Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The "mandate"

The VA told its employees "get vaxxed or get fired on October 8th"
45,000 employees refused as the deadline passed
The VA told them "you may face disciplinary action if you don't get vaxxed in 10 more days"


This follows the 20,000 teachers New York promised to fire if they didn't get vaxxed by... September 27th. What do you suppose the Pentagon is going to do with the 200,000+ unvaxxed soldiers? They've promised to throw them all out of the military next month.

Boeing said it will mandate Covid-19 vaccination for its approximately 125,000 U.S. employees by the Dec. 8 

Airline pilots are revolting in droves, shutting down flights.

They gave us a fake deadline of November 5th. The real deadline is November 22. You have to get your last shot by November 8.

The problem is each time it causes more issues in society, a collapse eventually. Without people working key jobs or the system able to hold up to normal demand only creates a spiral of panic.

I know they’ll try to play the passive aggressive “look what you made me do” and “you’re the reason we can’t go back to normal” blame game but at some point it stops working. In fact, it's not working on anyone any longer.

Looking at all the evidence provided should reveal to any and all, that this weapon will kill you now or later, depending upon the breaks. Survivors get to become GMO droids, intent on killing. 

The weapon gives you as a minimum, the following.

  • Black goo is black blood
  • Luciferase is Lucifer's Race
  • The glowing hands and foreheads reveal ownership of SOUL.