Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Gas pipelines to Canada closed down permanently. All three.


So Canada's playbook on this is just like ours. In fact, Canada is the current field trial of what works and doesn't work, with their operational field plans. Once each step is completed, the rest of the western governments then do whatever the modified new tactical package is for their system. 

  • As of today, Canada is on rationing.
  • Only Vax weapon receivers can get gas.
  • To get emergency stocks of food supplies going, all system chain points must be vax death compliant.
  • To game any of the above, is a dire felony and incarceration, because its now a "national emergency." Cheaters and deniers will be punished, because of said hoax emergency.
  • To save the children, all parents must be vaxxed or lose their children. For the good of all children.

Watch how this plays out in Canada. How they spin it through to get it done, is the way it will be here, very shortly.

All of the above, because one satanic whore of Lucifer was given the green light to turn them off, rather than just turn them back on and crisis over.

The real crisis is not enough slaves are dying or becoming robots.  

Also, one of these three pipelines just cut off gas to the mid west and north. So, these states will now have closed stations and 20 dollar max fill ups, too.

Then it's the western states turn, up coming.