Friday, February 28, 2020

Coors Mass shooting yesterday,

Regards the Coors mass gun shooting, which the media has, as usual, been silent about the name, image, and race of the killer is none other  than Anthony Ferrill, fired for falsifying his work time cards and being a regular dick at work.

Here heis

Image result for Anthony Ferrill
Ahh...a black guy. Explains why they didn't do the whole crazy white man, get the guns number and also buried the story as fast as they could.

Turns out Tony is a racist. All his victims were white people. Now imagine if some white guy killed a bunch of black folks at Coors. We would be hearing the wailing and moaning and crying liberals for months on end, and you know it.

And, when you realize he killed all those crackers (his word for white people on the job), it was because he was sexually harrassing the women folk and doctoring his work records. When confronted withwhat would get anyone else fired, old Tony played the race card. Until Coors decided enough was enough  and finally fired him.

Then Tony got a gun and started shooting white people at Coors. Screaming racist obscenities. The news left that part out, too.

Already, not even 24 hours later, the story is nowhere to be scene. Because it doesn't fit the white man bad, folks of color wonderful meme the dems always push. Whatever. 

For me, skin color has nothing to do with it. Don't care, it's retarded to be racist frankly. But don't have double standards, neither. I'll bust you every time.