Saturday, October 7, 2023

Reptoid Nephy pushing tumor meat.

 This is already in the food chain, has been for years. Fast Food and now stores. Same with steer. Albertsons, Vons, Ralphs, etc, all sell tumor meat as chicken. You have to buy the whole bird or on the bone, to know for sure. Oh, comes with fast acting tumor cells - becaUse they grow fast and graphene - in every bite.

They are just telling us about it now.

reader writes in.

From my lab experience in tissue culturing I can say growing tumour cells has been standard procedure in biological research for decades. Most of the cell lines cultured are essentially tumours. Normal cells from fresh primary cultures begin to die or mutate wildly after something like 20 replication cycles. They are also often hard and expensive to culture because they require the right balance of hormones, growth factors and nutrients and grow slowly. 

So to keep cell lines stable and viable forever a primary culture must have immortalization induced, in which the natural growth check mechanisms are deactivated and the cell is slightly mutated to grow like a cancer cell would grow: indefinitevely. This is how standardized stored cell lines are created, like HEK293 (embryo kidney cells), HeLa (neck cancer cells)MCF-7 (breast cancer cells),  HL60 (leukemia cells) to name a few. As matter of fact most imortalized cells are just that: cultured cancer cells. 

It would not be really surprising they are just growing real tumours selected from biopsies. Normal cells just don't grow like that, they are not microorganisms. It would require a lot of work starting primary cultures from animals over and ove and over to work with non cancer cells. This is a process that very often fails and would require a lot of testing and standardization for every new primary culture. This is the reason things like these were simply not done for a long time.