Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pesticides from planes now in California causing death and sickness Children breaking out in rashes at at least a half dozen schools in Orange County, CA

Children at multiple schools in Orange County California are breaking out in strange skin rashes
(Editor’s note: We’ve reported on the parents fighting to stop pesticide spraying in Orange County California (where I will speak this weekend and leave for in the morning) and are wondering if this is what’s causing the outbreaks. Read on.)
Parents at Lake Forest Elementary School (and other nearby schools) want to know what’s causing skin irritation on dozens of students and staff. And now the Unified School District says there are reports of “outbreaks” at five other schools in the district. They are not disclosing the names at this time.
The reports of skin irritation began more than two weeks ago, but the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District has been able to identify the cause as zika spraying << Gee, did they ever wonder if the cause was… (shocker) THEM!??
KTLA 5 reports The Saddleback Valley Unified School District released the following statement, “Out of an extreme abundance of caution, the entire campus will be sprayed again this weekend, both inside and outside classrooms, and all field areas to ensure that all concerns have been addressed.”
Come on people.
Source: KTLA 5