Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Wait until this fact, which used to be known for years, but has since been wiped.

In the mid 1950s, the DOE realized from field studies downwind of their nuclear test sites, that fallout was causing huge spikes in lung cancer. So, they hit upon a scheme and then deployed it on the public. They used smoking, as the villain in the HUGE uptick in cancer cases appearing in those states and beyond. To deflect the obvious blame that people would put two and two together, they struck first. With anti smoking campaigns, which are set in stone today.
I've known four people die of lung cancer, none smokers in our day and age. NONE of them ever touched a cig. NONE.
They all were born in the 1950s though.
This was revealed in a declass that got in public domain, and spread fast, in the early 90s. Now, you can't find it to save your soul.
Kerr Magee came up with that little doosy.