Saturday, December 28, 2019

Tow truck guy shows up, says he tows a LOT of Teslas. “I hate this car”

It seems as though there is a new Tesla horror story on social media every day.
Writing about and highlighting all of these would necessitate an entirely new Zero Hedge department focused solely on this one task, so we save our "horror story" posts for the ones that stand out.
Such was the case with a story that spanned four days over the holiday when Serena Dai, editor for Eater NY, celebrated her holiday season with her father - and their bricked Tesla.
the rolling turd mobile. Price? $105,000.00

Serena took to Twitter to highlight her horror story, one exasperated Tweet at a time. First, two days before Christmas, she noted that her father's Tesla had "bricked" and wouldn't open.

Serena calls to get a tow and when the driver shows up, he remarks that he tows "a lot" of Teslas and that he "hates this car".

“It could be something very very minor or it could be something major,” the driver says, according to Serena. Even with the smallest issue, the car requires a tow, she notes. She also says her parents have had the car for less than a year.

...but like any good Tesla cult member, she says her father defended the car needing repairs so soon. For the 4th time since he bought it. Total repair costs so far, $20,000.00 parts and labor.

And so the car was promptly returned to them and the story ends, right? Wrong - of course.
Serena took back to Twitter 3 days later to share an update to the story: Tesla had "lost the car", saying it "cannot be found at the service center" where it supposedly had been taken to. Oh, and don't expect the company to supply a loaner car in the interim, either, she said.

From there, Serena tries to get customer service the only way people seem to be able to - by pleading with Elon Musk on Twitter. "

What's the deal?" she asked Musk on Twitter. "Treating your biggest fans (AKA my dad) like this doesn't seem like the best business practice," she continues.
Finally, later in the day on the 26th, she remarked that the "car is back".

"They took hours to find it because without the key, they couldn't find it even though it was in the parking lot," Dai concluded. The issue that left Dai's father without a car for 4 days turned out to be a "loose cable". Repair cost? $7,800.00
Just another day flying toward Elon Musk's future at 5 miles an hour...

source zerohedge