Tuesday, April 23, 2019

THis is NOT Hillary Clinton

First, the eyes are wrong. Second, the Hillary II a month ago had the neck of a 40 year old and now, whammo, she has the neck of a woman in her 70s. Still, the eyes are wrong. I've identifed 3 body doubles they have used in the last 5 months.

The Hildebeast has a distinct cackle (to go with her cankles) and voice. None of these hypnotized and MKultra'd doubles has her voice nailed. NONE OF THEM. You can hear it. It's close, but that cackle is hard to copy. They all laugh like normal women. Real beastly women don't laugh, they cackle. I hear both kinds every where I go. Sad to say.

Also, where is that colostomy rig the Hildebeast had to wear, forcing her to wear tent drapery clothes to hide the thing? All these doubles are taller, thinner, and wear the usual fugly pant suit thingy older women wear that kills out the last of any remaining femininity.

There is a reason they are not reporting her death. Because to do so, would be to admit to lying, BY EVERY BODY, over the last 2 and a half years that she was alive, and was in the running for POTUS. And that would mean at least a dozen felonies for all involved. They must have some reason for keeping the fiction going, beyond the 2016 coverup.

The grand druid high priestess is dead. Morte. Finished. Prayers answered, thanks be to YHVH.

Here is the proof.

A December 2018 Hillary II, wrong eyes, nose, chin and mainly HER AGE. One glance tells you this is NOT HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.
Not her. Nope

How stupid do they think some of us are?

One of the body doubles they trotted out in January. They used this one a few times and she hasn't been seen since.

A completely different woman again. Now much older. This is the one of TWO they are now using, April 2019. They will settle in on one, once they decide which one to use.
Older Hillary II, much aged, but still the ears and eyes are wrong. And frankly, so is the energy. The real Hildebeast had a dark, sickening energy only the damned could love. This woman has demons, to be sure, but she hasn't plumbed the depths of child sacrifice, wholesale murder, and wanton horrific lesbianism the Hildebeast radiated. Frankly, they over aged this one. However it is they do such things. The payoff must be something to allow someone to ugly you up like this, especially for a vain woman.

The one and only HILDEBEAST, DOA 9-11-16


I find it amazing that Hillary would poke a stick into the Trump hornet nest.  After the past two years, zero chance that Trump would still comment "The Clintons are good people".  Trump is not going to forget what Hillary and her sycophants including Lynch, Holder, Comey, and the rest of the Washington DOJ and FBI leadership and bureaucrats tried to do to him. 
If Hillary had any sense at all, would shut her pie hole, lay low, and just fade away with her Clinton Foundation $ millions.
AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Sanders, Kamala, and the rest of the lunatic Left are making sure that Trump gets re-elected in 2020.  Hope they never shut up.  The next six years of the upcoming whirlwind of legal poop is going to grind and torture Hillary, Slick, and all their toadies.  They deserve everything they get - good and hard.
(never happen. you cannot prosecute a dead woman. DB)
There will be no fading away.  There is simply too much criminality going on across the system.  This criminality isn't just people stealing money.   Child trafficking, and worse are at the center of this.  There have been prosecutorial teams working very hard for over a year to get the evidence locked-down.  Part of the problem is the willful ignorance of the public, and the psychological attacks perpetrated by the media.
The next couple months will result in many people being shocked by what comes out.  Most people will have a hard time coming to grips with the depths of evil they are about to be presented with.
(Wikileaks proved these monsters were and are, satanists. How much worse can it be, once "spirit cooking" a dead child came to light? DB)