Saturday, October 21, 2023

SpaceHex is a scam to push the globular tard attack on reality


The serial killers who serve satan.

There’s the half a billion dollars DOD awarded SpaceX in a series of contracts over the past few years to send satellites up into orbit of classified nature on unregistered, unreported missions that presumably have something to do with the DOD’s declared intention to make space into a war-fighting domain. Which is total lying BS - no space, no anything, just a hoax and a ruin to the US Dollar. Nasa and SpaceHex are just ongoing mind control and spell casting.

$3 billion in NASA contracts SpaceX was awarded in 2021 to develop the human lander for the Artemis Mission. You know, that’s the moon trip that keeps getting delayed and rescheduled over and over because there is no "planet" to land upon.

$750 million award to Solar City in 2016 by the state of New York to build a solar cell production facility to put people's bodies in a ionizing magnetic field that causes the endocrine system to malfunction and encourages cancer.

$1.3 billion that Tesla got from the State of Nevada in 2014 to build the Gigafactory, etc., etc. Taxpayers paying for their slavery to cars no one but the rich can afford and don't run more than a 100 miles and that's PROVIDING YOU DON'T USE THE AC OR HEAT; that eats 70% of your power, leaving the sled of death on wheels only able to go about 30 miles, then there is no way to recharge the thing, because there you are blocking traffic in your dead car with doors you cannot open because of digital doors and windows.

Before Musk got to launch SpaceX, he was part of a trip to purchase old Soviet ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles). That trip ultimately resulted in the starting of SpaceX. Musk traveled with Mike Griffin, who just happened to be the Chief Operating Officer of In-Q-Tel, that’s the CIA's investment capital arm.

Griffin went on to become the administrator of NASA, who then chose SpaceheheX as the one company out of the 20 applying for the $400 million contract to start development of the new ISS resupply rocket in 2005,. Then awarded SpaceheX $3.5 Billion in 2008 with a contract that Musk himself credits with saving the company.

A simple google search shows the "full-flow" engine is a Soviet design from the 60s - whicht they dropped because it's a meme that adds more weight in machinery than it saves in fuel. Musk's biggest turd that recently blew up is also a straight copy of the N1, which also blew up for the same reason. 

All to push the agenda of a globe earth, removing the freedom a gas powered auto/truck gives people, and shilling for transhumanism. He and his mother are both satanists that feed on children, as proven in other articles.

fake space shuttle a model 

fake spaceHex landing given over as real by MUSK/NASA/CIA


SpaceHex launch with mouse running around the engine nacelle...fake and gay AF.