Friday, November 7, 2014

Living outside the box

This fire spirit manifested in the presence of the family, holidays a few years ago. I was blessing the home and hearth. One can see the head, mouth, shoulders etc, of...something. Rather than tell you what it is or isn't, I'd rather just point out the visible and you can come to your own conclusions. Excuse the oblique, short explanations - huge fever at 104 and raw throat and congested lungs. But at least I'm annoying you with something completely different, rather than pointing out the ugly of earth. This is the kind of thing that REALLY interests me and is of moment. That which is reality, but not the usual news, weather, and sports reality the controllers would have us focused on. I'd rather understand the consciousness behind the visible meat sack form. The thing that is eternal: our spirit and soul.

Here is just a normal fire, on another day. For comparison. Of course, the angels at the direction of the Most High are always revealing something to those that are seeking, so look at the 3 letters in the fire and the three letters in the painting above that was done 10 years before. Is anything ever ordinary? This is for those who see and refuse to sleep-walk through their day; for others, surely there are tv shows and sports channels about for the dimwitted and blind. If a pic is put up, there is always a lot going on. So open your eyes and see with the eyes of your heart.
3 Separate spirits in the campfire. It's always a wise thing to bless the water in a place and any fire that's abouts. This adds a higher spiritual aspect to the ordinary life that exists in these elements. My blessing usually runs along the line of, "Bless this fire Lord and may it light our way and keep us focused on your Holy Presence." Or versions of that. Whatever comes to the mind and heart at the time.

Yet another campfire fire spirit. Most satanically controlled preachers who really work on behalf of the Beast and the covens will decry any of our Father's angels in our world. Devils like that mislead people by giving out misinformation and steering them away from the presence and blessing of God. Yeshua, YHWH, These are the the creators of our reality.