Monday, January 13, 2020

They are going to run Hillary for 2020

Running a dead woman for President

by Don Bradley

But first, look at all the current pictures of Hillary 2.0. This is not the old colostomy hag we knew of yore. That skank died in 2016. YAY. No, this new version is nearly 20 years younger and in the last six months alone, they have aged her dramatically to make her look like the old Hildebeasts age.

But, the face, eyes, and energy is wrong, wrong, wrong.

And the satanic network knows people are noticing and that some day, it may become a meme with guys like me talking about it. So, they have been since Thanksgiving running articles all over the place about plastic surgery, changing her look and that's why she appears different, don't you know.

They are front running the problem that people are noticing there is something off with the HIldebeast. And that satanic cackle she had...that's gone too. Hell 2.0 has a more feminine cutsey laugh, the beast had a nasty, witch cackle. We've all heard was ugly.

Naw. Doesn't matter what they do with surgery, or hagging her up to age her more, or even matching her old eye color with contact lenses. You can tell this isn't her.

Hillary 1.0 with colostomy tent

Hag 1.0

This fifth double they've run and the one they are sticking with. Meet Hag 2.0 heavily aged since summer 2019 Every day, internet pics of Hillary from 2009 to 2016 are being made to...go away. Get them while you can.

They have even gone to the lengths of replacing old internet pics of Hillary 1.0 with new pics of Hillary 2.0 (Google is run by satanic ABCDPHUCKOS) to change history.

If you dig up old HIldy pics and put them right next to 2019 Hillary 2.0 pics you can tell the difference right off.

  • Where is the massive tent she was rocking to hide the colostomy rig she wore for the last 2 years of her life?
  • Why did her neck age so dramatically since July 2019?
  • Why don't the eyes line up, when overlayed?
  • Why, since 9-11-16 did she drop out of view for a couple of years, when this needy attention whore was on every channel being constantly in front of the camera?
  • Why all the silence this election year? Though it's to drop her in everyone's lap, when it's clear that was the point the whole time. The DNC appointment. It also explains why NOW, every single candidate that starts to do well in the dem polls is getting attacked by the MSM, so they don't get tooooo popular with the voters.


Hillary 1.0 This original grand druid witch had the most dead eyes ever. These are the eyes of a killer with no soul. All that adrenochrome caught up with her

Hillary 1.0

Hillary 2.0 and you can really see this is not the Lilith skank. This is the double. They've done a lot with the face, teeth, and neck and gone is the that colostomy bag-tent thing. These are not the eyes of a nasty skank that has killed hundreds of people both inside and outside the coven. Not yet at least. She has to know that like Faul McCartney, this is who she is forever. She can no longer go back. They won't let her. She knows too much.

Hillary 1.0 Even with a relaxed face, she radiates the killer with no remorse. This is the murderer of so many people who were stupid enough to have any commerce with her or Bill.

Hillary 2.0 The double they've been running since early summer. What a massive difference between the Beast HIldy and whoever she is.

Hillary 2.0

Hillary 2.0