Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Haitian illegal alien speaks out, says UN paid him to illegally invade our border

To murder white people and create chaos. Nice.

All these Jewish controlled NGOs, operating under the guidance and control of the UN, are responsible for this. The point is to slaughter us all, when the signal is given.

And they will give that signal, as they do in Europe, when they riot en masse and destroy cities. See France, if you don't believe it. OR Sweden, netherlands, Finland. These countries are a ruin now.

Thank Israel today! 


This Man Claims That The United Nations Is Paying People To Cross The Border. He Says He Has Received Money Directly Into His Bank Account ‼️

“This is footage of a US-bound Haitian in Tapachula, Mexico complaining that the UN failed to make its payment to him and now his UN debit card is empty“ – Interviewer


Once they get in the west, the money spigot is turned OFF - now go rob and rape to sustain yourself. Which is the plan.