Thursday, April 18, 2024

camera picking up the demons within the damned

 What was hidden, is becoming visible. More and more, like with the Great Awakening, a few at first, then a tsunami of seeing and knowing.

The damned are DOOMED.

- - - 

Not turning out like you devils expected, is it?

Gets worse and worse...plagues, Muerte, Vax shills dying by the score every week, the people not only waking up, but GROWING AS SOULS. Things you witches long for as individuals, but at best can only employ demons to give that illusion, but want everything you have - especially your soul - in return.

These awakening didn't even need to ask, either. Dad and Yesh just gave it to them. And is constantly upgrading as their spiritual estate becomes more, rather than less. 

By the time you've had a few years of demon gifts, you've become yourselves abominations  as bad as them. Some gift that lu gives. It flat out sucks massive. Dad gives us everything, beyond our wildest dreams. These Saints have no idea the wonders and doings in heaven. All they had to do was trust and believe, and the floodgates of love, forgiveness, and bounty just open up.