Sunday, January 7, 2024

2 737-9 MAX Boeing planes

 2   737-9 MAX Boeing planes have fallen apart this last week, in flight.

One, a window at 16,000 feet simply popped out..

Two, another plane, same airline, Alaska Airlines, brand new plane, a DOOR blew off after takeoff in flight.

Both landed...this time.

Remember the 737 MAX crashes a few years back?

Well, Boeing is still the leading Death Machine maker of modern times. 

Fly one today!

Let's all sing together now, a new song I am making up on the spot.

I want to go down to the briny, 

I want to go down to the sea!

From 30,000 feet,

I'm sure to go in deep, 

I want to go down to the sea!



PS Remember the down to the sea part.