Monday, December 9, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Reveals Millions In Corporate Consulting Income

Pocahontas not only gets a free ride through University pretending to be an Indian, she already gets payola...while in school. Wow...these agency spooks are rolling in it. Money and shite, that is.

After months of dodging questions over her income, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) revealed on Sunday night that she made nearly $2 million from legal consulting for corporate clients while she was a law professor at Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and other law schools, starting in 1995.

Fake and Gay...and CIA

The income included $212,000 for representing Travelers Indemnity Co. in 2009, $190,000 for representing a department store chain, and $80,000 doing bankruptcy work for Enron creditors.

The Washington Post immediately framed the disclosure as an example of hypocrisy, saying Warren's past income "doesn't fit neatly with her current presidential campaign brand as a crusader against corporate interests."
For instance, the documents released Sunday show that Warren made about $80,000 from work she did for creditors in the energy company Enron’s bankruptcy and $20,000 as a consultant for Dow Chemical, a company that was trying to limit the liability it faced from silicone breast implants that were made by a connected firm. -Washington Post
Warren's critics, such as Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, seized on the opportunity to suggest that "While she advocates for socialism she hypocritically lives a millionaire lifestyle."
All these reveals are coming out now so that fake Hillary can have a clear field when they run her in 2020. It's the only reason to expose their own operatives. Hillary 2.0 can't have dems appear squeaky clean, so their sordid, evil past is now coming to the surface. The idea being, to make that nasty skank appear somewhat more clean...which is totally impossible. No amount of burning down her democrat rivals will erase the stink of the Hildebeast 2.0

That's impossible.