Friday, November 13, 2020

TRUMPING BIDEN: Soros, Davos & the Logos

Its name, “Dominion” describes their true and nefarious intentions. Leftists have never cared about individual liberties, voting or otherwise. Everything they’ve been doing for the past four plus years has been calculated towards removing POTUS from office, from spy gate to impeachment, to the “plandemic” to this latest and possibly most evil effort to thwart the will of individuals Americans. Why would they so brazenly do this? Because they DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, nor your constitutional liberties. They only want control and power (dominion) over you. Covid was and is entirely about THIS ELECTION! By God’s Grace, his too shall fail.Lucifer and his angels wanted to steal “dominion” from God and was cast out of Heaven by One greater and stronger than he. Now his followers want dominion over US and they will likewise be thrust backward, exposed and ruined!

One other point, this whole “orange man bad” narrative that they just hate Trump because he is arrogant or brash or that he tweets too much etc, etc, is a complete obfuscation of their true motivation. He would be their HERO if he worked for them. They recognize his talents and power and that is why they want to destroy him. He was and is a very real threat to their very system of power and that ALONE is why they want him gone. And this is why he truly is the greatest president we’ve had, at least in modern history.