Friday, January 17, 2020

Super Bowl Sunday in 2020 is on Sunday, February 2

by Don Bradley

Traditionally and since the 1960s when they started this whole Super Bowl thing, the game was held always, always, always, on one of the last Sundays of JANUARY.


This year, like last year, they moved it to?

Super Bowl Sunday in 2020 is on Sunday, February 2

Which happens to be the EXACT DAY  of the witches black sabbath of IMBOLC. Last year, they did it on the 3rd of February. Now, you might say, "see, not the day so its not about the sabbath thing." And you would be wrong.

See, in occult circles the sabbath and its energetic cycle is ALWAYS 72 HOURS. Day before, day of, and day after. You land on any of those days, you're in the frequency. It's the same with Full Moons, a 3 day period. It's the same with ANY OCCULT BLACK SABBATH.

Only YHVH's holy appointed days and festivals that the precise day is the PRECISE DAY and no other. These are known as the moedim or appointed times. On top of that is also, what time of day and so on. Our Father is quite precise about his festivals. The satanic hierarchy...not so much.

When you add up all the stuff going on during Dad's Moedim, it's staggering. And...this kind of endless unique stuff has never before happened in history.

But their reasoning is sound, because they have been taught by the fallen of the Elohim that the energetic presence of each cycle is actually present for a 3 day period. So, they take advantage of it. This allows them to worship the Beast in such a way as to be stealthy about it. If they were as precise as Dad, the whole world would notice many hundreds of millions all disappearing each sabbath and full moon at the same time and they would be exposed for what they are. Their big deal is in hiding what they are, pretending to be just like any old neighbor or christian or whatever, so that they can use that deception to bring about the Beast system with no one the wiser that they have their dirty blood stained fingers in the pie of evil.

Accordingly, you can bet the half time and commercials being played - the most watched commercials EVER each year - will all have satanic themes in excess. Searchers like myself have noticed that in the last 2 decades every single one of the Super Bowl half times and commercials were so blatantly satanic and full of FUTURE agenda plans, as to be sickening.

They do this because they must tell us the evil they do, before they do it. It is written, and by example by the Most High Himself, that He does nothing that doesn't inform the world first. They have to abide by the laws of Yahua Elohim. For He is the creator. Doesn't matter how much they lie about it or resent that fact, they too, ARE UNDER THE LAW. We all are, regardless of what religious dogma we are programmed with. 

There are those in the network that compile the commercials with the half time show and make annual videos of it. Because of the law. I once talked with a woman a dozen years ago in canyon country...little old lady...and she told me she watched the Super Bowl. Only football she ever saw or cared about. I was surprised and asked why. Because of the commercials, she said. This was before the days of CensorshipTube. They all do. 

It also telegraphs to the covens their plans for the year. They hide in plain sight their intentions and are taught to READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Some are quite adept at it. ALL CHRISTIANS AND THE REST OF HUMANITY is totally blind to what is happening that day.

You can also bet that because the game is on a black sabbath, something special will be given over about their plans. Our job is to look for it, watch for it, and discern.

This is what Super Bowl in our era IS REALLY ABOUT. Not the ball game. Those days are past. It's now a satanic holiday of communication of dark agendas. And very  few are the wiser

Things to watch for
  • Stupid and incompetent white men being bested by saving the day lesbian women and minorities of all stripes. (as they did the last 14 years running)
  • Hillary for President
  • Orange man Bad and his assassination (as they did last year)
  • gun control
  • Greta
you get the idea

But also, there will be dark agenda plans that are not so obvious. And then there are the timestamp codes. Those are tougher. But it reveals their plans and dates for certain things. Previous such examples were the Orange revolution, the Purple revolution, etc. These are all coven designed global operations that we were led to believe were organic things that just happened? Really? Color revolutions? And over and over again.

Two years ago one of their telegrams was YELLOW VEST. If you can find any existing SB videos from that year (I believe it was 2018 or 2017) it will jump out at you, now that you know what you are looking for.

Once you see this, you cannot unsee it ever again. And that's the best way. Go find an old collection and compare it to the year its done in. The agendas and plans will just jump out at you. Then you'll know. And football will never look the same again to you. Find them and download them now, before those older years are deleted. As they will