Sunday, December 17, 2017

A word to my readers from DOn

Due to the complete and total outbreak of fascism on the web regarding content as you find here and on my other, more content specific blogs, it has occurred to me that they may, at any time, very soon, take this blog down.

As in make it go away.

I have a back up blog on wordpress. The link is on the front page of this blog, right hand column.
Here it is below, as well.

Should one fine day come, and this site be gone, try the link above. Either way, the Youtube channel, UWANTSUN, will have some info I will throw up fast. Unless they shotgun the whole works and go after everything.

But. It will be okay. I have a backup plan to the backup plan. Just keep looking for me, Don Bradley, and you will find me, if find me is what you wish.

Thank you for your time.