Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Jewish Almanac reveals a great many truths they keep to themselves

 Modern Jewbies are Edomites


In their own words. I don't make this stuff up. You get the truth when you come to this site. That's what pisses them off so much. This is real history of the past and now. They hate God, Christ, and true Israeli Hebrew/yehudi because lucifer does. Being their spawn, thanks to Eve and the Mount Hermon event, these nephilim hate anything created by Christ Yeshua...

...which is EVERYTHING!

They embrace everything foul, disgusting, immoral and as The Ten commandments gives us a moral beam in which to live, they seek and spread every nasty thing and make it mainstream. In Israel, when the Edomites see a christian, they SPIT ON THEM, as many videos posted have shown.

And if you speak this truth - which they themselves publish for their own kind - you get the antisemitism dog whistle. They don't want you to know the truth of Earth, for it reveals that all along, the world was deceived by the offspring of lucifer, the fallen angel that is their "god"


These are not Hebrew/Yehudi of ancient Israel and Judah. These are interlopers who took over Judea when our Heavenly Father sent the real 13 tribes northwest into Europe. It's why they hate white Europe and the Americas.


Jewbie/Edomites state right out in their own modern history THAT THEY WORSHIP Lucifer and Moloch.