending extinction, they not only facilitate it but even demonize those who would stop it. Some day science will understand this mentality of self immolation but until then we can only slowly shake our heads in horror as we watch the greatest race to ever walk the earth build up its own funeral pyre. 
If Europeans are so stupid, they must suffer. Americans are dumb too and must suffer too.
Very soon, Russia in the West will border the European Caliphate. And in the East in the Alaska region, it borders on Latin America.
Hello new wonderful world! Hello to all stupid globalists!
Nice, new boats...provided by whom? Investigate!
Once again those NGOs are guily of massive replacement invasion of white people.
I wouldn't be surprised to see some of those ngos financed by soros and run by kikes at work :
How to destabilize an ennemy, or an entire continent : send them waves of jihadi killers.
(((Our best allies)))
tow the boats back to Africa.  Shoot the captain on site, for international piracy and human trafficking.  Sink the boats.
These people are modern-day slavers.  No mercy.

Cut all funding for NGOs. End all tax advantages to Foundations/Charities, end all Foreign Aid. They can find normal jobs. If they want an occupation where they feel good about themselves they can start a business and experience what real work is like.
Sure many of them are nice and well-meaning, but my God, they are coddled and utterly clueless. There's no reason for taxpayers to support their Savior Complex dreams.
It takes 3 hours just to feed the people in new arrivals. We were worried about the day when Erdogan told his coast guard to start letting boats through. That is exactly what's happening. He will flood Greece and the EU with refugees. 6000 refugees in the last 90 days just on Lesvos. Chios and Samos are being over run as well. 
Sounds like every liberal run city in America. Whites who hate themselves, because the jewish meme tells them to hate themselves. And the fuckers do it, to all amazement.