Monday, December 30, 2019

Southern Poverty Law Center Oddly Silent On Domestic Terror Attack Against Jews by BLACK JIHADI

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,
The Southern Poverty Law Center has remained completely silent about the domestic terror attack against Hasidic Jews, presumably because it was carried out by a non-white person. Only whitey gets attacked for attacking. 

It is interesting that neither most middle-class Blacks buy into the homo agenda or communism - and yet they are not castigated by the media or the satanic left.  The Hasidic Jews aren't buying into the VACCINES agenda; THEY know damn well about the toxicity and the REAL PURPOSE for 73 vaccinations for a child. You stick a cocktail of 73 highly poisonous and toxic chemicals into a young 1 year old body and, if it lives, you end up with a freak of nature that results in a terrible existence for all concerned.

Grafton E. Thomas entered a a rabbi’s home and stabbed five people as they celebrated Hanukkah in an Orthodox Jewish community in New York City on Saturday night.
Only white people get reported on with freak out level hysteria. Everyone else gets a pass.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo quickly announced that the stabbings were an act of domestic terrorism “spurred by hate.”

Another attack earlier this month on a kosher grocery store in New Jersey was carried out by assailants motivated by black supremacist ideology.

Despite the SPLC constantly fanning the flames of hysteria over domestic extremism, the organization has not commented on Saturday’s attack.

“Nothing from the SPLC about last night’s domestic terrorist attack against Hasidic Jews,” remarked Mike Cernovich.

Indeed, a brief perusal of the SPLC’s Twitter account contains no mention whatsoever of the attack two days after it took place.

The day after the attack, the group tweeted about challenging Trump’s policy on asylum seekers, but there was nothing about Saturday night’s tragedy.

Meanwhile, according to numerous leftists, the attack, carried out by a black man, can be blamed on white supremacy. These people are batshit crazy and they claim Trump is the problem? Let's face it...the satanists logic simply does not exist. And these freaks are flat out crazy. And, it's white leftists hating the white guy. Make sense out of that shit, it you can.


The Southern Poverty Law Center IS a Domestic Terror Attack.

Non-Jews attacking JEWS = Potus, Governor, Mayor, and Chief of Police line up to accuse the whole world
Anyone attacking White Christian Men = Normal day in the neighborhood

Just like the ACLU is oddly silent about public schools teaching Muslims studies and using the koran in classrooms.  Also in some heavily muslim areas they broadcast the muslim call to prayer over the PA and allow the students to use their prayer mats.  

And yet the ACLU fought even a simple prayer in school or using the bible even for a door stop.  Can you imagine the fit they would through if there was a public call for a christian prayer for the students to leave class and attend?

Prayer and bibles were banned in public schools in 1963 the week after JFK was murdered. Quick congressional session by Jewish lobbyists were the cause behind the removal of YHVH from education. But, today, they teach wiccan, witchcraft, muslim, Koran, et al and no problem baby, no problem at all. Does anyone have to ask why?

Now we know why the Jewish mayor of Jersey City immediately proclaimed that the recent mass shooting at a kosher market was an 'antisemitic hate crime' even before the police had a chance to investigate it -- the mayor already knew there was an ongoing turf war between the local Blacks and the wealthier Hasidic Jews who are trying to forcefully push them out:
Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is calling on a school board member to resign after she called the Jewish community in the Greenville neighborhood "brutes" who have "threatened, intimidated and harassed" black homeowners.
Joan Terrell-Paige made the comments in a Facebook post responding to an online story about Jersey City fighting hate in the wake of the mass shooting last week. Two members of the city's growing Hasidic community, as well as a store employee and a Jersey City police detective were killed by an armed man and woman in what authorities are calling a hate crime.
"She should resign," Fulop said in a tweet. "That type of language has no place in our schools and no place amongst elected officials. Imagine she said this about any other community -- what would the reaction be? The same standard should apply here."
Terrell-Paige, whose term ends Dec. 31, 2020, ended her commentary by saying she was speaking "as a private citizen, not as an elected member of the Board of Education." The Facebook post has since been deleted [by Facebook.]
...In 2017, Jersey City passed a "no-knock" law, partly in response to complaints by some homeowners in the Greenville section and other areas of the city that they were being harassed by people wanting to purchase their homes.
Before you begin to pass judgment, do yourself a favor and Google: The Crown Heights Riot
Understand the tension between Blacks and Jews in NYC, among other places.
The SPLC doesn't want anyone to know how they treat blacks, and others.......
 SPLC is an Anti Christian hate group that promotes Jewish supremacy by weaponizing black on white violence.  It does a sideline in shakedowns..."Give us money or we will accuse you of being racist".   Never give a single penny to these shysters.

The ADL, SPLC and thousands of other Jewish-controlled NGOs work to undermine our country, demonize white people, relentlessly attack our rights, and leave our borders wide open. What sort of "friend" does that? To this end (((Hollywood))) make countless movies about WWII and the "holocaust" because they need to use their contrived victimhood as a cover so that they can continue getting away with their thinly-veiled Talmudic, anti-Christ agenda.
Lastly, this stabbing attack was not an act of terrorism. They only call it such because the victims were Jewish, but Christians are victimized every day and it's crickets from the MSM.