Monday, December 30, 2019

Monday news...that affects us all in 2020

CIA keeping the mass "white" shooter meme going.

Starting January 1st, this governor will send troops and cops door to door to seize weapons. And brags about having lists from ammo purchases, target range attendance, and social media. See, they DO SPY ON YOU.

Because attendance and reviews are that this movie is such a virtue signalling SJW stinker, the left and their MSM outlets are using fake accounts to punch up the review numbers. Almost every real star wars fan has and is, actually boycotting the movie. It's that bad. Every guy I know refuses to see this film. Not a single penny for Disney and their satanic agenda.

"Look here, I've known and befriended blacks who were intelligent and civil. That said they were rare, a drop in the proverbial bucket, compared to the general population. During a televised sports game last night it seemed like EVERY FUCKING COMMERCIAL HAD A SUAVE BLACK GUY WITH A WHITE WOMAN. Of course every white guy was either a spineless consumer cuck, an idiot, or a criminal. This horse has been beaten to death but I don't care I'm beating it some more. How many young white girls have to get beaten into the hospital or into the grave because they fell for this false reality? All you have to do is watch a cop ride-along show on the justice networks and watch the news to see how reversed this reality actually is."

"All advertising in every corporate store, shows all families to be mixed families of multiple races. Usually, black father, blond white mother. White Father and black or Asian mother, etc. It's okay and fine, but that is not reality for 99% of the population. This proves the mind control agenda, mainly affecting young children as they start to form their life opinions."