Friday, November 20, 2020

The left stole all their votes as the video evidence demonstrates.

‘Who you calling crazy, bish! You married your brother.’ At least I didn't have to buy my votes with harvesters like you did,  KVNT!



Crazy lady says what…

 Don’t even get me started on where you come from. We don’t marry our brothers here in America, so I’m not sure who you’re calling crazy.


17 November 2020

I thought from the beginning that the CIA was involved, and pretty much was maneuvering in the shadow.
The CIA was running a secret operation during the war on drugs period in the late 80’s early 90’s under Bush senior. They were using an electronic system to change the outcome of elections in Central America and South America. They perfected the system along the years, and they outsourced the management of the different pieces to different companies(often foreign based enterprises).
I knew of a super computer that was decommissioned around 2014 called the “kraken”, it was among the 4th best and powerful super computer in the world (a cray architecture). I always suspected that the decommissioned machine was just been put off the grid, but not destroyed or removed and dismissed.
Why this is important? In my opinion because this machine is the so called “hammer”, while the software, smartmatic, is the so called “scorecard”. Sctyl and Dominion are part of the system, and are just the clients (the machine and the software in the warps and county place – the physical connection with the public).
The hammer performs calculations in real time (trillions) to forecast how many new votes you need to overcome your opponent. Note that the machine needs to be incredibly powerful to perform calculations that keep in account the vote distribution in real time over the whole country. If you want to avoid that weird and strange movements are detected, the variations and the vote increments must be reasonably small.
The scorecard software, redistributes the vote outputs all over the country.
The system worked smoothly plenty of times in the past; it didn’t this past November 3rd, because the gap to overcome was way too big, and the gap was not just concentrated in one single state, but was distributed consistently over the whole group of battleground states. They had to stop the count, to be able to produce enough paper ballots in order to back the massive increment in votes forecasted by the machine.
So when Sidney said “I am gonna release the kraken” that raised my awareness level. I knew that a kraken existed, I had my suspicions on the CIA involvement, and I knew of their efforts to overrule elections back in the days.
When the other day I saw the tweet about the US military seizing servers overseas, I though it was a not credible news. I thought so due to the foreign jurisdiction and the inability to act as sovereign force.
But after digging a bit more, I found an article, dated 2017 from Fox News, about a CIA operation center in Frankfurt, Germany.
Wow that was it…
Based on what I deducted by myself, and what your flow of thoughts highlights in the story, I do think I have now a pretty clear picture of where this thing is going.
I agree with you 100%, Sidney is not fool, and if she is making bold and strong claims, is because she has real and tangible proofs of everything…