Monday, April 15, 2024

Authorities go silent after knife terror attack in Sydney: 6 dead, suspect shot… what are they hiding?

 While you were sleeping, a deadly terror attack unfolded at a mall in Bondi, Australia. A man wielding a large knife rampaged through the mall, reportedly targeting women, children, and even babies, stabbing anyone in his path. Tragically, men at the scene were powerless to intervene. With guns banned in Australia, the men were forced to watch helplessly as innocent women and babies became the targets of this madman. As you might expect, the media is doing their best to hide the identity of the attacker, so it’s unlikely you’ll see his photo on TV.

Ben Cohen did the deed. And now they are trying to kill the story or gaslight the world into believing it was some other guy, that looks NOTHING like Cohen did.

Five people were confirmed dead at the scene, as well as the attacker, with a sixth victim later dying in hospital.

The sixth victim is the mother of the nine-month-old baby, with witnesses describing how the 38-year-old desperately battled to save her child despite her own injuries by stumbling towards other shoppers and handing the infant to them.

The baby is understood to have been stabbed in the stomach and underwent surgery on Saturday evening after shoppers used clothes to stem the bleeding.


The mall where the terror attack took place is reportedly in a predominantly Jewish area. Yet, strangely, officials are still trying to hide the fact they know who it is that did the killing, they have his passports and fingerprints. Dead on match. Ben Cohen, Jewish Terrorist, MOSSAD.