Monday, February 3, 2020

London releases terrorist on multiple stabbing attacks, drops most charges

This guy is filmed robbing and stabbing women from bikes, the streets, etc. Cops have to put him down. he lives, as it happens. Then the courts let him go. He is a self-declared ISIS soldier and has online, declared JIHAD on all whites, Asians, Filipinos, and everyone who is NOT muslim. He swears and has sworn, to kill us all.

He even took swipes at cops with his hunting knife. he courts let him go. Have a nice day.

We ALL KNOW, if a white guy or any of the races mentioned above or others did this, they would be in prison hell for decades. We KNOW IT.

20-year-old Islamic terrorist Sudesh Amman, who was shot dead after trying to stab people in Streatham, south London yesterday, was released halfway through his prison sentence despite pledging allegiance to ISIS, encouraging his girlfriend to behead her parents and sharing a tutorial on homemade bombs.

In November 2018, Amman was sentenced to three years and four months in jail for a string of terror offenses, which included;
  • Pledging allegiance to ISIS
  • Plotting to carry out a terror attack using a knife
  • Sharing terror manuals, including one on how to make a homemade bomb
  • Encouraging his girlfriend to behead her “kuffar” (non-believer) parents
  • Stockpiling arms
  • Inciting violence toward Yazidis and asserting the Koran permitted them to be raped
  • Encouraging an “attack” against a pro-gay rights speaker in Hyde Park.
However, despite all of this, Amman was released a few days ago, halfway through his sentence, and immediately carried out a terror attack.

Amman’s case bears many similarities to that of Usman Khan, the perpetrator of the November 2019 London Bridge stabbings.

Like Amman, Khan had been released early from his prison sentence for terrorist offences, including a plot to kill Boris Johnson and bomb the London Stock Exchange. Despite being banned from entering London, Khan was given a day release to attend a course to “help offenders reintegrate into society.”

One of Khan’s victims, Jack Merritt, was a coordinator for the ‘Learning Together’ course. Merritt’s father reacted to his death by asserting his son “would not wish his death to be used as the pretext for more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily.”
Some reacted to yesterday’s attack by pointing out that Amman had left jail even more radicalized than when he went in, proving that prisons with large Muslim populations are recruiting grounds for terrorists.

Amman was being held at HMP Belmarsh, a maximum security facility described by one former inmate as being “like a jihadi training camp.” Usman Khan was also imprisoned at Belmarsh.

According to the former inmate, Belmarsh is occupied by a group of Islamists called ‘the Brothers’ (the Akhi ) who “almost have the run of the prison.”
“The problem is that Belmarsh is also a holding prison and so young people who are brainwashed and indoctrinated then go out into the wider prison system and create wider Akhi networks,” said the inmate.
Over the past five years, the Muslim percentage of the prison population has doubled to 30 per cent.

This proves the government wants, did willfully import these Jihadists into the west to do EXACTLY what this killing hate filled monster is doing.

And for pointing this truth out to you, I"M the one who is practicing hate speech.

Really? Is that how it works now? Tell people what is going on and why and I'M the hater?

Welcome to 2020. Where truth is hate speech.

Don BRad