Tuesday, January 16, 2024

NWO Edomite slugs -43C WANTS TO KILL PEOPLE for using power


So, if you are EV slug/gimp/dunsky, no power, no driving. Stay in your ice house and freeze to death. At least you can drive to someplace for the day or night, for most, not all, in a GASOLINE CAR.

Tesla. That brand is dying. 

Hey Elon...it's all coming to pass, baby. Each day, the snarky hatred of all things Musk is showing on normies EVERYWHERE. 

Everywhere, dude. 

Your only fans are other nephy phreaks like yourself and those being PAID to like you. At this point, folks will start distancing themselves from you because...

...these kind of things have a tendency of rubbing off onto people connected with you, as it rightly is. No one wants in on the death hag spiral.