Sunday, October 3, 2021

Kill shot tests activate the amygdala, creating fear crazed killers

 Now you know why these long test kit sticks that shove deadly elements like graphene oxide right up next to the amygdala; it controls fear, anger, killing, and revenge.

Not to worry, however. Just get your now FOUR weapon kill shots and you won't be able to tell the difference anyways. All this will be your new normal in the NWO.

I've shown my collection of test videos to people who still went out and still go out, and get tested. All so that others will accept them. Which of course means they base their self esteem on how they THINK others may or may not perceive them, rather than basing it on the simple fact we are children of the Most High and that is all the validation any one really needs. After that, it's just vanity or what we now call EGO.