Saturday, May 11, 2024

America unleashes on woke Scouts: Backlash is so intense, disgraced group tucks tail and runs…

 boy scouts become degenerate scouts - thanks to jewbie woke agenda

Let’s be real: the Boy Scouts have been on a downhill slide for quite a while now. Things really hit a new low when they started handing out condoms instead of merit badges. Also, who can forget their support of the BLM crooks or handing out “diversity badges”? Yes, all of that is clearly off the rails, but now they’ve basically sealed their fate with a ridiculous name change. But hold on—it gets even worse. The situation with the “Woke Scouts” is more dire than you thought.

It’s truly astonishing how far this once highly respected group has fallen, losing so much respect and dignity. Just take a look at what the Boy Scouts said about “degeneracy” in their 1911 handbook. They definitely sang a much different tune back then.


My how they have fallen, right? Needless to say, the name change sank like a lead balloon with the American public, who are already fed up with all the progressive woke nonsense.

And don’t forget, this was the scout oath:


Decency and character - Edomites hate these things.

It’s tough for youngsters to stay morally straight these days, especially when you’re not even allowed to simply be a “boy” or a “girl” anymore.

So, it’s no shocker that when the Woke Scouts hit X to announce their big rebrand, Americans unleashed holy hell on them.


so they send in pedophile scout masters and phags and in 20 years it resembles the tenderloin district of San Francisco.

The backlash is so intense, the Woke Scouts had to shut down the comments. Here’s a taste of the outrage as Americans took to the web to make their voices thunderously heard:

“How long until “scouting america” announces drag shows for kids?”

“I’m surprised they didn’t rebrand as the They/Them Scouts. What a bunch of woke clowns.”

“Groomer Scouts would be a better name.”

“You abandoned morally straight a long time ago. As a former Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster the Scouts are no longer a viable option for children.”

“Congratulations you just alienated every American out there. Can’t wait for you to meet your demise.”

“As an old school Eagle Scout (1989), this is a disgusting, cowardly move. Shut the whole thing down. Embarrassing!”

“Exactly the type of BS why we pulled all our sons out of Boy Scouts years ago!”

“Unbelievable. Shame to see so many wonderful organizations catering.”

“Well I’m going to form a new organization called the real Boy scouts of America…… You’re a bunch of cowards.”

“Perhaps you should know your audience before making such a bold moronic move. See – Bud Light.”

“Another iconic institution kiIIed at the hands of wokeness. Beyond pathetic.”

“Sad. There is no place for boys to become men anymore. – signed, Disappointed Eagle Scout”

Sadly, that last comment from the disappointed Eagle Scout really hit the nail on the head, capturing exactly why the left targets groups like the Boy Scouts. Their goal is to emasculate and feminize boys, not to build a foundation for them to grow into self-sufficient, strong leaders. When you think about it, this move fits their agenda perfectly. What’s truly alarming, though, is watching all these once-respected institutions crumble before our eyes and our watch. We need to ask ourselves: What are we doing—or not doing—that’s allowing the jewish left to easily sweep in and take over what we hold dear?