Friday, September 27, 2019

Many problems...Fall 2019

Many problems...Fall 2019

by Don Bradley

Since before Trump came down that escalator with Melania to seek the presidency, I knew, as well as most people with brains knew, the left under the Obama administration, were in cahoots with a deep state satanic pizzagate cartel to fundamentally transform America into a one party, one gender, rainbow caliphate, where open borders and free stuff was their primary objective. Where on a monthly basis, Agenda 21 rules and laws would descend upon Americans turning our country into a Soviet style gulag of epic proportions.

  • Gas burning cars would be outlawed rapidly, and they are anyways. Many states now forbid the buying and selling of cars made before 1984. Not because of exhaust, but because the digital identifier chip wasn't installed on all vehicles before that time.
  • Rolling brownouts without real cause would sweep through counties and cities on such a regular basis as to become the new normal.
  • 5G, the death knell of the human mind via terribly harsh frequencies at unbelievable amplitudes would be on every street. This is already happening rapidly. In my little valley alone, they have had, for the last four months, a dozen crews working around the clock installing new electrical poles to mount the 5G masts on top. Once this system is turned on, it will be too damned late. For us all. In point of fact, if you look at your DSL, if purchased or obtained in the last 3 years, it is ALREADY 5G READY. As mine is, the vaunted ATT Uverse.
  • Fireplaces and firewood would be outlawed. In many states and cities, this has already happened. We used to have in our area, ten years ago, a couple of dozen places that would bring to you firewood and stack it. Now there are only two, and even they say they are under attack by new county laws, no voter ever gets to vote on. Anything that allows one to provide life outside of the grid they control is being eliminated.
  • In late 2015 every single nursery for plants in 3 counties have all stopped providing food to grow. It's all decorative plants, now. And those that still do, and it's ten varieties of lettuce absolutely useless for nutrition. And they all have no answer, because I ask why. You have to grow from seeds and even that is now being restricted on some BS fake safety thing about health. I grow my own food, much as I can, to guarantee nutrition for juicing and vegetables. At least I try. Every single tomato plant I've was able to plant and grow, no matter how well it looked and vibrant, hardly produced any tomatoes.
  • Where mandatory vaccinations for anything they dream up for even the most of trivial of life's realities would be enforced by law to the point where one WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO WORK, GO SHOPPING, OR ATTEND ANY KIND OF SCHOOL, REGARDLESS OF AGE.
  • The full court press with climate hoax against any kind of freedom is now the order of the day, with sweeping new legislation, we don't get to vote on, being enacted by each state, as fast as they can. And when you read what they are eliminating from our life, it is total slavery. And fast too. Right now, not later. 
  • They are now, F'd up as it can be, making pedophilia legal in many cities and states, with new legislation making it so. If the child agrees to it, it's not child abuse, they use as an excuse. See Desmond is Amazing if you don't understand this satanic front child being pushed by his witch mother and her coven, with the MSM applauding. A most disgusting and sickening thing if there ever was. And every school, city, county and state govt is flying the rainbow flag like its the savior of our civilization. This is reason enough alone to do battle to the spiritual wickedness on every street corner. And who is stepping up for this work? And why is it, that it is the democrats who are putting up and passing this legislation through their own states, with governors quickly signing it into law?
And all this, even with Trump in office. This is because the satanic network controls everything at every level. Sure, you can remove an Epstein (well, not really, he is alive and in Spain) or a Biden, but so what? What does that matter when the satanists in city, county, and states are acting and moving forward toward a horrific one world slave system as though the Hildebeast had won the election. What did her death really solve, as far as stopping the machinery of the Beast?

The only real push back against this all is not just exposure. People like me are already doing that job. Some of us for a very long time.

No, it's a spiritual battle. This is all demonic. Demons attached to people, and I have tons of pics with people with hitchhikers stuck on them, are the real problem. Evict those demons, and the people themselves will see what they are doing is not only wrong, BUT COMPLETELY EVIL.


We are witnessing the lefts last attempt to take out an elected president. Frankly, at this point, the POTUS thing is a distraction from the real problems that are sweeping over us from lower level players. And they are all network. You have to be, to be part of the control system.

My latest gas bill came complete with two gay guys with a small child on a bridge. What that has to do with a Gas Company is beyond me. But I know conditioning when I see it. And it is NOT about two gay guys. It's about TWO GROWN MEN WITH A SMALL BOY. The Pedophile conditioning issue. And the programming is all around us.

And it's F'ing sickening.

This picture was taken on a Paseo in Santa Clarita in the Northbridge section of town. The reason for staging this on a bridge is to condition the mind subliminally that one system is being bridged into a new one. A sicker, far more degenerate one. Child rape, abuse, and ritual murder.

The Cultural Marxists have used the entertainment Media and public schools to convince a large swath of the upcoming generation that treason and betrayal of your oath and nation is noble and righteous.  What are we going to have to do to correct that? 

Hollywood is still 24/7 dedicated to undermining the nation-state for the sake of Global socialism.  The scripts they write all insert a seditious narrative against the nation and the family. They glorify a culture of depravity and hedonism, self obsession.  Remember Honest John and Pleasure Island from Pinocchio?  That is an archetype to which Hollywood fits.  Honest John traps Pinocchio by preying on his own vices.  Honest John, who fancies himself an actor, is a self absorbed collaborator luring "stupid boys" into traveling to pleasure island to ultimately be turned into donkeys (just as Odysseus found his men turned into pigs by the beautiful Circe).  Honest John knows that his actions of kidnapping these boys is a hanging offense but the rewards for betrayal are just too enticing to say "No!".  

Crowdstrike.... a word i never thought i would say..nor see together as one word.
Strike the crowd. Hit the large group of people. ??? Control the crowd? Crowdstrike. And act against a large group of people.
Strike them out? Keep them immobile?  Prevent them from knowing? Break up resistance? Break up critics? Sounds military...military researchers type of language.
Attack the crowd? Keep them at bay? Defense from the crowd? Crowd of what? Americans who want to know what is going with their elected representatives? smh...
 CIA is not supposed to work within borders of USA. Any person assigned by CIA inside USA should be prosecuted for high treason.