Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tom Hanks, Isaac Kappy, and his Dead Man's Switch: Roadkill at Route 66

Thor actor Isaac Kappy dies after being thrown from a bridge on
13th Monday May, 7:26am.
Ruled by Satan...handles "accident" scene

Arizona185source: Bing 1 viewMay 15, 2019 00:11am
The actor was pronounced dead at the scene on Monday, Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman ... troopers were called to Interstate 40 eastbound at Transwestern Road (milepost 185)

Hot, no one around, nothing to see or do, just a gas station...

He was murdered for exposing Hollywood pedophilia. To whitewash it as a suicide is a mistake. There were not "several bystanders" who tried to stop him from jumping. Those were the hired thugs who threw him off the overpass. People don't hang out in groups on highway overpasses. Not at 7 in the morning.

How did Kappy get there?

Who were these men that caused him to "forcibly suicide?" that had hands on him?

If Kappy got there by his own vehicle.. then how does the order of events make sense.

The bridge is next to the guardrail. The guardrail has enough room for a vehicle to pull over. No one cares about anyone anymore and even then, the people who do are too comatose to notice in the amount of time it would take him to jump.

So how did they get to him before he jumped, if he had a car?

And if he did not have a car, why in the heck is he on some random bridge out nowhere Bellemont? And again who were those men?

A bridge of that height... does not even usually call up the idea of jumping. You won't die. You'll get squished below. So were these men mind readers?

See you can obscure the truth. But if someone can critically analyze, you can't refute it.

Bellemont has a HUGE DUMB facility at site, but down the paved road going out of the gas station to the south. In point of fact, the whole area is a massive base, used for storing missile parts, MKultra, etc.

As it happens, I was in Bellemont Arizona a few weeks ago to pick up a friend and bring them home from their vacation in out Sedona way. I stopped there at the pilot for gas. It is hot, there is ZERO pedestrian traffic, except for people gassing their cars and moving along. So a group of people hanging out at the bridge to stop him from jumping is a DIP - Disinformation Protocol. He was obviously thrown off into traffic, as Tom Hanks predicted some days before hand.

Dead Men tell no tales, eh Tom?

Hanks was outed as a PEDOPHILE by Kappy. And he had proof. Video proof. Which he  started sharing on 4chan, 8chan, and the world at large, ala Cory Feldmen and others have done. For this, he was murdered by the very people he outed, Hanks being the lead on this as it was Hank's tweet that called out the hit on him, including a shot of the location, which matches the type of sandy ground in that small one stop light town.

This was a hit. He was killed. This is the price whistle-blowers often pay when they can directly finger high level people in the media and government. The modern word is, Arkancide.

Link to kill site,+Arizona+86001/@35.2240446,-111.8129342,5139m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x87328077afe229dd:0xbb6871a015e4914c!8m2!3d35.2912627!4d-111.8688331 

"“It’s one of Arizona’s best kept secrets. The way they are running it right now is interesting. They are doing work for the Air Force and Navy. It is a state facility owned by the State of Arizona. The National Guard is running it but they have private contractors running the storage of it. It is self-sustaining; meaning the State of Arizona makes money off it,” Thorpe explained in a recent interview James T. Harris radio show. “We are not paying for that facility and it is paying the state. And the money goes into the general budget. For example, they have taken some of these 1940’s bunkers and they have gone in and put in new floors and you have this absolutely flat, pristine floor where you can then use a jack for moving heavy objects around but on air power. These jacks will float a Titan Missile Rocket assembly on a curtain of air as they move it around inside this facility. They store these engines there; they store jet engines that go into the F-22 fighter jet.”

Ritual Sacrifice Altar, with black sun motif, blood drains around base, and masonic floor tiling.
 The above screen shot is from one of the Kappy Videos that exposed little girls cleaning up blood from a recently used human sacrifice altar somewhere in Hollywood or Mardon.

Bellemont's only claim to fame is, that it is the highest point of the entire route 66.