Sunday, April 14, 2024

Pedo tedros WHO total fascism and control

 Obeying a WHO order of any kind is being in agreement with Canaanite Noahide evil. It's what it is. Including the arrest and death, of NON COMPLIANCE.

Arrest and death of non-compliance...let that sink in.

The people of the world did not sign up for this. This is being done to us by the satanic elite, whom are our enemies on every front. Fight them, resist, destroy on sight.

The badges and gimps are coming for us all. They have lists.

Hey butt burglar! Time to go, mister swishy. Time to go.


Dude has a permanent butt plug that weighs almost 2 pounds and is shaped like a giant black dick. That's the word. This guy is a sewer of bug chasing toxins.