Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Smartest Woman in the World is also the most bizarre and deranged person in the world

Semiramis, the original nasty Hillary spirit
The Hildebeast, nastiest satanic skank in the world.

By Don Bradley

Just a quick thought here. I should have written this note a couple of days ago. I would say immediately after the Grammys, but I was too busy shaking my head.

I don’t watch award shows. None of them. But, I did see the clips of Hillary Clinton, whom other witches allege is the smartest woman in the world, reading passages from “Fire and Fury” like a demented grandmother ready to devour her children. This was surreal. This was bizarre. This of course, is the Hildebeast ver 2.0

I understand that anyone reading this knows what happened. How can you not? Those of us who paid attention in the 90’s were bombarded by the useful tools beholden in the covens and in the media about how Hillary Clinton was “the smartest woman in the world!” Of course, smart women in the world snickered and laughed at this, but, hey! - who was going to question it? Certainly not CNN, a front company for the CIA, and who always has the Hillary's back, no matter how many people she orders murdered.

Regardless, I am now convinced that The Smartest Woman in the World is also the most bizarre and deranged person in the world. I'm not just talking about the stumbles, the trips, the “deh duh dohs” of some of her public appearances, but of the bizarro nature of her behavior since losing the election. The demonic rage and wild eyes, as she casts her glare about those around her, seeking a victim, sexual or for sacrifice. And her little performance (that’s what it was) the other night at the Grammys was just plain bizarre.

It certainly was an odd political statement for the show biz freaks to invite Hillary to the show. I mean, why would you? Who really wants her  - anywhere? Obviously in the land of cocaine and personal body guards it is easy to overlook one’s shortcomings in the name of politics (helllloooo Harvey). But Hillary’s shortcomings are so many. And so vast. And so…gross.  And nasty. Her sexual escapades are common gossip among dark-siders. Her confirmed public kill count is over 100 bodies. Who knows how many were slaughtered on the altars of Satan over the years. A thousand? More?

It is alleged that John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chair, wrote in an email that The Smartest Woman in the World emitted an odor that smelled like “boiled cabbage, urine and farts.” says this is not true, so if Snopes is saying that, it must be true. I don’t doubt it. It is a flat fact that demons and the demonically possessed emit an odor that smells like urine and sulfur. They stink. Badly.

I constantly come across these creatures in public - mostly women - infested with sometimes dozens of such entities and they smell like rotten tuna and a dead animal, found in the forest. Of course, the skanks themselves cannot smell themselves. Only those outside of that reality can discern the stink that is the body odor of a witch. Frankly, I don't know how the lesbians do it. I would be vomiting constantly, especially in the bedroom.

So why would the prettiest cocaine-hopped egos invite Hillary to the Grammy’s?  Because of orders. Hildebeast, even the double they now have in play, is still regarded as a high preistess, council of 13, grand druid of witches. No matter how much your repugnant leader stinketh, you still have to kiss their ass in their world and pretend they are wonderful and constantly affirm your applause and approval. OR ELSE.

A 'women's alternative chorus - a coven of witches' desecrated an old gospel song at an official campaign stop, replacing the word 'Jesus' with the word 'Hillary.' It's not the first time lesbian witches have blasphemed and tried to deify the Hildebeast.
A demonic Screech demon from hell

That is part of the bizarreness. They keep dragging this corpse body double into the public eye to remind everyone their stinky leader is still alive and in charge. And they, the left, the satanists, the mentally ill believe it, too.

Years ago...before the beast got into her arranged marriage with the Bill - because she is a nasty lesbian.
Hillary had recently broke up with her boyfriend, and was at a party,in which many people were there. At about 2 in the morning, as the scent of body odor, stale beer and urine kicked out some of the more sober of party-goers, she started to read aloud old love letters from her former beau (this was before email was popular. And texting).
“He loved me - burp! - and he wanted to marry me - hiccup!- but now the bastard is with someone else!!! Fu*k him!!! Oh, but I love him…why did he dump me?? I miss him and want him back - hick!-” Then she threw up. She was talking about Bill. Lying in her vomit, urine, and filth, she flopped around on the floor giggling. And this freak almost became our president.

Uhh….he dumped you because you are a lunatic, you smell bad, and witches just flat out stink. And, this is bizarre. And, in any state of sobriety you are an idiot to get up and read these letters. Not very smart. Especially for The Smartest Woman in the World. Because, that is just plain bizarre.

It's hard to imagine that the women of the west had lined up behind the walking colostomy bag - what with her string of corpses and openness about her predatory lesbian conquests.What women don't realize is that their symbol and leader of women's rights, just makes their satanic cause a laughing stock the world over to those not enslaved with ritual sacrifice, slave programming, and stunted lifestyle realities.

Too bad. Yeshua trumps satan and every time. You witches need to get over it.
Choosing Saul Alinsky as the subject of her thesis was an open tell to the dark side.

Intelligence is now a label for sale at Universities, dispensed by the MSM and awarded to parrots capable of repeating the correct dogma of the satanic network.