Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fall 2021 As things stand,


Fall 2021 As things stand

Don Bradley

So this is what we have learned since spring regarding the current state of affairs here and abroad.

  • The Federal government has been paying ALL farmers in the USA 1.5 to 3 times the cash market values of their crops TO BURN THEM IN SITU.

  • They are denying truck drivers cargo to carry, leaving them without work. Most of the long haul truckers are finding it difficult to get and ship loads.

  • Every trading port in the USA has hundreds of cargo ships, per port, parked out in the ocean off the port, like giant fleets of ships used to do during WW2. Nothing is getting unloaded.

  • New and uglier vax weapon laws appear daily, resulting in millions of people from all occupations getting fired. All in October.

  • Fema is quietly taking over ALL hospitals. This one alone is chilling.

  • People who have gotten the weapon are dropping dead daily, by the thousands, from massive heart attacks, pneumonia, et all.

  • China has entire divisions sitting up on our northern border, mainly over the eastern United States. And no one is concerned?

  • The US military is dishonorably discharging over 220,000 active troops of all branches in October; this month, now.

  • We are up to four shots and more boosters of death on the way. I dare say, the people doing this to themselves will not be able to recognize themselves by next spring, should they live that long.

These are just the cold hard facts on the ground. Nothing mystical about it. Anyone can fact check the above and see the enormous evidence that these things are so.

It's sobering.

We are all being put to our own individual tests now. We must pick up our cross and follow Him. It's the only way through this mess.

Whatever is coming to each of us, remember. He's there. He is the ONLY answer in our time to this mess. That's Yeshua. The son of the most high Adonai, YHVH.

Choose wisely.