Monday, October 30, 2023

Democrat Promotes ‘After-School Satan Club’ for ‘Kiddos’

 Christianity is BANNED from every public school in the west, but somehow, satanism is not only encouraged, but funded by the state. You know this to be true, or should by now. They want the children to grow up as tranny phreaks, sucking on satan's dongle.

The bloated mug of a satanic child rapist and killer - running for office, promises satanism clubs for children if elected.

A Virginia Democrat has been promoting an “after-school satan club” for “kiddos” that he says he “can’t wait” to sign his own children up for.

Jeremy D. Rodden is the Democrat-endorsed candidate in next month’s election for the Virginia House of Delegates.

Rodden is running for the 90th District near Chesapeake.

However, Rodden has also sought to bring Satan’s teachings into schools and raised money for the Satanic Temple.

he has also written books about the occult for children.

In November 2022, Rodden posted a flier to his campaign Facebook page that said, “Hey kids! Let’s have fun at After School Satan Club!”

The flier said it is sponsored by the Satanic Temple and would take place at the B.M. Williams Primary School in Chesapeake.

“I can’t wait to sign up my second grader for this after-school club!” Rodden wrote.

“Fellow BM Williams parents, let me know if you plan on signing up your kiddos and if you need any help with carpooling/transportation.

“Note for those who don’t know: this club does not practice any religious indoctrination whatsoever, unlike some of the other clubs offered at this school and at schools throughout Chesapeake Public Schools.”

By December, a gunman killed seven people at a Walmart five minutes from the school.

The shooter credited Satan for his acts in a manifesto.