Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Planned Gasoline shortages have begun…

Sniffy and blo's gleeful destruction of our life and world shifts into a higher gear of desperation, death, and hopelessness. The next planned refinery fires in Texas and California, will finish off the rest of the country. 

In the same four days, Whitmer shut down the Northern pipeline, cuz enviromental dangers don't you know, and satanic assets turned off the BIG pipe in the east. That leaves the west. But hang on there, they are just getting started.

They promised to kill oil and gas, fast. Now, you see. Learn. 

Cheap, plentiful gas will be forever, a thing of the past. Never to return.

This will kill off the entire chain of support businesses for oil and gas, of which all meaningful small businesses are nearly 96% of that industry. They die off like cafes did this last year. This creates destroyed, ruined families by the millions. Parts stores, tire shops, mechanics, they ALL GO.

This is so very bad because without fuel, no food, no anything. A 20 dollar cap means you can only get enough gas to get home and park the car.

But, we knew this was coming. The planned, fake shortages, as was discussed twice last year and twice in January, this year. 

They are creating a DEPRESSION 2.0

And that is a very ugly thing.


PS. Once the shortages have taken hold, from new moon, today 5-11-21, to full moon, starting with blue states, they will trickle open some stations, vaccination proof required. That's the final wrench into your soul. Until late June. Then the price gets really cheap. Not the gas. Your SOUL. Many will vax up, just for a tank of gas.

Soul death for a tank of gas...hard to imagine. They know, each new black device they invent, will keep lowering that soul stealing price to mere pennies.

Look and Learn.


"NO nanoworms are going to control me!"

That so?

When the cell towers and wifi signals are sent out, creating mind numbingly painful migraines and debilitating, inabilities to stand upright, how about then? Still in control? Really?

Those vaxxed will be obedient as kittens. They'll have no choice in the matter. NONE. The borg will control and stay in control. For the rest of their painful, meaningless, pointless lives.

Fallen Angel of Death


The clip above is from South Carolina.  The clip below is from the Florida-Georgia line.




Here are some more states joining in the misery.


 Starting to see gasoline shortages like in Washington, NC where stations have no gas and the ones that do have mile long lines of cars. They’re also putting $20 cap on stations that have gas.


Democrat Governor of Michigan, Gretchen “Big Gretch” Whitmer has just closed another pipeline. The oil pipeline to Northern Michigan was just closed because of a “supposedly” damaged anchor. How convenient for the New Green Deal and the Biden “agenda”!

https://100percentfedup.com/breaking-amid-current-energy-crisis-michigan-governor-whitmer-orders-immediate-closure-of-another-pipeline-providing-half-of-montreal-and-quebecs-oil/ .