Sunday, October 22, 2023

the 'hip' new thing - graphene oxide in MATTRESSES.

Tell you what, they really really hate YHVH’s creation. (you and I.) They want everyone sick dying or dead. The newest thing? Remember that controversial electromagnetically conductive ingredient in the corona virus death weapon shots? Graphene Oxide? Well now it’s made its way into mattresses…. As if it wasn’t enough that it’s in female sanitary pads, and a host of other products, it’s now in mattresses.

I could not believe it when I saw it in person earlier yesterday, at a mattress store. And then this morning, confirmed it online in five different places.

Check this out. Read the descriptions. They all call it something different, with one outfit even calling it “graphite,” instead of graphene. THESE ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS. Graphene oxide is a man made carbon based nano fiber material whereas graphite is a naturally occurring mineral in nature. BIG difference. That company? Saatva, the hippie mattress company. The writing is on the wall folks, this is all bad, bad, bad. DO NOT buy a mattress with one of these newfangled graphene cooling layers. Just open your window a bit instead if you “sleep hot,” or consider lighter pajamas, or somesuch. Lighter covers/blanket. You DONT need this, and its BAD for your health.

Not only will you be breathing in this stuff while you sleep on one of these, but you’re also going to be adsorbing it through your skin, because it’s NANO PARTICLE size. It’s small enough that if you dropped a bunch of it on your arm, it’d get INTO your skin, and could travel into any organ system in your body, going through even cell walls. This stuff is dangerous folks. Fair warning.

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