Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor attack

Pearl Harbor, target rich environment with ships packed 3 deep. To entice the Japanese to hit us.

I am very well aware we were tricked into WW2. I am also very much aware that JAPAN was slicing and dicing it's way through most of the Pacific, outright murdering entire indigenous populations left and right. What they did in China alone has never been completely revealed. But the entire communities in that country wiped out by Japanese invaders is in excess of 3.2 millions.

So, someone had to stop them. The very first casualties was my mother's uncle, John John, killed by an exploding bomb on the battleship California. He had good eyes.

But also, who enabled them to go on this rampage, doing and saying nothing for ten long years while the Japanese ran roughshod over most of the Pacific? Who made Pearl such a target rich environment, but conveniently moving the large aircraft carriers far out to sea the very week the attack set sail? And leaving thousands of sailors, their ships, and airfields in stand down mode and lax security so the Japos couldn't help but hit something.

Why did senior officers bury any reports of the Japanese in US waters in the two weeks leading up to the attack and in several cases, sending airmen and sailors off island to shut them up about seeing Jap ships and submarines while out on patrol?

Quite a few people have blood on their hands in this little affair. ONI assets made sure double agents were assured that no real defense of the island would take place, if Japan did what was wanted. So it did. This all came out in declas decades later.
Britain and the USA.

USS California, battleship my Great Uncle was on, John Martin. Killed in the attack.