Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Banishing Demons


Father, I ask on the NAME AND BLOOD OF YESHUA, OUR KING AND CHRIST, that you bind all demons sent against us, and all decent people of this land, and
send them to the dry places. I invoke and ask per Matthew 24, what I bind on earth, you will bind in heaven.

I also ask that you cut the cords between these devils and witches between the demons and principals in High Places and return to them 1000 fold that evil which they send to us and to all your elect, everywhere.

Let it be so. In the name and blood of Christ. Amen.

you practitioners of black magic, who employ spells, and invoke
demons...I ask and pray to our father and Yeshua that you and they be
banished to the dry places and your magic and magical intent be returned
to you 1000 fold against you. I ask this on the name and blood of
Yeshua, per Matthew 24.

Bind in heaven and earth Father, that which I bind here.

their mouths be shut, their knees buckle, and your Holy light
Yahua shine from
above. Yeshua is the true King of Earth. Let their bodies fail and
wither, their strength abide no more, and their light falter and dim.

 Any of the above can be used signally or in combination.