Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tesla Owners Wait In Half-Mile-Long Line To Charge Their Cars On Black Friday

 The shits and giggles part  about Tesla stations is fully 40% of them are run by DIESEL GENERATORS, WHICH EMIT 25 TIMES THE POLLUTION GASOLINE CARS DO. You never hear about that part. Running diesel, to power EV, to cut pollution of gas. You see the lie now. I've been telling you people for 15 years about this. And, the average EV car, with a full charge, has a range of 120 miles, tops. That's not very far, given where you might want to go, be, and do. And recharging takes anywhere from an hour to 3 hours. Just to go another 100 miles.

You cannot be that stupid to see how VERY BAD this all is. It's the rich, elite satanic left buying these and snobbing it up to people, not the average joe.

Dozens of Agenda 21 promoting satanists who have convinced the public that they are single-handedly saving the planet wound up spending an average of SIX HOURS of their Black Friday waiting on an extensive line to have their cars charged. NOT COUNTING CHARGING TIME. Many Teslas had to be towed away because their batteries drained dry. End of vacation. End of plans. and YOU ARE FUCKED.

Let that sink in. Really. You think about that. SELA.

Because that's the future of America if we ever go full EV. Cars with no range. No ability to charge en route. And stuck with NO POWER to get to a charger.

The Kettleman City Supercharger station, which boasts 40 charging stalls, was "overrun" on Black Friday, according to video and photos posted by the Daily Mail. These lines are being reported from ALL OVER THE WORLD, and not a single mention about it in the MSM. 

And why? Because once you see the future of this stupidity, you will never buy one of these low distance turd mobiles that self combust. That's why.

Shanon Stellini was traveling through the area on November 30 and found a backlog of "around 50" Teslas waiting to charge at the station which is off Interstate 5. Among dozens of other Tesla charge stations with lines 2 to 6 blocks long.

The scene has become more common at Superchargers around the U.S. "Bet they wish they had gas," Stellini's partner says in the video. 

The icing on the cake is the fact that when more cars are trying to recharge at once, it slows down the process of recharging for everybody else. 

It was unclear exactly how long drivers were forced to wait to have their cars fully charged, but one person Tweeted that they had been waiting on line for 40 minutes and was only "halfway" to the charger. 

There are now around 400,000 Teslas on the roads of the U.S. and the company's commitment to hoarding its cash by any means necessary, including not paying bills and not investing in its Supercharger network, could finally be coming back to bite its owners in pronounced fashion.

The day before Black Friday, another video was posted online showing 15 Teslas waiting at a Supercharger station in San Luis Obispo at about 4:45pm on the Thanksgiving holiday. Owners can reach a 100% charge in 175 minutes according to the article. 

The video shows a line of cars wrapped around the Madonna Inn, with many owners waiting outside their vehicles, waiting for their chance to charge their cars.

"Supercharger stations are conveniently located near desirable amenities like restaurants, shops and WiFi hotspots. Each station contains multiple Superchargers to get you back on the road quickly," Tesla says. WHICH IS A DAMNED LIE. If you are in a line, you have to stay with the car to keep moving it up. And as anyone who pays attention knows, Tesla and most EV charging stations are USUALLY PLACED IN THE WORST AND MOST DANGEROUS PARTS OF TOWN, where robberies, theft, murder, and rapes are HIGHEST.

This is all by design.

Hey Greta? Go F yourself and your satanic handlers. I saw that video of your mommy the witch, doing a ritual with her coven. Then youtube took it down, but I have it, you hate filled little lesbian.

From the Internet

This year I drove my Lexus from Palo Alto to Las Vegas for 7 hours with only 1 gas stop and 2 meal stops. Last year, same route same kick off time (11AM Wednesday), with Tesla 250mi cruising range, it took us 12 hours and we had waited at 3 Supercharging stops (Kettleman City, Mojave, and Baker, with meals on site). HUGE hassle there but it sure leaves much to be desired. Will never do EV long distance again.
What happens with PG&E and Edison decides to pull their plugs as they do now EVERY WEEK for the most bullshit of reasons? In Cali, power is now optional, like every other 3rd world shit hole.
(F)Elon Musk: inventor of the Tesla Portable Human BBQ'ing Machine. Now available with more powerfully exploding Lithium batteries for that extra charcoal taste!

You should come to Alabama. Super charger stations are things that don't exist. You charge at home or not at all unless you drive 100 miles to the big city. To get a 100 mile charge in our state takes 6 hours. SIX HOURS. To go a measly 100 miles. You people are fucking stupid for buying this garbage. Even then, once in the city, to go another 100 miles the charger takes 4 HOURS.

Toysla: 175 minutes + waiting time to get to the charger. (hahahahahaha fags)
Gas guzzling V8:  1 minute to fill up tank.
My friend in Berzerkely CA has a Tesla and has been trying to hook me up to the Tesla lifestyle. Here's his pitch..."my Tesla gets 300 MPC, it's clean, green, powerful, stylish. Battery charges in 2 hours if fully drained, at a super charger. Wow! Only two hours to charge up your car....yeah only two hours...if the charger is free to use. If it's not free...just go grab a cup of coffee and relax....relax? "
Relax? And how many of those super chargers are around? Never saw one.
So my current SUV has a 26 gallon tank...runs on regular....gets 535 MPT...takes less than 10 minutes to fill up. Fuel is available every 10 miles between stops. I drive across the country a couple of times a year. Some parts of the country you travel 400 miles between gas stations. I never see electric charging stations along the way. Not even at the gas stations or truck stops.
So I'm having a hard time excepting the idea of this green new the way which uses mostly coal, diesel or natural gas to power the generators that power up the Tesla's. 
This story quoted here just adds to my skepticism about drinking the koolaid.
And if your Tesla is in a wreck and totaled it's considered hazardous waste and the junk yard won't accept it.
Convince me this Tesla thing works.....if you can.  You shills make me sick.
Exactly right.  Fill your tank in 10 minutes, probably somewhere around a 30 MW (yes megawatt) power transfer.  And you can do it anywhere.  Tesla 60 kWh battery in 2 hours is 0.12 MW.  No thanks.  I love the energy density of liquid hydrocarbons.  And as you are probably aware, CO2 doesn't cause climate change. Liberals are literally brain dead retards.
 Running down their batteries waiting in line to charge their batteries...