Thursday, January 18, 2024

DiseaseHex - fictional creation of WEF's demon department

It's all about cell tower frequencies to vaxxies - DiseaseHex.



Hubris-filled egoists are at the WEF’s I-Love-Experts annual festival, and there they have decided that there will be a brand new disease of unknown etiology, unknown vector, and unknown mechanism that they have declared (says this report) “could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic.”

How could they know this number when they know nothing about the disease? Answer: they cannot. They are making it up.

So ignorant are they of this new disease they know all about, yet know nothing of, that they have decided to call it “Disease heX”.

We are well used to science by Fantasy by this time, so it comes as no surprise Experts will make predictions based only on their authority as Experts. Problem is, as it always has been, that they want us to take them seriously because they are Experts.

We took them seriously in the covid panic. Let’s remind ourselves how that turned out. Besides the brutally stupid punishing oppositely effective lockdowns, preposterous mask mandates and other ridiculous health theatrics, and forced vaccinations complete with vax-passports, there was all those dead bodies. As the article says, after Experts first created the coronadoom in immoral gain-of-lethality research, they had an Oopsie. And then “Nearly 7 million people have died worldwide with COVID-19, nearly 1.2 million of them in the United States.”

Of course, none of these numbers can be trusted. The USA did lead the world in panic, which is why so many deaths in the official total are from there. Some countries, like China, saw their government declare its covid-zero policy early on a success, and what bureaucracy dared disagree? Xi Who Must Be Obeyed’s critics have an amusing habit of disappearing or dying of Hillary disease.

That’s my point of view. That’s not what Experts got from the three-plus years of idiot panic. What they took from it was how wonderful they are. And how needed.

Remember how they gathered in Zoom meetings, still wearing masks, though all alone, so that they could show how earnest they were, and how they always came to the conclusion that what was needed was more Expertisms? I remember.

They remember, too. Which is why we have this:

“Disease X” was first mooted by the WHO, in a review of pathogens considered a priority for research to inform public health planning, as a placeholder name for an as-yet unknown virus that could infect humans. As such, it does not represent a particular disease but another pandemic-causing virus that could emerge and should be planned for.

Now there’s a lot of talk on our side about the suspicious nature of these discussions. Here they are admitting they don’t know diddly squat about Disease X, but they are also mouthing terrifying things like it could kill 140 million people. That sounds mighty suspicious. Especially when you consider the WHO and other gatherings of Experts made play time simulating a pandemic just before the covid Oopsie. They even trot out software salesman Bill Gates to rub his enormous belly and issue prophetic warnings, as he did before.

And here is Google pre-announcing that some “Sensitive Event” is coming, in which, with sad hearts, they will have to censor the internet hard.

Could it be that these simpletons are not as dim as we suspect, are not filled to the brim with notions of their own superiority, and that they are instead quite clever and are planning on releasing Disease X? After all, Experts hate people. They are constantly saying there are too many of us, their minds addled by telling each other horror stories of “climate change”.

Then comes curious reports like in this headline, well timed to coincide with announcements of Disease X: “Chinese scientists ‘create’ a mutant coronavirus strain that attacks the BRAIN and has a 100% kill rate in mice – as they admit there’s a ‘risk it spills over to humans’“. Showing at least Experts have learned zero lessons from the last gain-of-lethality experiment.

Plus, the States are slated to have an election which even NPR listeners are predicting will be tumultuous. And you better know that the woke remember just how well all those “covid-necessary” mail-in ballots worked in fortifying the last one.

Well. Such a conspiracy might be so. I cannot prove it isn’t.

But given my years wandering among academics I believe arrogance, sheer stubborn pig-headed belief in their own limitless abilities, accounts for the data better.

You might not have read the sublime The Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe, but in that book we looked back and found that Experts have been playing this “What Happens When We Are Put In Charge During The Next Pandemic” for a long time, and many times. With arch midwits like Neil Ferguson predicting, many times, enormous numbers of dead for every noticed malady, academics have been forming committees and trying to juice panics. It was only with covid that their efforts finally paid off.

There are many reasons for this, not the least that they finally got lucky. Others such as the widespread availability of social media didn’t hurt. Consider the Asian flu and Hong Kong pandemics of the mid-Twentieth Century killed proportionally more people in shorter times, but with no panics.

Yet those pandemics happened when academia was not as huge, domestically and globally, as it is now. There were not as many Experts as we suffer now.

Problem is, conspiracy or no, Experts will be scouring the globe looking for any excuse they can find to be put back in charge. Propagandists have for decades tried their best to juice panics, almost annually (here’s a list of attempts). But now everybody’s skittish because of covid.

You might have figured out that the covid panic was not necessary, but most have not. Most people believe whatever glowing screens tells them they must believe. I say, and repeat endlessly, that propaganda works, because why? Because propaganda works!

Watch the skies, my friends. Pay attention to propaganda outlets. I confidently predict a slew of headlines like this one, “Could this new bug be Disease X?” It won’t even have to be “new”. They could start re-panicking over flu. Or clusters of “mysterious” here and there.