Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Chabad death grottoes and tunnels spread ALL OVER NYC - UPDATED

Remember that corner we turned on 12-19-23? This and other things going on are part of that. More and more, the curtain falls revealing the truth of the world as IT REALLY IS.
They are already talking about which of 3 things to do - as a distraction - from this event should it become VIRAL, as they say.
They found a dead baby. Many.

Chabad blood pit. Rancid body parts and blood/serum. For later use in foods, cosmetics, kosher delicacies.

blood drainage in Central Park, NYC.

"And the world shall see you as you REALLY ARE."

How much to you want to bet that every cop that arrested a rabbi ends up in "suicide" or found to be corrupt and kicked off the force.
>jews have been caught sacrificing goyim children for 1000s of years in caves and tunnels
>100s of cultures report the same thing happening.
>NYC finds tunnels under ultra-orthodox jew sect.
>jews deflect to COVID.

Guy giving the fingeer to guy taking picture.

Getting arrested for being naughty. Watch, all the charges will be dropped.

Ghislaine Maxwell 
identifies as Jewish in prison, tapping resources for incarcerated Jews. Religious services are being provided through Reaching Out, one of several organizations operated by people affiliated with the Chabad-Lubavitch movement to serve those who are incarcerated.

The cement truck showed up on Union Street behind Lubavitch World Headquarters with the apparent assignment to fill up an underground tunnel that ran from the main shul to the now-closed Mikvah building next door.

Bochurim, mostly from Israel and wearing ‘Meshichist’ yarmulkas and pins, responded with fury. They have been reportedly behind the digging of the tunnel, claiming it was to expand 770 visited by residents and visitors on a daily basis.

They proceeded to tear down the iconic wooden panels that wrapped the walls of the main shul. They then tore down wooden beams and used what appeared to be a hammer to break the shul’s brick wall.

The result is a very visible opening from the main shul to the tunnel. Officers of the NYPD were seen entering 770 to survey the developments but have not made arrests.

JEWISH Hugh Hefner's tunnels to famous actors - James Caan, Jack Nicholson, many others. With torture chambers and grottoes.

The coverup begins...

tunnels connecting Bank of America to Chabad 770.

New grates, with hinges and break out sections, tunnel improved against collapse, etc. All in 2022.


The world awakens and sees.