Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Going after Trump...again. Satanists hate him, his wife, and his christian family

CIA operatives spying on POTUS

The transcript is out. Well looks like more more complete shite like Russia Russia Russia meanwhile if your a democrat you can let our people die in Benghazi as you create ISIS. Delete 33000 subpoenaed emails, use the entire FBI to overthrow the presidency. And use a fake report to get a fraudulent warrant to spy on your opponent's political campaign. All this really happened and yes Obama spied.

The Trump administration is set to release a document from the intelligence community inspector general which concluded that the whistleblower behind the explosive allegations against President Trump had 'political bias' in favor of 'a rival candidate' for US president, according to Fox News, citing a senior Trump administration official.  
What's more, the whistleblower has retained attorney Andrew Bakaj - who "interned for Schumer in the spring of 2001 and for Clinton in the fall of the same year," per The Federalist.

Meanwhile, the White House has also been working as fast as possible to release the whistleblower's complaint involving phone conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Congress, "as long as it's legally possible."
The news came just hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated a formal impeachment inquiry by alleging that the administration was hiding the complaint.
The senior administration official told Fox News that the White House had nothing to hide, that there has been no wrongdoing, and that the White House's general position has been that it will make everything possible available to Congress or the public regarding Trump's conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the complaint to the intelligence community's inspector general.
source familiar with the matter told Fox News this week that the whistleblower had no firsthand knowledge of Trump's July call with Zelensky. Trump vowed earlier Tuesday to release a "complete" transcript of the call by Wednesday. -Fox News
On Friday, Trump described the whistle-blower as 'partisan,' and that he had a "totally appropriate conversation" with Zelensky - warning the press that they're making a giant mistake. 
"You know the press has had a very bad week with Justice Kavanaugh and all those ridiculous charges, and all of the mistakes made at the New York Times and other places," said Trum, adding: "You've had a very bad week, and this will be better than all of 'em, this is another one. So keep playing it out because you're gonna look really bad when it falls, and I guess I'm about 22 and 0 and I'll keep it that way.
"...keep asking questions and building it up as big as possible so you can have a bigger downfall."

While taking great pains not to discuss Biden's alleged malfeasance in Ukraine, Democrats have also latched onto the Trump administration's decision to pause $391 million in military aid to Ukraine about a week before the call between the two world leaders - suggesting that Trump threatened to withhold it unless they investigated claims that Biden abused his position as US Vice President to benefit his son, Hunter, who sat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company which was under investigation. The elder Biden openly bragged about threatening to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees unless then-President Petro Poroshenko fired his head prosecutor, General Viktor Shokin.

They announced ANOTHER FAKE IMPEACHMENT after seeing zero evidence from a guy who never heard it al all and is a Hillary supporter! Not one of them has seen it or heard it.  Not only that, they didn't vote on it so it is not even legal.  There is no "informal" impeachment procedure on the books in law.  You have to first vote for it.  Without that it is all fake news.  Another witch hunt! lol!!  The dems are so stupid!  There is no such thing as an "impeachment inquiry".  Yet that is the ******** that they are pushing.  AOC and the Squad now run Pelosi.

And, on top of that, there is no crime whatsoever.  You don't get to vote for impeachment without proving a crime.  There was none, except by Biden and Obama.

Yet they want to impeach Trump now because the IGReport is about to come out. Dems are going to be laughed at by everybody within 24 hours folks!  When this whole thing is done and revealed these people will not even be able to walk down the street!

But turn around is fair play.  Biden is now torched for life.  So is his drugged up son.  Speculation that Pocahontas Warren has something to do with it.... All of these clips will be shown over and over again during the 2020 Re-Election of President Trump.  It will be as good as the election night slap down for the MSM when Hillary lost!

If I were the President, I'd expose Biden et al and make it the main political issue without letup. So many pedo satanists would fall from that bribery scandal alone.

Teach you children the song went.  The left has gone too far.

Teachers in San Francisco rounded up their young students and led them in anti-Trump demonstrations Tuesday, at one point instructing them to chant, “Who do we hate? Donald Trump!”

Every single one of these prick teachers should be indicted for child abuse. But of course, they won’t because they are Left-wing assholes from California where they grow ’em like other fruits. Educators in our time do not educate, but brainwash hatred and agenda driven slavery memes.

It's already been reported that the whistle blower was not part of the phone call and made the allegation based on some they heard about it.
“The whistle-blower didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications, an official briefed on the matter told CNN. Instead, the whistleblower’s concerns came in part from learning information that was not obtained during the course of their work, and those details have played a role in the administration’s determination that the complaint didn’t fit the reporting requirements under the intelligence whistle-blower law, the official said.”

This is just another chapter in the "Get Shorty" plot line.

Everything else has failed.

From "Russia Russia Russia" to "impeach impeach impeach."

The plot is obvious to anyone, and it's obvious there is nothing there, except Clinton's crimes, the Biden crimes, and the crimes of the rest of the Political Class.
And that is the entire reason behind all of this. Hillary Clinton would have nailed down the Socialist Archipelago in the USA. They would have been "Kaings."

1.) U.S. sends the Ukraine military funds.
2.) Contracts are then established with well known oligarchs and their companies.
3.) Large money transfers are then sent through to the democrats, from those well known oligarchs, who voted them the aid. ie. Clinton Foundation

By the way...Giuliani said tonight on Laura Ingraham's show that Hunter Biden received $3M in mortgage payments that were run through 4 other countries and then to him.  He has all the documents.

Here it is:

Hahahahahha!!   This is hilarious!!
Rudy Giuliani totally shuts down this idiot moron libtard on the Laura Ingraham show tonight!!

China gave Biden $1.5Billion.  That is next.

Biden, you are a fool and a corrupt fool at that!

Same Marxist/Alinsky/Jewish strategy. Keep flinging raw ******** and hope that some sticks. But it is not working anymore which has made the spreaders of manure look totally MAD which they clearly are. There is a fearful reckoning coming, what form it will take is unknown, and after the dust (or should I say dung) settles, the landscape will look very different and the US will once again have a future based on truth and morality.

3000+ years ago, false charges were a problem.  The Code of Hammurabi and Law of Moses punished false accusers as they would have punished the falsely accused.
Attempting to overthrow the President with false charges is Treason, but our "Law" is not applicable to all.

The key here is to  understand who is behind the destruction of the western world and to manage the transition from unspeakable evil to a world of peace, prosperity, harmony, grace and just common decency.

The satanists are happily breaking one of the Ten Commandments, the LAW. No surprise there, of course. All of this will keep working against them. No amount of blood ritual sacrifice will get you there.

Biden Commits a crime in Ukraine.

Trump tells Ukraine to go ahead and prosecute.


it's a lot better understood when you realize these asshole decided to impeach the orange bastard before he even took office, and they didn't even have a pretext as idiotic as this one until this week.

Damned Democrats voters are epic idiots. I'd say they deserve a bullet to the head, but they don't have any vital organs in their head.

Seriously, they're stuck.
They ran for their respective offices with no promise except a dedication to hate Trump, they all screamed "impeach!!" at the top of their lungs, and then when the sham "collusion investigation" turned up nothing, they were left with their thumbs up their asses and a completely demoralized base. Trump then went on to achieve many of his promises (I know, shills parrot otherwise on this very board, but they are always proven wrong), and fight to keep others, while they are drifting in limbo, with little support for their increasingly radical agendas.

Suddenly, a ray of hope, in the form of a not-quite-whistleblower, telling them Trump was trying to get a foreign power involved in our elections. And if the story was true, it would also torpedo their supposed front-runner, if it wasn't stopped.

So, like a drowning man grasping at a chunk of wood, they latched onto the story in panic, not thinking any of it through...and that floater turned out to be a huge log of shit.

Now, the transcripts that shoot down their accusations are being released, unredacted, and at the same time the reports into FISA abuses (as well as the abuse of power in general) pertaining to the "collusion" scam, and who authorized it all, will be dumped on the public.
A lot of parasitic swamp-filth are going to be left squirming in the mud, as the level of the swamp drops, exposing them.