Saturday, October 21, 2023

Nasty pedo Rabbi wants to be worshiped like the Phreak Satan


Never happen, except by fake Christians (satanists) or at gunpoint and even then, only by weak souls. 

Get the Yiddish out of your gumbo, baby killer. You are butchering the English language.

Hollywood, one of the most evil industries, completely run by jews, The arms industries are run by jews, and the banking industry is run by jews. A jewish man named Epstein owned his own island where he would fly powerful people in to sodomize children.

I can't think of anything more evil.

Muslims terrorists might blow things up or cause damage, but that's just brutish violence. What the jews do is truly evil.

Plus 4 JDAMS into an apartment block, erasing it.

Hamas is Israel controlled opposition. Jews hit themselves with a sock puppet and cry victim and mass murder innocent people. Because they are a religion of psychopathic liars and human sacrifices.

Their religion of Lucifer/BAAL is child sacrifice, cannibalism, murder.

 Israeli tries to pass off obvious AI images as palestinian leaders living in luxury. They cannot produce REAL Israeli dead nor even slander their murder victims without spazzing out on the CGI.


Obvious FAKE.