Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Biden Family and Demoncrats take the big hit. Massive payola fraud with organized crime

Rudy Drops New Bombs: Slams Obama Cabinet 'Pattern Of Corruption'; Claims China 'Bought' Biden


Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has been on quite the tear of late - slamming former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter's financial dealings around the world, while House Democrats move to impeach President Trump over a phone call with the Ukrainian president about the Bidens. 

Wednesday morning was no exception, as Giuliani burned the midnight oil on Twitter - tossing bombs at Biden and the Obama administration. Hours later he appeared on Fox News to discuss 'Ukrainegate.' 
"We know corrupt Ukrainian oligarch laundered $3 million to the Biden Family," tweeted Giuliani, adding "ut $3 to $4m more was laundered to Biden. So release all the financial records of all businesses involving Biden, Kerry’s stepson and notorious mobster Whitey Bulger’s nephew" - referring to an investigation by journalist Peter Schweizer which uncovered what appears to be a massive pay-for-play operation in China
Rudy also slammed a "pattern of corruption involving high level members of the Obama cabinet" that the Democrat party is "covering up." 
"The multi-million and billion dollar pay-for-play is mind boggling. Biden Family sale of office to Ukraine was not the only one or the most egregious. Slimy Joe is not alone."
Giuliani then called for Biden to "release records to see if he flew Hunter to China in Dec. 2013 on AF 2 to facilitate Hunter's sale of his office to China for a total of $1.5 billion." Rudy then claimed that China has bought other politicians
"Is there any doubt that China paid it to compromise VP. But they bought another pol as well. Guess?" 
Hours after his tweets, Giuliani appeared on Fox & Friends, where he said the transcript of a call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had been "read to him." 
He also called out the Obama administration for being "in the tank," asking "Why didn't Obama say - when he saw the first Ukraine article that said there was a serious conflict of interest. Why didn't Obama call his Vice President and say 'Joe, you can't give this kid a job ... Joe, did you get your kid a job with the crookedest oligarch in Ukraine? Just four months after we had to toss him out of the military for drug addiction? Do you know how that's gonna look Joe?

source zerohedge