Friday, May 26, 2017

Sheriff Grinnell delivered this message last month while flanked by four combat-ready officers wearing ski masks. It looks like someone from ISIS directed it. And the Message? for violent offenders? No...for anyone who has let slip the paying of any fines or fees due the state or city and the message is this: when we come to your home, expect death and doom. We Promise

assassins and terrorists hide their faces - so which are these?

suited up for attack on a young, obviously bad person who had missed a parking ticket payment by first shooting her two small dogs, then find out it was the wrong house - again - She still got the obligatory body slam into the washer and dryer with three broken teeth in front of her small children and her house tossed anyways, becausee HEY, you never know, might find a few bucks to asset seize...
  • Armed agents raid animal shelter in search of baby deer—and kill it and every other animal in cage area. Reason, animals MAY have had lice. None did.
  • Girl’s home wrongfully raided with flashbangs despite door being open, children playing outside, and no sign of armed resistance. They got the wrong address from a CI.
  • SWAT team raids DJ’s studio to enforce copyright law, then destroys all equipment and beats up DJ and secretary, requiring hospitalization.
    No one is charged in crime.
  • SWAT squad invades private poker game and seizes all cash  from each person, including their credit cards. No one is charged in crime.
  • SWAT team raids man’s home in search of stolen koi fish. Wrong address. No one is charged in crime.
  • Sex toys, condoms and pajamas seized in drug/prostitution SWAT team raid at wrong residence, children seized by CPS and never returned. No one is charged in crime.
  • Peaceful monks arrested in SWAT team action, monastery smashed to pieces. No one is charged in crime.
  • Feds raid Amish dairy farm—twice—for selling unpasteurized milk. Seize every dollar they could find, even from the children's piggy banks No one is charged in crime.
  • Police unlawfully invade a series of barbershops without warrants, smash windows, destroy equipment. Reason? To enforce licensing, which all had and were current. No one is charged in crime.
  • Police forcibly search and detain 19 patrons in gay bar, keep all money found in ALL wallets, including the bar register. No one is charged in crime.
  • SWAT team confiscates wood used to make instruments during illegal raid. Tell owner to ship in H1B workers or move business out of country. Gibson guitars.