Friday, April 12, 2024

The Bitcoin Scam

Getting F'd over by the Canaanites, as always. 

The Washington scumbags took Israeli Bribes and Blackmail to place Israeli Intelligence operatives at the helm of US critical Infrastructure. The Jewish banking mafia who controls Israeli Intelligence will direct the Israelis to shut down the US power grid. If the National Guard and a new secret society from within US intelligence but who operates outside of the detection of the Jewish bribed and blackmailed heads of all of the US intelligence agencies to STOP THIS ISRAELI SABOTAGE OF US CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE then it is absolutely certain the the Jews inside the "security infrastructure" of the United States will use their position to destroy the value of bitcoin when the Jewish banking cartels has positioned themselves to profit from such a crash.

If the Bitcoin Evangelists are not addressing this major major attack vector, then they are naive, stupid and have no clue what is going on and who is actually in control. This show predictors the future so that hopefully we can do something to stop this plan.