Thursday, April 18, 2024

Mass Illegal Alien Invasions

 Every time I think about this of late, I smile.

Think on it for a second.

The very "enemies of whitey" they bring in are the very "enemies of whitey" that will turn against them and

  • hang them from lamp poles
  • burn them at home, alive
  • publicly rape and humiliate the lot of them
  • attack them in public without warning
  • shoot them down as they do their own kind, but worse

everywhere in the world.

It's justice I tell you. It is. They have imported the worst killers from the middle east and Africa and ALL OF THEM - AS OF NOW - 


 And every single day, their rage, hatred, and resentment of the jewbie increases. Every single day. 

You did this to yourselves. Your Kalergi plan had one big backfire element that when considered, you just said you'll turn out the national guard on them. 

Really? The NG hates you. They are filled with disenfranchised poor whites and browns and have brotherhood under arms motif in their hearts and ALl see you as the enemy, not the people.

Turn off the power and these lot are COMING FOR YOU. I have seen it. Too late. Go ahead, kill the power everywhere. Your people will die by the score same day (that night in fact).

It's 8.3 million now, in California alone.

These kind hate the jew now. Hate them.