Friday, April 19, 2024

Tesla is recalling every single cybertruck because the accelerator pedal gets stuck.

Sticks in the full throttle mode - max speed - plan to kill a lot of people do you?

Hey Elon? How ya doing there? Still rocking the effects of the curse. People know, dude, they know. Your machines are death weapons disguised as cars and trucks. You and Boeing have a great deal in common. You both are on your way out, in a big, ugly way.

People know.

They really are developing a loathing hate for what you do and stand for. Those things are a large scale terrorist attack waiting to happen.

They didn't tell you things would or could go this way, happen to a big mucky muck like you. But it was all handed to you, including the script of your life.


Jewbie Elon with the Pedo Plague. Why am I doing this? That's what all those children keep asking as you peel the skin off their bodies and cut off their privates. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!!!"

And you always have the same answer, you laugh...then then some pithy
  • because I can
  • I will it
  • or some other vain shite are one sick piece of work, I must say. Maybe if you go to the wailing wall and whine to dickless about how unfair your life has become. And, can't anything be done?

That silence from the angry one says a great deal, does it not?

the sores on the privates are the worst, like a raging case of triple doom herpes. Kind of takes the giddy out of boom boom these days, right?


The Tesla kill box. 

  1. Get yours today and run down the neighbor's boy. 
  2. Drive while your truck speeds wildly out of control, head on into another car. $80k truck; gas pedal comes off and jams the pedal down. 
  3. Or try the new handy/dandy auto-drive that hunts down pedestrians. 
  4. Or how about that swerving into oncoming traffic an accelerating?
  5. We save the best for last! The Tesla assassination mode can turn any Tesla into an phosphorous level firestorm that will totally erase any trace of the passengers, as well as melt the asphalt the former car now melted klunk will fuse with.

Have fun champ.